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Voting Day

Voting dayToday is voting day.  It’s about 9:45 in the morning.  My plan is to go cast my vote after work.  That’ll be about five o’clock this evening.  I’m more than ready to get this day in my rearview mirror.  One way or another, all the nonsense about the political good against the political evil, the battle between the left and the right, the brouhaha of the conservatives against the liberals ends tonight.  That in itself is worth celebrating tonight with a tall glass of Reunites Lombroso and maybe a toke or two.

I can’t help but to shake my head with disapproval over the behavior of many of my fellow Americans that I’ve seen in the television and have heard on the radio.  At a time when the American people need to band together as a cohesive unit to get through this rough time, a lot of people are promoting the idea that tax cuts and a reduction in spending is what we need to get our economy rolling again.  But that’s just a smoke screen.

Ask the people who are demanding tax cuts and they’ll say that we can cut spending in our social programs like education, Medicare and Medicaid, and such.  The federal government doesn’t need to be the overseer assuring that every American has a bare minimum for whatever.  The state governments are more than capable of determining what’s good enough for their citizenry.  We don’t need minimum education standards on a national level.  If states wants to simplify its budget by eliminating its education programs and go to a totally private school system then so be it.  If people don’t like it they can go to one of those liberal states that caters to such pansy concerns and wants to promote some kind of sense of socialism. It sounds a lot like the bullshit over the issue of slavery that was used to lead the country into the civil war.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s a reason that states like Mississippi always appear at the bottom of our social comparisons while states like Washington always appear close to the top.  I am amazed to see people glom at the idea that we don’t need to pay for things that have actually improved our lives as a collective.  Having an educated population leads to an educated workforce which should lead to some value to businesses and the economy.  The investment in education leads to a payoff in the future.  I would think people who conduct business would see the value in that.

But I recently saw an interview with a businessman up in Washington State complaining that if the people in Washington voted to implement an income tax on the wealthy, he could be on the line to pay an extra fifty grand over a year’s time.  Dude was a millionaire many times over.  But the extra fifty grand was a deal breaker and he was threatening to take his business to another state with more favorable tax rates for his bottom line.  Essentially, he wanted to take advantage of everything Washington had to offer.  But when he was being told that he had to make a contribution to keeping the place going, he’d rather pull up stakes and move somewhere else.  Who needs all that socialism anyway?

Instead of being a collective of people with a common goal, to make a great country full of great people, America is collection of cliques and groups who would rather give someone else the finger instead of a hand.  Contrary to popular social rhetoric, no one goes through life alone.  We depend on each other for everything.  We have roads, schools, courts, bridges, parks, services, and a ton of other stuff that helps to make our lives easier as a collective.  When the people of a great collective decide we don’t need a strong sense of social responsibility to each other, chances are our days as a great collective are probably numbered.

When compared to schools in other countries our educational system continues to slip in rankings.  What can you expect from a country where people of prominence preach that we should be teaching religious theories as a science?  But to add insult to injury, some people now say that we should cut our national standards totally out of the picture and let states do what they want.  I can’t think of a better way to speed up America’s slide into global competitiveness obscurity any faster.  The big strong juggernaut of a ship that used to be America is looking more like a bunch of individualistic dinghies going their own separate ways, some with nothing but a pop gun as a means of projecting strength.  That’s the kind of America we want these days.

Let’s cut taxes!  In fact, let’s abolish all the taxes.  Let’s eliminate public schools and let people keep their money and send their kids to private schools.  Who needs an education?  Let people decide that their tired of paying for paved streets and street lamps.  Let the cities go dark and let companies look for a well-educated workforce somewhere else.  It’s not like we get anything for all that money we spend in taxes anyway.

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