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A Losing Political Strategy

A few weeks ago, maybe even months now, I saw a video clip of President Barack Obama sitting and talking with a group of young conservatives.  In the clip, Mr. Obama was trying to say something about how his ever escalating disapproval rates from both sides of the political fence meant that he was doing something right to govern from the middle of the road.  And this is the kind of patronizing thinking that will assure that Mr. Obama’s supporters remain on the sidelines and will result in Mr. Obama being a one term President.

To think that the disapproval of his supporters bodes well for his future is Mr. Obama at his idiotic finest.  It appears that Mr. Obama is convinced that the ire of his base will give independents the impression that Mr. Obama doesn’t play any favorites and will then be some sort of safe bet for fair leadership.  But nothing can be farther from the truth.

Mr. Obama was elected by liberals and people with liberal leanings to represent a liberal agenda.  When he was on the campaign trail asking people for their vote, he made the promise that he would be the best man to fight for the people with a liberal perspective.  He made promises that he would protect the middle and lower class.  He said that he represented our best hope.  And he was supported by liberals like no other candidate in history, at least from a liberal perspective.

He was also attacked like no other candidate in history.  Out on the campaign trail, his conservative opponents didn’t even want to believe that Mr. Obama was an American with every right to pursue the job of President.  He was a foreigner born in Kenya who refused to produce anything resembling a legitimate birth certificate.  He was accused of being a terrorist and a Muslim mastermind waiting for his activation orders from none other than Osama bin Laden himself to wreak havoc on the United States.  He was un-American and was not a patriot.  People tried to attend his political rallies with loaded weapons as a symbol of their hatred for this man.  He had no executive experience on his resume, but he had just as much executive experience as his conservative opponent, Senator John McCain.  And no gesture on Mr. Obama’s part could, or would, ever shake many conservatives from their mistrust of him.  It’s might be risky, but I’m willing to bet that the Secret Service put in more overtime to protect Mr. Obama and his family than all the other Presidents of the United States combined.  And does it even have to be mentioned that there were so many voters who simply refused to believe that the POTUS could be a black man?  These people will disapprove of Mr. Obama no matter what.

So it begs the question, why try to make your supporters disapprove of your leadership as much as your opponents?  That sounds pretty dumb.  In the game of politics, it is far from a smart move to go around pissing everybody off to prove your political impartiality.  While it might sound like a good thing from an intellectual perspective, nobody wants an impartial President.  People want a President that they believe will represent their best interest.  If I had my choice between somebody who wants to be impartial and somebody who says that they have the same beliefs that I do, it won’t take flipping a coin to understand who I’d be voting for.

So now Mr. Obama is ready to campaign across America for a return to the White House as the champion of liberal politics.  I’m sorry but I really do have to think hard and heavy about that.  Mr. Obama has already proven to me that he doesn’t share my convictions.  He doesn’t believe in a real reformation of healthcare but would rather compromise reform to the point where it resembles the same old same old with a few minor tweaks.  He doesn’t believe in equal rights enough to say no to “don’t ask, don’t tell” with real conviction.  He doesn’t believe in having the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes enough to make it an issue with fighting for.  He doesn’t even believe in his stimulus spending enough to keep it from being turned into spending cuts.  He talks big, but he really doesn’t have the moxie to hold on to what’s important.  He has a well earned reputation for caving and playing it really politically safe.  Unfortunately, I’d like a President who might be willing to take a political risk every now and then.

It is unfortunate, but I have no real desire to see Mr. Obama return to the White House.  And what’s even more unfortunate is that I don’t see much of a plausible alternative to him.  The idea of a conservative getting back into the oval office really fills me with dread.  I’m not ready to see all the social programs that so many have worked hard to establish for so long get terminated or weakened to the point that they might as well be terminated.  I’m not ready to see the regulations and reforms that keep corporate America from raping the public go by the wayside so some wealthy somebody can get wealthier.  I’m not ready to see a conservative President continue to choose conservative justices to the Supreme Court so that corporations can become legal on paper people with more rights than flesh and blood people.

It is unfortunate, but Mr. Obama is the only game we have at the moment.  He is the lesser of the evils.  He is the type of candidate that says he wants me to disapprove of him just as much as the people who may support his opponents do.  And if that truly was his goal, he has succeeded very well.  Good luck getting back into the White House with that strategy.

Friday, August 5, 2011 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Life, Thoughts

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