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President Obama Might Need Some Bootstraps

President Barack Obama is out campaigning hard and heavy for his supporters to get out and vote in November’s midterm elections. If the opinions of Mr. Obama can be summarized, anyone who calls him or her self a Democrat and doesn’t vote in this election is unfit to call him or her self a Democrat. Anyone who complains about the policies of the people on the other side of the political aisle, people who call themselves conservatives or tea partiers, need to get in this political fight. Mr. Obama is doing his best to fire up his supporters, the people who worked hard to put him in the White House two years ago. He needs all of these people now.

After all the shit Mr. Obama had to say, and not say to me as part of the black community, Mr. Obama can pull himself up by his bootstraps. Dude needs to show some responsibility and learn to do things for himself. It would be easy for all his supporters to simply go out and vote for his political allies. But if the past two years has showed us anything, Mr. Obama isn’t even about to fight for our political needs. He has proven time and time again that instead of fighting for the wants of his supporters, he’s more than ready to compromise with people who are working hard to do just the opposite and keep Mr. Obama from fulfilling the wishes of his supporters. Too much has been given away without enough gained in return. And in the process, Mr. Obama and the Democrats come across as weak and ineffective.

And now Mr. Obama says he needs more time to do all the things he’s promised. The even bigger problem I see is that he hasn’t promised me much of anything. In all honesty, Mr. Obama has done little to impact my life and make it better. At the moment I don’t have any kind of healthcare. I don’t have access to any stimulus dollars to help my personal economy. My tax rate will be no different than if the conservatives were in the White House calling the shots. No stimulus dollars are being used to improve my neighborhood. As far as I’m concerned there’s no difference between Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democrats when compared to their Republican rivals. My result will more than likely be the same.

So what is there to get fired up about, the first black President? We’ve been there and we’ve done that. When I needed help from my first black President, I was told that I needed to show more responsibility for my life. When I needed help, the President told me that nobody owes me anything and that our government isn’t in the business of helping individuals. People are much too small to garner our government’s attention, unless of course the people in question have some kind of homosexual tendencies or want to build a mosque in the sacred area better known as ground zero. Our government is geared only for those Americans that are too big to fail. And that’s not even close to being me, so why would I bother?

I have no desire to go and vote in the midterm elections. What would be the point? I have learned the painful lesson that many have learned before me that whether or not it’s the first black President or someone else my world won’t change very much if at all. While other Americans can lobby the President for whatever it is that will enrich their lives, I don’t have the resources to register on the President’s attention meter. And what goes around comes around.

If the President can stand and a podium and say that I need to take responsibility for my life, it should be no surprise if I say that he should take responsibility for his life. Me voting for him would be the easy way out. And Mr. Obama shouldn’t be looking to do something easy. Mr. Obama and company needs to roll up their proverbial, collective sleeves and earn what they need. I can’t want it more for him than he does. And if Mr. Obama wants to squander the goodwill of the people who put their faith in him, such is the rather short political life of people who prove that they really don’t deserve to be reelected because they have proven that they should not have been elected in the first place.

If the midterm elections come to past and Mr. Obama weathers the political storm well, then that will be good for him. But rest assured it will happen without me. I think I’m going to be busy that day. I know that my forefathers fought hard and died so I can vote. But I’m sure they were confident that my vote would make a difference in my life and the life of my community. That’s just not the case these days. I have been convinced that my vote this November will have about as much influence on my life as a vote for President of Bolivia. That’s the kind of thing you learn when you’re left to your own devices and have to rely on your own bootstraps to pull yourself out of a mess. Hopefully Mr. Obama will have a chance to show everybody how easy it is.

Friday, October 1, 2010 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Black Community, Life, Thoughts


  1. Wow, this is powerful. Most of all very true.

    Comment by Amenta | Sunday, October 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. I agree with Amenta. However, your assessment that your vote this november means as much as voting for President of Bolivia, I have to disagree. I think I may go for that office. And if you vote for me and get me in, I’ll put you in charge of some department or another at major expense to the taxpayer. And, if ya want, I’ll let you work from home!

    Politics is a sad day, my friend. Despite the morons who have associated themselves with and tarnished the tea party as its original incarnation (as happens with almost any movement that gains any semblance of steam), this post expresses the same frustration that brought them about. Dems, Reps….same names voted in over and over, same results no matter who is in power or by what margin they hold that power. We need some serious political change in Washington D.C.

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, October 4, 2010 | Reply

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