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Part Of The Problem

“I came across this article in a web browser because I was hopeing for some infinate responses/ reasoning for some issues. It really annoys me that the mentality some people take of white people are indebited to them for things that there ancestors were put through without it being something directly happening to them now and knowing nothing of my lineage wonder how they can single me out. I am respectful of all people, the world and cultures of vast variety fascinate me. I have lived in multiculture ghettos/projects and as i watch some people tear up things I wonder how can they complain about where they live because there making it tht way for themselves. It seems like respect and pride for the few things you have are not taught which leaves me to wonder why you make such an issue about situations which are in your control. I also look at the issues that the black communities home country is facing now and wonder how can you not appreciate your history more. There suffering ended yours, if you were in africa all you would have to look forward to is murder, rape, and famin. No food or clean water, your babies stolen from you and trained to kill your people. Surely you can find some relief in your ancestors suffering in america to realize this is a fate your family has escaped now in present day times. I never suggest that what happened to your ancestors was right, but the hatred that comes from this piece of history is what gets to me. If you want to lead the world into better opportunity for your people you need to come across as someone dignified who doesn’t teach hate in order to overcome, but love and forgiveness. Most of ancestors were poor, didn’t have slaves and some worked in the fields with the black slaves so when someone tries to tell me what my ancestors did my response is oh really did you meet them? you never know what a persons history is, where they came from, but all you should care about is where there going. My favorite black american in history is martin luther king because he had a dream of equality, he never wanted to berate people despite the way he was treated in the past he just wanted to move forward. It would be nice if we could move forward because together without hate we could accomplish so much more.”Courtnee

Thanks for the feedback Courtnee,

A great deal of what you write might hold some relevance if we lived in Africa, or if any of it was true. But we live here in America. While we may share an ancestry with the people in Africa, those people are not the black community’s closest peers. In many respects, our closest peers are the other racial communities here in America. We share neighborhoods, a country, schools, a justice system, employment opportunities, etcetera. The black community shouldn’t have to look half way around the world to find somebody to compare our living condition with. White people in America don’t compare themselves to the white people in the former Soviet country of Georgia where better than half the population lives below the poverty line. Why black people seem to find solace for their living conditions by comparing themselves to the stereotyped plight of black people in Africa is beyond me.

And not everybody in Africa is out plundering their neighbor. That’s just more of the racist hype that a lot of people want to put on Africa’s shoulders. Many parts of Africa are very progressive. It is only because Africa was carved up like a slaughtered cow for Europeans to compete for colonization that Africa continues to suffer from the problems it has today. The vast majority of the world’s diamonds come from Africa, but that resource is carefully controlled by Europeans, the DeBeers corporation. I have met many Africans who exhibit intellect and compassion for their brothers and sisters who may be suffering from war and neglect in other parts of the African continent. The last thing that they would do is say that their life is better because they can point to someone else who is suffering through some kind of misery.

There is no excuse for anybody destroying their own neighborhoods or anybody else’s neighborhood for that matter. Such behavior has no place in our community. But just like the person who trashes their own neighborhood, too many blacks want to trash their own people. The trouble makers in the black community are not indicative of all black people. Like our white peers, we run the gamut of behavior. And while many of us have surrendered ourselves to the despair that comes with the black condition, others need to help raise the spirits of our brothers and sisters and do our best to instill pride in our neighborhoods and in ourselves. Standing back and pointing a condemning finger isn’t very helpful.

There are already too many non-blacks who are chomping at the bit, ready to blame the problems of the black community solely on black people. Through constant propaganda black people are told that they aren’t worth anything because black people don’t help themselves. We constantly see the image of black people playing second hand to white people in the vast majority of fictional depictions on television and in the movies. And for many, this constant downward pressure infects our thinking in a way that creates entire neighborhoods of people who develop a psychosis of self hatred that may manifest in ways that are unhealthy for the individual as well as for the community. And instead of getting the help that we need, we are more likely to get spat on and told to lift yourself up by your bootstrap while the rest of America bends over backwards to give rich people tax breaks so they can become even more wealthy.

White people don’t owe black people for what their ancestors did to black people’s ancestors. That’s a straw man argument meant to minimize the very real problems of the black community as nothing more than black people’s lack of ambition or of a strong work ethic or integrity or some other character flaw. The black people should be given the help it needs by this American culture that has taken so much from the black community since the day the first African was brought to North America in chains. When much is done to deprive an entire people of their humanity, there is much that needs to be done in order to restore that humanity.

