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Let Them Eat Cake

I have been mulling the happenings in London the night when Prince Charles, the prince of Wales, and his wife Carmella Bowles, the duchess of Cornwall, who were on their way to a play were surrounded by a students and other people who were protesting against austerity measures enacted by the British government.  My first thought was how the hell all those protesters managed to get so close to the Prince that they could attack the car he was riding in.

From what I understand, the protesters had assembled in an area a few blocks away from the route that the royal entourage was supposed to travel.  The route was planned ahead of time, checked, and probably rechecked.  When the Prince and his wife were ready to leave their home, a final check was made to see if the route was secure and the route was cleared.  But the protesters managed to break through the boundaries the police had established to contain the group.  They pushed the police back until parts of their group encompassed the Prince’s route and a perfect storm of chaos ensued.

My next thought was how clichéd the setup was.  Common people are protesting because they’re feeling shafted by the government.  A few years ago the people of England enjoyed higher education bought and paid for by the government.  And in a relatively short time span, the tuition rates have skyrocketed to a point where a higher education in England can cost as much as an education anywhere else.  The students felt that this was unfair and they are not prepared for such an expense.  Their parents enjoyed the opportunity for a government paid education.  Why change things now?  They wanted the same deal as their forefathers.

This wasn’t something that happened overnight.  It was discussed and debated for weeks.  And in that time, Prince Charles never said peep about the ordeal.  As far as I know, the man who would be the King of England could not care any less if commoners could afford an education.  He’s got a play to go to.  And let’s not forget that Prince Philip is getting married so chances are pretty good that the royals are focusing on making sure that the best china and crystal wine goblets and the most fashionable tailors and dressmakers are available to put on a royal shindig the likes that the world has never seen.  No doubt tens of millions of dollars will be spent on that soon to be wedding.  Who’s got time to worry about little people affording an education?

Now you have another perfect storm in the form of a perfect disconnect.  People are trying to get an education and prepare for the future.  They are clashing with the police.  The police are trying to do their job.  They are trying to uphold order.  They probably don’t like the austerity measures any more than anyone else.  But it is their job to hold the students back.  And while all of this is going on, the Prince is trying to get to his play, going on with his good life.

Isn’t this how the French Revolution started?  Wasn’t there a disconnection between the royals who continued to live a life of luxury while the people were starving?  Maria Antoinette will forever be accused of nonchalantly saying the people should eat cake when she was told that the people had no bread to eat.  Luxury can really impede the true understanding of the real world.

From what I understand the royals were never hurt.  The high dollar armored Rolls Royce they were riding in got splattered with paint and some minor damage.  Scotland Yard is charged with trying to find the hooligans responsible for giving the royals such a scare.  Somebody’s got to pay for getting the royal carriage back into its spotless, blemish free shape.  They’ll just add that fee on top of the new tuition rates.

Monday, December 20, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. I do not think the Rolls was armoured because the rear window was smashed.
    The French revolted because their King ran the country with unlimited authority.
    The English Royals however have little power and have inherited the unenviable position of providing guidance to a proud race of individuals trapped in the same system as the rest of us. A small percentage of the population has acquired a controlling interest in the wealth of the world and whether they know it or not, continue to exercise their positions to extract wealth from the less fortunate. Most intelligent people realize that everyone has to answer to the people they live with and the high costs of everything is maintained by the thousands who make a living from every dollar that leaves their pockets.

    Comment by chris tidman | Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback chris tidman,

      Of course the Rolls had armor. But it’s pretty difficult to put armor on windows and still look through them. And yes the King of France ran the country with unlimited authority. It was just an analogy depicting how out of touch the royalty was then and how royalty is now. And the British royalty has more power than you give them credit for. How else can you explain how people go gaga over Prince William getting married. The royals have the power of influence. They use it when it behooves them personally. They don’t use it when it behooves the people. And I agree with you that most intelligent people realize that everyone has to answer to the people they live with and such. But politicians and the wealthy frequently seem to operate un-intelligently.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. In one of my blog entries I wrote about the Privilege Mindset, and one of the things I’ve listed was that those with a butt load of privileges are blind to the realities of those with lesser privileges. The sad truth is that those with the most privileges are also in positions of power and their views of the world will have enormous effects on those who live in a reality not quite as cozy as theirs.

    Comment by Will | Thursday, December 23, 2010 | Reply

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