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The Only Game In Town

In general, nobody supported Barack Obama in his bid to become President of the United States harder or stronger than the black community. Mr. Obama becoming President became a collective goal for many black people. His political ascendency became a must have as a lot of black people threw caution to the wind and put their political hopes and fears on the shoulders of the Senator from Illinois.

The very moment his campaign became a serious possibility Mr. Obama started to stiff arm his biggest supporters. As Mr. Obama campaigned across the nation, his handlers claimed his schedule was too full for him to make an appearance on the State of the Black Union. When he did make an appearance before the black community on Father’s Day, he preached that black men needed to stop acting like fools and take their fair share of responsibility for the condition of black neighborhoods. When questioned about why black supporters were disappointed with Mr. Obama’s embrace of the black community, Mr. Obama replied with a dismissive saying that he’s not trying to be the President of black people. And like a love struck suitor who wears his or her emotions on the sleeve, the black community continues to support Mr. Obama despite all the disses.

With such behavior, is anyone really surprised to see Mr. Obama turn his back on his pledges to his other supporters by caving to conservative political pressure and signaling that he’s ready to extend tax cuts to cover the entire income of the wealthy? Yes he may have ran on a campaign promising that if he became the next President he would make sure that the rich and wealthy would do more to help the country out of its economic doldrums by letting the tax cuts created by President George Bush expire on those in the upper two percent income bracket expire. But now that he’s numero uno on the liberal side of the political aisle and assuring he’ll be the champion of the liberal base in the next political race, he could not care any less of he disappoints the people who support him most. Mr. Obama knows he’s got the majority of liberals in his corner so he really doesn’t have to do much to keep liberals happy. He’s got his sights on other game.

By indicating his interests to compromise early, Mr. Obama is ready to broaden his appeal to a bigger slice of the American populace. While it would be ridiculous to think that Mr. Obama is hoping to catch the eye of staunch conservatives, the type of people who are still waiting to see a birth certificate that they are willing to accept as proof of Mr. Obama’s American citizenship or the type of people who see Mr. Obama as a Muslim out to destroy America, Mr. Obama is trying to let more moderate and people who think they are political independents see him as a safe centrist bet. What better way for someone considered a liberal to look more like a centrist than to capitulate on liberal promises and flirt with the conservative agenda?

If asked why he’s caving so easily I’m sure Mr. Obama would never say something like he’s not trying to be the President of liberal America. Nevertheless, the liberal community should have a better idea of what it’s like for the black community to support Mr. Obama. Despite all that’s going down he’s the only game in town. The person who challenges Mr. Obama for the top spot on the liberal side will have the odds stacked against them. And no high profile conservative is ready to surrender his or her conservative values like Mr. Obama surrenders his own supposed values in order to widen his or her political appeal to the liberal side. For the moment, it appears like the liberals are stuck with him.

But if it’s any consolation to people with liberal leanings, welcome to the club. Some people in the black community have been supporting Mr. Obama for years only to see him from his backside as his political aspirations drive him to reach out more and more to the people who would rather refer to him as a lyin’ African than as their President. Trust me, if the black community is any indication, you’ll get used to being ignored and taken for granted.

Sunday, December 5, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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  1. A lot of good points but…. what was wrong with Obama’s comment about black men being fathers? A considerable amount of black children grow up without fathers. I was one of them and it was sort of like the default situation for too many kids. We need to balance this thing out. Yes, the “system” of America needs changing. But that doesn’t mean that we should kick all talk of personal responsibility as “blaming the victim.” Structure and agency go hand in hand. Without changes in both spheres, overall progress is unlikely to happen. When we speak system, system, system and brand all talk of agency as marginalizing and unspeakable, we relegate ourselves, as black folk, to being mindless drones who follow the whims of a “system.”

    Yeah, black men need to step up more and more. I, myself, accept that exhortation. It’s not an insult or blaming the victim. It’s the resolve of a man and his fellow men who have decided to love themselves, their community, and step up to the plate despite the disadvantages of the “system.”

    And Obama is no black messiah and never was. This thing is much bigger than Obama. None of us knows what goes on in the role of president from day to day. I agree when he said that he must be the president of the entire country. I disagree when he insinuates that black folk will share equitably in the progresses of the U.S. That is wishful thinking and, quite frankly, a garbage idea. We haven’t shared equitably in anything ever since we’ve been here. In that regard, he’s either delusional or playing the game he’s been given.

    Whatever the case, black folk cannot wait on Obama or a systemic change in order to move forward.

    Comment by akwasi2ecuador | Saturday, December 11, 2010 | Reply

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