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America’s Long Arm Of Justice

Any way you want to slice it this past weekend was a pretty good one for President Obama. When he released his long form birth certificate for the world to see, he pretty much took the wind out of the sails of those who would like to continue to make his citizenship a political issue. That happened Friday morning. On Saturday, his comedy routine at the White House Correspondents dinner was priceless. After pretty much ignoring the slams against his reputation and character by birther conspirators favorite Donald Chump, Mr. Obama put things back into perspective by reminding people that only big decisions Mr. Chump has to make was whether he was going to can Meatloaf or acting has been Gary Busey on his Celebrity Apprentice reality television show. Mr. Chump didn’t visibly react to the President’s roast which was a reaction in itself. While others could laugh at their own expense, Mr. Chump’s demeanor took on an “I’ll get you at recess” kind of tone. Dude had better invest in a thicker skin if he wants to compete for the President of the United States.

But the highlight for the President’s weekend has got to be his announcement to the world that what many might consider America’s number one nemesis was murdered at the hands of United States operatives. Out of the blue, after Osama bin Laden had pretty much fallen off the average American citizen’s radar, Mr. Obama announced that dude was capped in a compound in Pakistan. His body was retrieved and delivered to military examiners for verification purposes. And once it was confirmed, they immediately wrapped in a white sheet and buried Mr. bin Laden’s body at sea. When I heard the news I was flabbergasted.

I started laughing at the political implications. I laughed, not because Mr. Obama’s announcement preempted Mr. Chump’s lame television show with somebody getting fired. I laughed because unless he does something pretty asinine like holler for his bitches while slapping his dick around in a press conference, it’s a pretty safe bet that Mr. Obama is going to get back into the White House. I used to think that high gasoline prices might be his Achilles heal. But after becoming the Commander-in-Chief that can claim responsibility for the bold leadership that finally took Mr. bin Laden down, a lot of people are bound to gravitate to the man. After falling off the radar, a lot of people’s hatred for Mr. bin Laden came roaring back to life like a bionic foot fungus. And now, a lot of people that would’ve been more likely to spit in Mr. Obama’s tea are a little more likely to buy dude his favorite beer. Gasoline prices might go up, but that boy that got bin Laden might be our best chance to putting things right again.

The funny thing is that what has Mr. bin Laden’s death really changed other than giving Americans the chance to feel good about some warped form of good old fashion justice from America’s long arm of law? I saw the pictures of people cheering as if the team from their town just won the Super Bowl. People were chanting “U S A” like we just won some Olympic event from our old arch rivals the Soviets. America has finally gotten its justice? If people really think about it, the only thing those American operatives did was send the man to the grave a little ahead of schedule. The terror threat alerts won’t stop. We won’t be able to get on a plane without submitting to some kind of privacy violation. Nothing really changes. If he is indeed responsible for what happened that fateful day in September of 2001 then Mr. bin Laden truly changed the world, and not for the better. And now that he’s out of the picture, what’s next? The organizations he sowed have matured and will pick up where Mr. Obama left off. Mr. bin Laden might be gone, but his handy work will be here for many years to come.

For all his ability to survive for the much better part of ten years, Mr. bin Laden was relatively easy to eliminate. All you had to do was find him and all it would take was a single bullet to knock him off like a duck in a barrel. It’s lights out and game over. But the seeds that Mr. bin Laden has sowed will continue to bear fruit for a very long time. It’s like killing the tree after it has spawned a rainforest. Yes, it might feel good to say that you got that tree that started it all, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of Roundup to get rid of that rainforest.

This isn’t to say that permanently putting Mr. bin Laden’s lights out was a bad or good thing. If the people in this country felt the need to exact their collective revenge on Mr. bin Laden by taking credit for sending him on his way to the next plane of existence then so be it. But now that that has been done, what’s next? All those resources that went into finding Mr. bin Laden now have to go to work to find the next set of bad guys. It might feel good to pat Mr. Obama on the back for a job well done. Quite frankly you won’t see me complaining that Mr. bin Laden is gone. But now that we can scratch his demise off our things to do list, it’s now time to set our collective sights on the next threat on the agenda.

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  1. I hope you check out my response to the Bin Laden killing at my blog. (By the way, this is Blaque Ink, but my new name is Brotha Wolf.)

    Comment by brothawolf | Monday, May 2, 2011 | Reply

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