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Chumped Up Charges

Anybody who takes the time to get to know me knows without a doubt that I am not a fan of President Barack Obama.  The way this man turns on his supporters, especially his supporters in the black community, is truly shameful.  Mr. Obama would deny any association with his black constituents quicker than Peter could deny he knew Jesus the Christ.  All his talk about fighting for his liberal supporters was forgotten the moment he won their support.  All that talk about fighting the good fight with us turned into excuses about having to pick and chose battles.  It appears that in Mr. Obama’s eyes the good fight is yet to come.  I don’t care for his lack of conviction and I have little faith that he appreciates mine.

But goddamn!  All you have to do is listen to some of the bullshit that comes from the right and it’s hard for me not to root for this man.  He might like to pretend that he doesn’t have a dog in any of these political fights, but his opponents on the other side of the political aisle don’t have any problems wearing their politics on their sleeves, or their prejudice.  Case in point is all the baseless rhetoric coming from Donald Chump and his insistence that Mr. Obama wasn’t born in the United States.  I’ve watched so many video clips and heard so many audio clips of Mr. Chump claiming to have proof from his investigators in Hawaii that Mr. Obama was smuggled into the United States a week after his birth fifty years ago so that he could take advantage of our generous government services.  And when an interviewer pointed to some of the gargantuan holes in the media mogul’s story, dude would get kind of nasty.  After claiming that he couldn’t wait to tell people what his investigators uncovered, Mr. Chump told George Stephanopoulos that what was found was none of his business.

Using the chump-ed up issue of a certificate of birth does not equate to a birth certificate, Mr. Chump has quickly risen to the top of Republican popularity polls.  He isn’t officially running for office yet but it doesn’t keep him from being the next great white hope.  There is plenty to support Mr. Chump’s claim that if he did run he would rise to the top of the charts with his good relationship with the whites.  Anybody who says anything to make Mr. Obama look like he’s not one of the proud Americans with traditional Christian family values has got to be good for the country in a lot of people’s book.

Despite the fact that no other President of the United States has ever been denied their citizenship, Mr. Obama has once again made an attempt to put this crap about his birth to rest.  The long form of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate has been released.  Mr. Chump takes credit for forcing Mr. Obama’s hand.  But hardly one to freely admit that he may have been wrong, Mr. Chump now says that the birth certificate needs to be verified and authenticated before this issue can be sufficiently laid to rest.  Nevertheless, it is a sure fire bet that for many people this official government document could never outweigh the suggestion that some investigator in Hawaii has some proof that says otherwise even though it remains nobody business.  Indeed, a recent poll says that about a third of the country will remain unconvinced even if Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is authenticated.  No matter what he does he won’t be accepted as legit.  Why is it so hard for so many of us to believe that this man is a citizen?  And don’t give that bullshit about if he had nothing to hide why did it take so long for him to produce it.  How many other Presidents of the United States made their birth certificates public?  Only the black President needs to produce such proof.  And only the black President will be denied no matter what he does.

It is an unfortunate fact of circumstance that the reason for this disparity it is undeniably the race factor.  Fifty years ago, black people from Africa along with a white lady from Kansas concocted a plan to bring little Barack to the states within a week after his birth for the sole purpose of duping the rest of us into believing he is a legitimate American citizen.  And all those claims about how people wouldn’t believe what those investigators in Hawaii found?  It is pretty funny that all those claims of unbelievable evidence verifying Mr. Obama’s lack of citizenship that made Mr. Chump’s jaw drop just was simply tossed aside when Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate was produced.  Such quick changes in his demeanor simply reinforce my position that Mr. Chump relied on good ol’ fashion racial skepticism and intolerance as a means to gain attention.  And when that kind of thing happens, as much as I may detest Mr. Obama, it compels me to hope for his success.

As much as Mr. Chump discredits himself, people will continue to support him simply because he has the floor and is most vocal in his rhetoric against Mr. Obama.  And when other political aspirants from the right see this vulgarity against Mr. Obama work in Mr. Chump’s failure, they will feel that they have no choice but to join the bandwagon.  These people will compete with each other to show the most disrespect despite whatever is done to refute the claim that Mr. Obama isn’t an American or he is a Muslim, as if that alone is a reason to deny him the presidency, or he did poorly in school or he doesn’t have any executive experience or he’s the worse President ever despite his predecessors, some of them have been impeached or suffered some other disgrace in their own ways.

And when these things happen, it is difficult to hold on to the fact that Mr. Obama is more likely to work for the success of his opponents rather than the success of his most ardent supporters, the black community or as Mr. Chump says, the blacks.  It is probably why so many black people continue to support this man who continues to insist that racism plays so little a role in his nationwide disdain.  And if Mr. Obama sees this disdain and continues to deny its existence, there is little hope that he would ever acknowledge the racial discrimination that impacts the rest of the black community.  Black people may never be able to look for Mr. Obama for real support, the kind of support he readily will give to people who will never accept him.  But if we let people like Mr. Chump take Mr. Obama down, we know we may never recover.  The racism is too thick to deny, even as Mr. Obama does his best to deny it.

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  1. Maybe it’s something to do with the compromises a politician must make to get into office, or some kind of binding traditional that doesn’t allow for firm statements, but it seems to me that Obama is too soft, too weak, too full of half-measures and half-hearted solutions designed to appease his detractors, but merely serve to incense them further.

    Obama needed to step up WEEKS ago to call out the nonsense that’s been going on. He needed to say, “my fellow Americans, this man is FULL OF IT!” (Something to that effect.) But instead, Obama does the sane, rational thing, but in this world which is slowly devolving into one of bigots and insanity, the rational action has the consequence of losing the battle for our country.

    To be nice to our opponents is something we as liberals, democrats, green partiers, or mere Americans can ill afford anymore. If Mr. Chump’s ish is any indication, things will only get worse as the election draws nearer.

    I, for one, wish Obama would take advantage of the situation to shove his legitimate birth in Chump’s face like so much of the sh!t he’s been slinging around Faux News.

    Comment by zek j evets | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. His opponents fixation with this birth certificate infuriates me. They are so focused on this that they are missing the opportunity to be vocal about their disagreement with his policies and ideologies.

    The right really needs to shape up. I’m tired of idiot after idiot speaking on their behalf. They never stick to addressing important issues, so when election time rolls around again, it’ll be the same garbage: he’s not a citizen, he’s a muslim, he hates white people…

    Comment by latoya | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | Reply

  3. Right on, right on!

    Comment by brothawolf | Thursday, April 28, 2011 | Reply

  4. There indeed lies the problem. A black person who acknowledges racism is immediately thought by many whites (liberal or not) to “be playing the race card”. Purely ridiculous but it is what it is.

    Someone on the President’s team needs to be hitting back hard at Trump and Buchanan and assorted racists. Obviously their only issue is that a black man is President.

    It matters not how far to the right Obama has moved, he’s still Black. And as far as they are concerned he remains “an affirmative action” President as Buchanan called him. That’s what the thing about college transcripts and grades is all about, absolutely.

    Comment by Shady_Grady | Thursday, April 28, 2011 | Reply

  5. Well one President DID benefit from special considerations to get into an Ivy school. It just wasn’t our CURRENT president but rather the president before him.

    Comment by blueollie | Saturday, April 30, 2011 | Reply

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