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You’d really have to be living life under the proverbial rock to not have known that the drugged out rocker Keith Richards has supposedly just written a book.  I’m really surprised that the aged, life lived on the edge member of the infamous Rolling Stones could form a coherent sentence worth reading.  No doubt his version of writing a book ranks right up there with former President George Bush Jr. who, unlike just about any other President of the United States, never wrote a white paper about an intellectual subject, just released his own book about his life experience.  With all the fans of the Rolling Stones there is little doubt that Mr. Richard’s book will top the book selling charts for a good while.  The same will be said about Mr. Bush with all of his conservative politics fans.

To support his book’s marketing, Mr. Richards’ photo has appeared in Time Magazine.  His book has been mentioned on television talk shows, the television news, and on the radio.  Personally, I’ve heard him get a few shout outs from the BBC, NPR, MSNBC, and I have no doubt that he’s been mentioned, if not featured, in other media outlets as well.

Listening to NPR, I heard an interview with Mr. Richards on Fresh Air with Terri Gross.  I’ve never been a big fan of the Rolling Stones.  I’m familiar with their most popular works.  I could probably name about five songs off the top of my head.  But I am a fan of NPR so I listened to the interview on my headphones while I write my database applications.

In his book, Mr. Richards explained how he would regularly go to bed with his guitar and a cassette recorder within an arm’s reach just in case he has a spark of inspiration in the middle of the night.  He told the story of how he woke up one morning and noticed that the recorder was on and the tape was at the end.  When he listened to the tape, he heard a riff that became the song Can’t Get No Satisfaction, followed by forty minutes of snoring.  Fascinated by the story, Ms. Gross asked Mr. Richards that he had fame and he had fortune so why did he feel so compelled to write a song about not being satisfied.  Mr. Richards chuckled at the question and then replied in a tone that indicated that he couldn’t believe he was being asked such a stupid question, It was a dream.  Ms. Gross had to laugh at herself.  I laughed at her as well.

The interview made me think of how some of us get our creative inspiration from a dream and how that’s such a wonderful competitive advantage.  Need to write a book?  You just go to sleep.  Need to write a song?  Just go take a nap.  Imagine how productive I could be if I needed to write a database application and so I just started counting sheep.  It’s unfair I tell you!  If I could get inspiration for writing a database from a dream that in itself would be dreamy.  I always took the line of thinking that writing database software is a creative process.  But writing a database and writing a song is a totally different animal.  One is for entertainment and intended to appeal to people’s emotions while the other, generally speaking, is for a more practical application such as business.

The misses and I have been trying to get our software development business off the ground for the past month now.  With each proposal we do, we actually develop a database application for our perspective client to use and get a feel for what we can offer and the features that come with our software.  We offer our perspective customers a lot of bang for their bucks.  Despite all the work that goes into developing our software ahead of the curve, we simply don’t get the job.  A long time ago the misses suggested that we need to add some kind of eye candy to our software.  But I really had no concept of what she was talking about and I couldn’t comprehend her suggestion.

A few days ago, as I was drifting asleep I had an epiphany.  What if we made our databases look more like websites.  A lot of websites have more graphics than a video game and we need to do something that could give our desktop databases the same kind of visual effect.  The next morning I started adding some eye candy to some of the databases we already developed as proposals.  We took a snapshot of our enhanced applications and added them to our internet portfolio.  By that evening we had about four enhanced database samples.

The next day we got an invitation to discuss a software development project with a client.  They had originally asked for a small software application to keep track of various details of their clients.  We had made a proposal to this company about a week earlier.  It was for an application that was feature packed but lacked the graphics.  After seeing our new sample work, they were ready to open the purse strings.  They were willing to pay Cadillac prices for a database with graphics that did almost nothing different from the database in the original proposal.  This morning, another client that previously rejected one of our application proposals was sending us emails.  We may have found our business breakthrough.

There’s nothing to celebrate just yet.  We’re still trying to get someone to pay us for all this work we’re doing.  But we do have a new energy for developing our company.  We think we’ve found our marketing niche and we’re ready to exploit it to the max.  We’ve been pulling out our hair trying to find our advantage.  The misses knew what it was a long time ago.  A long time ago she said we needed eye candy and wanted to know why I could do the graphics now but couldn’t do it a month ago when she made the suggestion.  I didn’t have an answer for her and I told her that I needed to sleep on it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. May you have much success:)

    Comment by Jazzy | Tuesday, November 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. Brother,
    I love reading your blog. You give me so much inspiration in all that you do. Even the issues with your relationship with your wife helped me. But this particular piece about your database hit me between the eyes. I am an assistive technologist for disabled student services at thomas nelson community college in Hampton, VA. I have a database that I keep students files on and its completely terrible. What is the url to your business site? I’d like to have you handy if and when we get ready to change our database. Thanks.

    Claude Jordan

    Comment by Claude Jordan | Sunday, November 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. I don’t think Bush’s book is going to do too well … he still not very popular

    Comment by Gene Perez | Monday, November 15, 2010 | Reply

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