America has never done anything to restore humanity to the black community. It’s not enough to end slavery and just tell everybody to go get jobs. The family of the people who have been enslaved should be compensated for the theft of the wealth that should have been wages for unpaid labor. It’s not enough to just end racial discrimination. Steps should be taken to restore the racial balance that would have occurred naturally if white people didn’t work so hard to make black people second class citizens in the first place. Because these steps, and other steps that were just important to correct the imbalance that was artificially forced onto the black community, were never implemented, America owes the black community the help it never received to correct the horrible crime that was fostered upon it.

And America is not just white people. It is far from that. America is a collection of a lot of people of different races. America gained a great deal with the enslavement of black people. America owes the black community a great deal. And as far as I know, black people are part of America, so we should step up to the plate to help our own just as much as anybody else. Otherwise, we are no better than the other people who point the condemning finger.  Otherwise, we are  just part of the problem.


“We must come to see that the roots of racism are very deep in our country, and there must be something positive and massive in order to get rid of all the effects of racism and the tragedies of racial injustice.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s book “Remaining Awake,” 1968

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  1. I have family in Yorubaland that are living much better than many of my family here in the USA — better lifestyle with less stress. In general my family there seems much happier with their lives than my family in the USA, who have to struggle very hard just to pay rent. The cost of survival in America is very high and the working wages are not very good. This was the view of my elders in Nigeria when we discussed the costs of things such as food and clothes and rent versus the wages one would expect in the USA — it is much better living in Nigeria they said…

    Comment by Anonymous | Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Reply

  2. ★★★★★

    Comment by Kristin Brænne | Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Reply

  3. I’m the type of person that takes people as they are, I see there beauty and strength and the biggest problem each race deals with is being clumped into there black, white, hispanic, ect. I have extreamely intelligent friends of many races and I admire the things they bring forth in themselves and not use the weakness in themselves or society has impossed on them as a crutch. I also can say I have met people within a black community that I don’t care for because of the way they direct hatred towards me insiting that my ancestors did whatever to there’s. That part of history is over and I do know a lot of people in the black community are often denied opportunity because of there skin color, but is it really fair to assume I am the person responsible, that every white person did this to you and wouldn’t give you an opportunity if they had the chance? I actually had a group of black girls that would make me give up my lunch table to them while trying to tell me about how my ancestors enslaved theres when I was in junior high. I’m sorry i never saw that document that said my ancestors did such a family never owned slaves.The problem is reprograming peoples brain’s for centries our families pass down hate for different culture and races then we keep passing it and at some point someone in that family line has to say enough already. My grandma is extreamely prejudice and well she wasn’t so nice to my best friend when I brought her home( she’s puerto rican)when I was in high school. I kept standing up to her telling her she didn’t get to choose who I was friends with and I thought she was going to die when she saw my senior prom picture it looked like we were the united nations along with me was my hispanic friend, black friend, and asian friend. we argued for awhile about that, she finally gave way to realizing we view the world differently and no longer tried to push those issues with me. I think alot of the problem is we still segragate ourselves as a community based on race. I live in florida and in my county there are 2 very well known black communities, 1 hispanic and the rest is white or other. I for a few years lived in the black community, befriended the neighbors, and was respected within the community. To my amazement the things I experienced as a kid in school or while working a job in the health field did not happen to me once while in the neighborhood. I can’t pretend to understand to know what it means to be black but I’m pretty sure it makes you feel like a giant elephant in a room full of mice however to overcome the things that hold you back it needs to be said it isn’t every white person holding you back and never forget the saying you get further with sugar than you do vinegar. The only reason I even mentioned Africa is I feel people should be greatful for what there not having to go through and it isn’t just white people, but muslims as well doing horrible things that are inhuman to others. I know you really would like to convience me that it’s all one way but we only know the things we know from our own experiences and until someone is ready to put away the hatred and come to better conclusions somewhere in the middle most of the issues that separate us will never subside to bring us together. I have an example of how I felt discrimanated against as a white person. In health care you work with all ethninticities, I treat everyone equal and I would never ask any of my cna’s to do something i am not willing to do myself and if I am free I would help them with there assignments. I am a very hard worker and always give my all. I was told that there was some black coworkers of mine that didn’t like me, they thought I got the best assignment and were complaining about how white people like me try to suppress them and if they got me fired they could have my hall and extra shifts so they can have a down payment on a house. They couldn’t get rid of me based on work performance so a group of black females fabricated a story that I was crazy talking about blowing up the building and wanting to kill all the supervisors. I lost my job, my job wouldn’t even discuss the incident with me and word got around to all the other health care facilities and I couldn’t get a job anywhere. The same women that fabricated the story about me tried to pretend they were outraged at what happened to me because i am a damn good nurse they said and when i had no choice but to file for unemployment since my job wanted to fight not to have to pay they submitted each of these women’s statements as proof that I didn’t deserve unemployment. Those women if they see me in a store still to this day will try to pretend to be my friend and look at me as if I’m nuts when I tell them to get the hell away from me. Yes I feel there hatred towards me was because I am white, but do I feel all black people are this way….no!!! I just hope we can deny the hate and find a place in the middle, but it isn’t all up to one race to do. As a person do you feel a person is deserving of your help if they treat you badly, would you help them if the choice was yours? that is how i see it…be nice to eachother and you’ll get a lot further.

