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Social Engineering

The words “social engineering” has become something dirty and awful and avoidable at all cost, at least to many social, economic, and/or political conservatives these days.  Ask hard line conservatives if social engineering has a place in our social makeup and more than likely you’ll get something along the lines of how dreadful it is that the United States government does anything that promotes or discourages our behavior as a collective.  In fact, a long time staunch conservative tried to argue the idea that any change in America’s healthcare arrangement, be it a requirement that everyone who’s capable gets some kind of medical insurance or be penalized, or changing the Medicare agreement so that individuals under 55 years of age pay a substantially higher contribution to their medical care, would be a form of social engineering.

But on the flip side of the coin, keeping things the way they are, with healthcare availability for the average American becoming more and more prohibitively expensive is a form of social engineering in itself.  In fact, it is social engineering if you do anything to control it, it is also social engineering if nothing is done to influence it.  The fact of the matter is that we are damned if we do and we are damned if we don’t.  They are both will have a powerful influence on whatever happens to the populace.

If the government participates in the social engineering in a way that helps to assure the vast majority of people in the country has medical coverage that has got to be a good thing.  Medical coverage could very well be considered a form of prosperity.  And we all like to sell the idea of America being a land of opportunity like no other where everyone will have a chance for prosperity.  We just don’t want the government to actually create such an environment of prosperity for everyone.  That would be a form of the horrible social engineering that we have to avoid at all cost regardless of the benefit to the people.  Such avoidance for the sake of avoidance makes about as much sense as shooting one’s self in the foot for the sake of shooting one’s self in the foot.

There’s little doubt that social engineering with a negative outcome should be avoided.  That would be considered a no-brainer.  Promoting social ideas that reinforce ideas of racial discrimination is social engineering run amok.  That’s the kind of social engineering that people should be avoiding at all cost but somehow we constantly see evidence that this kind of influence is alive and well and the government has been, is, and more than likely will be front and center of its development.  Such social development is akin to shooting one’s self in the foot.  It’s truly unfortunate that so many people don’t have a problem with this form of social engineering.  Disparity along racial lines has become such a fact of life in America that not only do most of us are willing participants, we are willing to defend it to our very bitter end.  To change our racial status quo now would be reverse discrimination and that would be a form of social engineering that would be too unfair to the descendents of people who benefitted from the grossly unfair social engineering that has drained so much from the black community.

To be honest, we don’t force our federal government to avoid social engineering at all cost.  In fact, as a collective we embrace our government’s participation in social engineering like a mother embraces her child to her bosom.  We eat it up.  The social engineering along racial lines has already been mentioned.  To that, we have used our government to keep gays and lesbians from serving openly in our military.  We use the government to define what the social contract of marriage should be.  Our government tells us that corporations and global conglomerates operating within the United States have the same rights as individuals and deserve the same opportunities to influence our politics as the next guy.  Social engineering is used to influence who we think should be running our government from the oval office for four years at a time, so that person can hire the next Supreme Court Justice for life with views on what should be the makeup of our social engineering.

But now that some of us want to do something good, provide healthcare in a way to even out some of the lumps of discrepancy in our social order, we want to pretend we have to run away from social engineering in the form of healthcare as if it is something new and dangerous to the American way of life.  The idea that people are trying to convince us that social engineering is something that needs to be avoided is in itself a form of social engineering to influence our thinking to cause a specific outcome.  The idea that we should not have any kind of social engineering goes against everything that America has become.  Providing a form of healthcare that benefits the masses is social engineering, and so is just about everything else our government does.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - Posted by | Black Community, Life, Thoughts

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