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Juan Williams Proves And Compassionate Bigotry

The difference between FOX News and National Public Radio (NPR) is like the difference between night and day.  While FOX thrives on colorful commentators who are for the most varying degrees of very conservative thinking and many who wear their over the top bigotry on their sleeves, NPR’s tries to present an image of discretion with commentators who appear to be more thoughtful and measured with opinions based somewhat on facts instead of inherent prejudices.  While FOX commentators can look like escapees from a Jerry Springer episode, NPR commentators can look like educators and professors giving lectures on the science of cause and effect.  It’s hard to believe any individual can walk the line between these two extremes and do either one very well.  Juan Williams is certainly not that type of individual.

Truth be told, I’m not that kind of individual either.  I’m sure if I got into a debate with anybody about some of the issues I happen to be passionate about I’d lose my composure quicker than a Muslim in downtown New York, New York can lose any semblance of having civil rights.  But that’s probably why I’m not looking at any employment on NPR anytime soon, even though they have at least one job opening at the moment.

I often found myself at odds with Mr. Williams’ opinion on issues, especially the ones that pertain to the black community and other minorities.  In my far from neutral opinion, Mr. Williams was habitually toeing the line for the racially generic majority.  I found it frustrating that Mr. Williams regularly suggested that the people in the black community need to stop trying to affect change as a collective to expose racial disparity and should do what they can for themselves.  It was typically Mr. Williams’ opinion that black people should stop trying to operate as a social collective and take an everyman for him or her self approach.  He’s another one of those people who believes that the best way to combat racism is for us to pretend that racism doesn’t exist.  I hate that shit!

Mr. Williams was terminated for engaging in another debate on FOX with Bill O’Reilly about the Muslim’s in our midst.  Mr. Williams made a comment that he is irrationally afraid of Muslims in their Muslim garb and starts to worry about terrorism.  While this might be fodder for the people over at FOX News, according to the management at NPR, Mr. Williams’ statements undermines his credibility as a news analyst at NPR.

People are protesting on Mr. Williams’ behalf.  There are cries that his First Amendment right to freedom of speech has been violated.  It sets a dangerous precedence when journalists are fired for what they say or how they say it.  But few people were making this argument on behalf of journalists when Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN after making his statements about Jon Stewart and how the Jewish community controls so much of what happens in media.  Nobody had a problem when CNN took the steps necessary to distance itself from Mr. Sanchez.  Why are so many people now getting so upset when NPR does the same to protect its brand?  Yes Mr. Williams has freedom of speech.  But doesn’t NPR itself has its own freedom of speech and deserves the same benefit of doubt?

Obviously, there is a big difference in standards for journalism between these two broadcast companies.  But to drive that point home even further, twenty four hours after Mr. Williams was terminated from NPR, FOX News announced that it was offering him a three year contract totaling two million dollars.  From what I understand this was a seriously significant pay raise.  Mr. Williams will make out like a bandit.  And to show his appreciation to FOX for his rescue, I for one have little doubt that Mr. Williams will become even more colorful and opinionated with his statements of compassionate bigotry.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Williams joins a long list of people who use the excuse that their just being honest as a defense for their prejudice against racial minorities.  A lot of people I don’t particularly care for have been rewarded for their bigotry.  After his statements about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers University, Don Imus was fired and ended up getting an even more lucrative contract as a replacement.  Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman was terminated and then rehired at a significant increase in pay for his racist rant against his son’s girlfriend.  Given time, Laura Schlessinger will be rewarded for her nigger filled rant against a black person calling into her show.  And now, Juan Williams is being rewarded for his racist statements.  No doubt FOX will give him his own show sometime in the future as long as he continues to toe their line.

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