    Comment by Courtnee | Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Reply

    • Courtnee,

      Your racism is thick. You sound as if the only people that have ever wronged you were black people. You, like many people, will swear that the majority of black people that you encounter have difficulty treating you with the common courtesy a person shares with another. There are a lot of black people that are going through a lot of pain or who have learned some messed up thinking. But where did all that thinking come from? People might hate you for what your ancestors may have done, but have you or your ancestors done anything to atone for what has happened to the black community at the hands of your ancestors? You act like their hatred is coming out of some vacuum without cause. I take it no white person has ever done you wrong. I take it the only people who have ever hurt your feelings were black people. At least from what you write that’s how it sounds.

      What about all the white people that act like black people owe them something because some black person acted an ass towards them back in the day? A lot of white people like to make the claim that they never owned slaves. So I guess that means that what happened, what is happening, and what will happen to the black community is just too bad so sad and it’s okay if everything just continues as is. You never saw a document that said your family owned slaves? Maybe those black people you encountered never saw a document that said your family didn’t own slaves. Maybe they never saw the document that said your ancestors tried to do anything to reverse the damage that was done to the black community. Maybe the black people that you encountered never saw the document that said you or your ancestors had any compassion or regret for the crimes that were perpetrated on the black community. But we do have documentation, your own writing, that your grandmother, and very likely other people in your ancestry, hated black people.

      You write that people should be grateful for whatever they’re not going through. If you honestly believed that you would shut up talking about the mean black people back in the day. Why don’t you remember that you could be one of those black people back in Africa that you were talking about and count your blessings? You had some bad experiences, but it could always be worse. Why not be grateful? Because you felt that you had a painful experience back in high school you feel that you can judge those people who judged you. But are you any different? When will you put your hatred away and learn to put that experience behind you? It really isn’t that easy now is it? You’ve lost your job and you’ve lost your lunch table. Just imagine how a lot of black people feel after they had their humanity snatched away from them and the humanity of their children.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Reply

