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Political Theater

A lot of talk is being made about the midterm elections next week.  By most political analyst estimates, the conservatives have a very good chance of retaking the House of Representatives and a slimmer chance of retaking the Senate.  It should be noted that the Republican Party and tea party landslide that people have been predicting for a long while gets a little more tempered each and every day as voting day gets closer and closer.  The overwhelming enthusiasm that conservatives share is being mitigated by a fear by liberals that conservatives will take over the Congress and sabotage the fragile economic recovery as well and implement policies that could potentially damage the country further.

Conservatives appear to be chomping at the bit.  According to one political analyst that appeared on the MSNBC show Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, brought to you by Starbucks Coffee, senior Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell admitted that his primary focus is to assure that President Barack Obama serves only one term.  Screw whatever else is going on.  If Mr. McConnell can throw a monkey wrench into Mr. Obama’s agenda, regardless if it can actually help the country or not, it’s all good.  It goes back to that conservative mantra, they hope he fails and the country wallows in misery so that the Republicans can return to power and continue the dismantling a lot of the lessons that have gone into building this country over the past two centuries plus.

One monkey wrench that conservatives will get if they can take over the legislature is the congressional subpoena power.  The conservatives are looking forward to gaining the ability to investigate everything and anything that happens in the White House.  Think back to the days of President Bill Clinton.  Early in the beginning of his first term, Mr. Clinton was being investigated for his dealings in the Whitewater real estate scandal.  Special investigator Kenneth Starr examined documents and back accounts.  He interviewed people that knew Bill and Hillary Clinton before they were the Clintons.  He investigated every lead down to its nothings here conclusion until he discovered that Mr. Clinton lied to investigators about his highly public and embarrassing sexual encounters with Monica Lewinski.  It wasn’t quite the smoking gun people expected.  It was more like a lukewarm water pistol.  But it was enough to impeach Mr. Clinton and give his administration a humiliating black eye.

Mr. Clinton’s successor, President George Bush Jr., suffered from no investigation when the liberals took over the Congress back during the midterm elections of 2006.  Although there was plenty to investigate, how oil industry executives formulated the Bush administration’s energy and environmental protection policy, what was done to push the country into war in Iraq and Afghanistan, no bid contracts to Halliburton and all of its subsidiaries, the relationship between government officials and the mercenaries for hire company Blackwater, the federal government’s response to hurricane Katrina, the outing of undercover operative Valerie Plame, and a lot of other things that could use a little public attention.

When he took office, Mr. Obama and the Democratic leaders of our federal legislature made it clear that there would be no investigation into the happenings of the previous administration.  To investigate his predecessor would be looking at the past and Mr. Obama wanted to focus on the future and put a rather contentious race for the White House behind him in an overt attempt to bury the hatchet and bring bipartisan cooperation to our federal government.  That really didn’t work out very well.  Mr. Obama and his Democratic cohorts appeared to be quick to surrender on issues that were important to its base of support.  The result may have been an unenthused base making it look like there’s all that Republican and tea party enthusiasm mentioned earlier.

Now that there’s a very real danger of losing control of what gets investigated, Mr. Obama and his Democratic cohorts are worrying about what gets investigated.  They know what’s coming.  Conservatives can’t wait to make the Ken Starr investigation that resulted in Mr. Clinton’s impeachment look like a molehill.  I have no doubt that there will be a mountain of investigations into everything Mr. Obama, the Democratic Party, the Obama family, and even Bo’bama the dog.

If the fiasco with Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is any indication, all investigators into Mr. Obama’s happenings have to do is make the suggestion that there’s impropriety involved and that’ll be all a lot of conservatives will need to call for Mr. Obama’s impeachment, removal from office, imprisonment, and eventual deportation because so many of us are so sure that he’s not one of us.  If the Republicans retake the legislature like a lot of people say they will, the result has the potential to make for some truly great political theater.

Monday, October 25, 2010 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Democrats, Life, Politics, Thoughts

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