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Yanking The Cain Chain

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s busted over his family’s lease at Camp Niggerhead.  Mr. Perry, already on the ropes for his inability to make consistently coherent sentences of meaning during a presidential debate, really doesn’t need the added scrutiny of possibly being racially insensitive.  The Texas Governor is learning a very hard lesson about how different politics can be when running for President.  Shit you thought was over and buried years ago seem to bubble up to the surface like a backed up septic tank when you’re running in this league.  And the smell can be very putrid and potent and it will grab everybody’s attention like a bitch slap at a wedding reception.  And the competition is always circling around like sharks sniffing for just a hint of something to sink the teeth into in order to drag the wounded down to his or her political demise.

Mr. Perry is learning firsthand what it means to be in this league.  Camp Niggerhead was a gift to his rivals.  After dissatisfaction with conservative contenders Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt “Doggy-Dog” Gingrich, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, and whomever else had the misfortune of jumping into this crowded pool, conservatives practically begged Mr. Perry to throw his ten gallon hat into the ring and Mr. Perry was happy to oblige with a grand entrance that saw him rocket to the lead of opinion polls.

But his luster began to tarnish almost immediately.  His debate performances showed him woefully unprepared and somewhat confused about conservative policies.  Mr. Perry forgot that conservatives don’t care about the children of undocumented foreigners in our midst.  Some of these people are the type who would cheer a man dying because he made the unfortunate mistake of not being able to afford healthcare.  These people cheer Texas putting to death more people than the rest of the states combined.  He wants to educate the children of undocumented workers?  Mr. Perry may have been a charmer, but there isn’t enough swagger in Texas to make this cowpoke acceptable as the presidential nominee for conservatives.  Mr. Perry may have been Maybe conservatives have had their fill of off the charts charm with little substance from watching the Sarah Palin show.  Camp Niggerhead is only the latest in a series of unfortunate events that made Perry unacceptable as a presidential contender.

The black Mr. Cain heard about Mr. Perry’s troubles back at the ranch and in true political shark form he sank his teeth into this story.  As the only black contender in the game at this point, Mr. Cain would have a unique perspective on the name of Mr. Perry’s old stomping grounds that doesn’t apply to the others.  The black man who said black people have been brainwashed anointed himself as the primary spokesman to comment about Mr. Perry’s racial insensitivity.  In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Mr. Cain said that there isn’t a more vile, negative word than the nigger word and for Mr. Perry’s family  to leave it on a rock at the entrance of their leased space as long as they did is just plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country.

Instead of jumping onto the “Perry might be racially insensitive” bandwagon, the other political contenders decided to leave this story alone.  Who knows where they go to do their camping get away.  Camp Niggerhead is no big deal.  Camp Coon’s Noose and Camp Tar Babies Can Take Their Asses Back To Africa might just be the tip of this iceberg.  Michele Bachmann, who made the misfortunate mistake of claiming she had anecdotal evidence that the HPV vaccine that Mr. Perry approved for young girls throughout Texas caused retardation, wouldn’t even touch this story.  In short, conservatives didn’t care.  It’s only a racial epithet after all.

The next day Mr. Cain was singing a totally different tune.  On Monday, Mr. Cain did a total one eighty and said that he didn’t care about the camp.  He said that he understood that Mr. Perry said he painted over the rock with the word that was so offensive just twenty four hours earlier and that was the end of that.  He didn’t care and the story was over.  Who yanked Cain’s chain?

Generally speaking many conservative simply don’t care about racism.  It’s never a problem to see that somebody on the right might be racially insensitive.  The problem is the person who identifies the person who might be a racist.  Racism is to many conservatives what catnip is to many cats.  They enjoy it and it can be somewhat intoxicating.  It’s like a dirty little secret that they can share amongst themselves to show how well they fit in and how they really do understand the need to protect traditional values that seem to run along the lines of white privilege.  It’s why we see so many conservative politicians caught with their hand in the racially insensitive cookie jar.

And when one of their racist club members gets a little too careless, conservatives are more likely to rally around that person instead of ostracize them.  They become a solid brick wall of protection for racial intolerance.  And in his attempt to run Mr. Perry down, Herman Cain ran into that solid brick wall like Wile E. Coyote chasing the road runner.  These conservatives are more offended by the alleged political correctness of people pointing at their racism than the racism itself.  And for Mr. Cain to keep poking at this hornet’s nest could backfire significantly.  Better to let these sleeping dogs lie.

And Mr. Cain wonders why the vast majority of black people are brainwashed to stay away from the GOP.

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