  4. Yes I have inherit dislike for people that have treated me poorly when I’ve done nothing directly to them. Hatred is taught through the way your brought up and it is for you to decide to be the one to overcome and I just love how we’re racist and black people are not it doesn’t mean every single one of you are and if I was truely racist I wouldn’t have friends of color I wouldn’t of argued with my grandma or tried to break out of the ill concieved box that my family tried to place me into. The friends I have that are black there very inrooted to there communities, but never for a second did they treat me like I owe them more than respect that I would give any mindful person that did the same for me. When I read your post you sound very intelligent, but everytime you try to twist me onto that hook and make me out to be something I’m not for me to pay for every vandetta you have against the white community it shows that you have an arrogance about you and something I have always learned is it is impossible to teach people that are arrogant because they don’t want to learn something new. Be mad at me if you want I took nothing from you, I have no profound riches I am just another person trying to make it in the world. Yes I do resent that certain group of black ladies because they acted like snakes nice to me in my face and dredging a knife in my back. Your only as strong as your weakest link and if this is what is at the bottom of your chain it holds you back people don’t see you as worth there time if they did nothing physically to you, but you act if the world should be handed to you on a platter. The world hasn’t even been handed to me on a platter so why would I serve up any opportunity I have to someone else, but if someone was truely kind to me and saw an opportunity for themselves and asked for my help I would help them. Just to confirm that my family didn’t own slaves they came over to canada in the late 1800′s when they crossed over to america, my 5th great grandfather had to travel for work just to feed his family and my father’s family is cherokee indian which I’m sure if you studied history you heard of the trail of tears. Now days no one is truely 100 percent white, we just look it so we’re expected to take the discourse of whatever happened in your family leinage without knowing where mine comes from. I could understand you wanting me specifically to pay you the reprocussions of my actions towards you, but when you don’t have someone standing before you that wronged you specifically and you want them to be accountable for there ancestors actions well it sounds like the rideciculous story that people hear about this southern family called the McCall’s they were suppose to be carrying on a grudge each generation and the youngest generation didn’t understand carrying around there families hate so they got married fusing there families together forcing them to put the past behind them. I should know typing you doesn’t do me much good because you look upon me with arrogance in thinking you know me and you often twist my point that I was making. You already made up your mind about me before you even saw my first post because I am white and don’t tell me your not racist because you keep trying to sterotype me without knowing me and here’s a fun fact for you most of the people i made friends with and are closest to aren’t even white, we talk about racism and they agree that some in the black community are racist against whites. Also I am a optomist and when I say look at how some things are better there is always something worse that you could be going through and that is the disposition i take in my own life. You think I don’t know what it’s like to be dealt an unfair deck in life and be expected to deal with it life in general isn’t fair and the only people I will help are the ones that show me courtesy and respect. I am human and deserved to be treated as such it’s as simple as that you want to talk crap about what has happened to your people belittle and degrate me while I work hard to give you a hand up then your crazy because I wouldn’t do it even if you were white. Not that I expect for you to get my point or message and there is nothing i can say to you to even get you to look from a different perspective because like i said before you made up your mind a long time ago way before i even posted anything. however you will never get anywhere with the attitude that people owe you.

    Comment by Courtnee | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Courtnee,

      Just because you argued with your grandma over having non-white friends doesn’t mean you don’t have a racist bone in your body. On the contrary, it only makes you look more hypocritical about your racism. If hatred is taught then you’ve learned the lesson very well. You talk about trying to teach people to accept each other, but you work are working very hard to justify your prejudice against black people. I’m sorry if black people have hurt your feelings by taking your lunch table and convincing the management at your job that you were some kind of terrorist intent on blowing up the building (however, I really must admit that I find that entire story seriously farfetched). But you have a single minded focus on black people who exercise prejudice as proof of black people’s racism. I’m sorry but I have yet to see the documentation, other than your recollection of events, that proves black people have ever denied you a job, an education, a place to live, or anything else for that matter. You insist that black people are trying to get you to pay for everything every white person has done to black people. If that’s the case, white people should consider themselves lucky that whatever debt they have can be so easily paid.

      Believe it or not, before you ever came to this blog with your single minded nonsense that black people owe you something, no one here ever heard of you. No one was ever aware of your self importance and self righteousness until you tried to put your life story here and tried to make black people the bane of your existence. You said in your last comment that you have an inherent dislike for people who treat you poorly when you’ve done nothing directly to them. But what you fail to say is that the only thing you focus on are the black people who have wronged you. Why? No white person has ever disliked you? Didn’t the white person, the one that fired you from your job based on nothing but the word of some black female coworkers who said that you were some demolition expert about to blow up the building, didn’t that white person wrong you? It is amazing but all you talk about are the black people that have done wrong to you in the past. And when someone like me does his or her best to point this out to you, you get on your high horse and judge him or her as trying to make you pay for white people’s debt of racism. Because somebody disagrees with you, that person is now trying to get you to give black people the world on a silver platter. You are truly a riot and you are truly hard to take seriously.

      And okay, your family might be from Canada and never owned a slave and that’s the only thing that matters in race relations. White people like you really do have a very simplistic understanding of racism. Your juvenile understanding of racism is the very reason racism continues to this day. I have yet to read any documentation that racism is only the result of white people owning black people. According to you your grandmother didn’t own a slave, but that woman is as racist as they come. Or does she also have an out because she never owned a slave so therefore she’s okay? But me pointing out these facts to you and your racist grandma is me being arrogant and wanting to send you a bill so that you can send me reparations. It sounds like Canada has more than its fair share of racist folks. You’re white so the majority of black people expect you to write a check. But you’re not racist. Why? Because your non-white friends tell you so.

      And lastly, you asked if I thought that you didn’t know what it was like to be dealt an unfair situation. Of course you know. You are the victim of black people’s prejudice against white people. Every black person, except your friends of course, simply hate you before they even know you because you are white. Black people are so unfair to you and they have done so much to keep you from living the life that you deserve. You have every right to your racial prejudices and black people have absolutely no reason to look at you for a handout. The ony thing black people want from you is a handout. And to be honest, black people are more likely to get a handout from you more than anything resembling a better understanding of true race relations.

      By the way, I have white friends. Does that now mean I get a pass and can say anthing I want about how white people expect black people to give them everything on a silver platter because they are white and black people are black? I doubt it. That would be utter nonsense. But would you recognize the analogy?


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

  5. How can you expect me to change my perspective if you don’t change yours as well? People fall in different spots on the spectrum and I am in the middle…

    Comment by Courtnee | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Courtnee,

      I really don’t expect you to change your perspective. In the grand scheme of things that constitute my life, I could not care any less about your perspective. You are entitled to your opinion no matter what my opinion of you may be. You are right, people do fall into different spots on any given spectrum. In fact, the spot somebody falls into today might be a different spot on the same spectrum tomorrow. What causes that change might be growth, it might be enlightenment, it might be a host of things that changes the perspective that leads to a different understanding.

      But if your comments are any indication, the last thing I expect from you is growth or enlightenment or anything else that might resemble a better understanding. You are no different from your grandmother. You will argue about things that you have absolutely no clue about. Not only are you in the middle, you are the center of the universe and everybody around you is wrong, especially all the black people who have the audacity to disagree with you. You will hold fast to your ideas that black people want a handout from you despite anything new that comes your way. If your family history’s any indication, I don’t expect you to change a single thing about who you are or where you come from.

      And unless you have anything else to add other than more clarification of how you are the sole victim of black people’s prejudice against white people, I think you are done here. Thanks for the reminder of how pervasive prejudice and racism truly is, especially from somebody like yourself who has so many black friends.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

  6. I am intrigued by your banter back and forth with Courtnee. It seems to me her prejudice isn’t so much in a person being black, but a black person using excuses to project there racism on her. I agree with her that your not going to get ahead by placing blame and that yes some white people discriminate against us but it’s not fair to act like it’s every single one of them and treat them as such because then that means were prejudice we’re prejudging a person on our own belief system. I never read where she said all black people are this way and she wants to know why some in our community place blame on whites? It’s many factors because 1. some white people treat us as such that we have built up a incoherant hate towards these people that we think deny us such opportunities and then there is 2. there are some black folks in the community that settle for things being the way they are and never try any harder and want to blame others for there lack of motivation. She is right we need to revolt and tell congress where to stick it. If you ask me she has a very positve outlook on life, everyone needs to be motivated in making things better and she is right no one is going to help you if your nasty to them, I know I wouldn’t. Her attitude is a lot more positive than what I face in school, I actually had a white girl in school tell me she couldn’t be my friend because I was black, it only made me think her family was ignorant not the entire white race and I’d feel honored to have a friend that had such strong convictions about being my friend that she would go against her own family to stand up for what she believes in. It’s time for everyone to put racism down and quit being eachothers judges. Honey girl I am sorry if some people were nasty to you thank you for keeping an open mind and wanting to know why they were.

    Comment by SweetandSassy | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback SweetandSassy,

      Whenever I get a comment, I get the IP address that the comment came from. I should point out that I see that you and Courtnee share the same exact IP address down to the last digit. You two might be very close friends or your comment might be from the same person. It is worth noting that your comment and the comments from Courtnee appear to have the same writing style. If you are not the same person, then you two must be very close indeed. So it is with a bit of skepticism that I accept your comment to be published.

      With all that said, it really doesn’t matter if your IP address mate is throwing her prejudice at a single black person or at black people. The key word is black. What about all the racism that white people project? With every measure of our social performance the black community comes out on the short end of the yardstick. And it is not difficult for anyone with any real desire to understand to make the logical assumption that America’s institutionalized hatred of black people has fostered a hate for white people within the black community.

      It is rather foolish to sit back and point to black people as the sole source of “incoherent” hatred. It is a hatred that is borne out of a reaction to the perpetual racism that has subjugated the black community since day one of its existence here in America. This is not to say that the hatred in the black community is justified. But to say that it is incoherent is totally dishonest. What is incoherent is America’s hatred of the black community and America’s inability to take responsibility for what it has done, for what it is doing, and for what it will continue to do to its black citizenry.

      But instead of examining the extent of America’s racial prejudice from all of its perspectives, people like your IP address mate want to point a critical finger at black people and scratch their head in an attempt to pretend that white people are the victims in this arrangement. Yes it is true that there are some black people who are angry and they sit on their ass waiting for things to get better. But guess what? There are white people who sit on their ass waiting for things to get better as well. Ass sitting is not a condition that is exclusive to black people.

      And I find it pretty incredulous for you to say that nobody is going to help black people if black people are nasty to them? I beg your pardon. Maybe if those white people who put black people in chains were a little nicer than black people who live with the results of black people being put in chains might be a little nicer. It’s way too late to say somebody needs to be nice. It is nonsense to think that black people need to tolerate their subjugation with a smile and a nice demeanor.

      But it wouldn’t matter. Black people can be nice until the cows come home. The white community isn’t about to back off of the racial advantage it holds. When black people silently protested their subjugation with quiet dignity and when Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached about loving the people who would see us in chains, white people were the ones bombing black churches, lynching black people, and assassinating black leaders. It was proven to us a very long time ago that being nice or the lack of niceness has absolutely nothing to do with the condition of race relations with respect to the white community.

      If you are a black person who has compassion for white people who are so prejudiced against black people that you pity them for their racism then good for you. However, there are black people who are not so forgiving of the racism that the black community continues to endure. Everyone’s experience on this issue is different. But if your IP address mate wants to put her money where her mouth is and wants to project the idea that she operates out of some kind of racial high ground, she needs to back up off black people and start pointing that condemning finger of hers at everyone who is a colaborator in the problems of race relations. Just because she has a black friend or two doesn’t mean she’s some expert on what black people need to do or how black people need to think.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

  7. The IP Address is a public one that many people use and sorry it seems to me that you think your entitled to be racest while you call me a racest. Afterall you have a whole blog commited to the actions of what white people are doing wrong to your community as a whole. Your antics to turn the smoke and mirrors on me are just your propaganda for not ever having to take credit for the things that have nothing to do with my own actions, but yours and once again why should I have to get off my ass to help anyone who isn’t going to help there self or be kind to me did you not ever learn the golden rule do on to others as you’d have them do onto you. you don’t have the patiece to talk to me and explain the black communities absolute hatred for my race but expect me to have the understanding and drive to fix yours and the reason i will not get anywhere with this arguement with you is because i am on your page so i never stood a chance in you ever understanding me or trying to explain what i have trouble seeing. oh yeah you got me pegged as soon as i said black i was a raceist right? damn you must feel self righteous us white folks we’re all the same. Consider yourself oppressed from your own stupidity not the condition society has put on you, i know of many successful ethinic people some who were my bosses and not once did i complain about them because they don’t cry about what society has done to them they make there own god damn way and that is the american way if you don’t want to be the one to make your own way go find somewhere else to whaler.

    Comment by Courtnee | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Courtnee,

      I’m sorry but I do believe I was referring to SweetandSassy with my last comment. After all, your IP address is a public one and it was just a fantastic coincidence that you and SweetandSassy just so happened to be logging into my blog at the same time from the same location. I’m afraid I find that hard to believe because my blog is just not that popular. And yet, I’m the one with the antics, smoke, and mirrors. Your inability to honestly debate the issue without making up some phantom black friend to support your argument shows exactly how much faith you fail to have in yourself. It is sad to think you feel you have to invent a black supporter in order to give your position some kind of racial validity.

      No one here has asked you to do anything. No one here ever said you had to pay for what you or your white ancestors did. If black people were holding their breath for America to step up to the plate then that would really solve America’s race problems. People from the dominant community don’t have a very good record of repairing what they broke. It would be pointless for people in the black community to sit back and wait for some sense of responsibility to infect the thinking of the people in this country. And for the record, America is more than just you and all the other white people. We are all culpable for the conditions of the black community. But like a lot of people, you want to pretend that black people only want to make white people pay. And then, on top of that, you want to think that black people want you to pay for white people’s crime.

      Nobody here asked you to get off of your ass to do anything. Despite what you might believe, my blog isn’t dedicated to you or all things white or some call for black people to rise against whitey. My blog is about the black community. No one cares if you sit on your ass until the Rapture. Sit there and talk about your golden rule of being nice to others if you have to. But that rule really doesn’t amount to very much does it. After all, you aren’t being very nice in the least bit. In fact, I find you are the one that is very rude and arrogant. This is my blog and you should act like you want to be here and have your comments, as trivial as they may be, published and read. And didn’t your parents tell you that lying, even to prove your point, isn’t very nice? Again, your hypocrisy is telling.

      Again, you say that you want to understand but then turnaround and say that the black community has an absolute hatred for white people. You sound like Glen Beck trying to convince people that the black President hates all white people. You say you want understanding, but then you do nothing but rant and rave about how black people have some absolute hatred of white people. And in typical American fashion, you invite black people to leave your country if they don’t like the living arrangements. Why don’t you leave if you don’t like the fact that you wear your racism on your sleeves? Maybe some town in the country of Georgia would be more to your liking? A town void of black people so you don’t have to worry about being made to feel like a victim of the black community. But then again, you might start missing the reverence you get from people like your IP address mate SweetandSassy.

      Instead of leaving, you’d prefer to sit on your ass and complain about black people trying to make you feel like you owe black people something. All you do is cry about black people who made you give up your lunch table. Boo-fucking-hoo for you. You can’t see me but I’m crying on your behalf. Does that make you feel better? Have I now earned your approval to stay in your country? Because we all can see that you believe black people need to get white people’s approval.

      You would understand if you wanted to. But you don’t. Your grandmother would be so proud of you.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

  8. Courtnee,

    Are you for real? Or maybe I should be asking sweetnsassy. This is an utter joke. A person that has to come to a blog, pretend to be someone else in order to corroborate their own story.

    HA, what a laugh and an absolute FAIL. Even if it is a public IP, it is interesting that you must both be pretty much in the same place. What a coincidence. That this person anonymously found the exact website blog as you.

    But of course you will just chalk this up to me not liking either of you because your white. I don’t like you because you have shown yourself to be a liar. And it is pretty stupid to continue the charade. Just own up and opt out.

    Good luck with this piece of work BrotherP. Looks like you are dealing with multiple personalities who share the same psychosis.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • That is not theblacksentinel leaving a comment!!!

      Praise to Orisa it is good to see you amongst the living. How long has it been. Far too long for sure! Do you see the condition of people on the internet? Do you see what I have to deal with? When are you going to give a brother some help? (Knowing Courtnee she’ll assume that I’m just sitting on my ass expecting a handout from you)

      I really didn’t think there was a SweetandSassy. The moment I saw the comment I was suspicious. However, I was willing to give Courtnee the benefit of doubt and play along with her masquerade. But that last comment from her was pretty nasty and self serving. It’s pretty obvious that once she realized her antics were busted, she simply started lashing out in anger. Hopefully Courtnee really is done. And if not, I know I am.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, May 5, 2011 | Reply

  9. Welcome back Black Sentinel. Oh, this is Blaque Ink a.k.a. Will. I commented in your blog a while back. Brotha Wolf is my new name.

    But anyway…

    Courtnee and SweetandSassy,

    It seems obvious that you guys, or just you seeing as how you two appear to be one in the same, are not interested in explanations or knowledge. You are not interested in listening from a black person’s perspective on racism and possibly understand where he or she is coming from. You only want to blame black people for whatever few black people have (supposedly) done to you in the past. Somehow you heard about this blog, and for some reason, you think it’s anti-white.

    This has all the earmarks of a racist troll.

    Some people have patience with people like you who don’t want to learn a damn thing, but I don’t. Black people have been trying to school you into what racism and hatred is about. We’ve been telling you for the longest about the sins of whites throughout history against POC trying to get you to see our pain. Still, you refuse to listen. It’s all about what we did to you that’s important, not what your people have, are, and possibility will do to my people. It’s all about you. That is nothing short of selfishness.

    Frankly, I’m tired of trying to talk to those willing to live in ignorance. I don’t feel sorry for you. Why should I? You don’t feel sorry for the black folks still victims of a white racist society. You don’t seem to show any urge to talk to other whites about racism, though in your case it may be a good thing since you know extremely little and have little problem with it. You don’t want to listen to Brother P or anyone else who disagrees and knows some things you don’t.

    Bottom line Courtnee a.k.a. SweetandSassy, we don’t expect anything from you other than the usual bullshit. Whether you like it or not, THAT’S THE TRUTH!

    Comment by brothawolf | Saturday, May 7, 2011 | Reply

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