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Another Overnight Sensation

So Christine O’Donnell wins Delaware’s Republican Senate primary over long time incumbent Mike Castle.  Ms. O’Donnell has become an overnight sensation, rocking the GOP establishment to its knees in her bid to win the Senate seat vacated by Joe Biden to become former Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s running mate.   Overnight, this tea party candidate has gone from being obscure to taking front and center on the national, political stage.  While a lot of people in Delaware may have known about Ms. Donnell, for most Americans who happen to live on the outside of the Delaware state border she’s a bit of an unknown.

It’s pretty remarkable the similarity between Ms. O’Donnell’s catapult to national attention and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s debut to the nation.  When Arizona Senator John McCain selected the questionably qualified Ms. Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate, the former Governor became the hottest commodity in many politically conservative circles.  Despite her inability to make informative political speeches, despite a heavy dependence on rhetoric about being a pit bull in lipstick and other statements full of colorful hyperbole but lacking any real substance, despite being incapable of expressing ideas of true leadership, many people felt, and feel, that Ms. Palin was, and is, a political messiah born to lead us to the promise land of reform and a return to family values, whatever that expression means.

Ms. O’Donnell appears to be falling right into Ms. Palin’s footsteps.  Although technically an establishment outsider on the national scale, Ms. O’Donnell is no stranger to statewide political campaigning.  Her current bid marks her third run for the Senate seat as a Republican nominee.  But as the tea party gained popularity with people whose political venom against the current establishment runs as swift as white water rapids during early spring runoff, people like Ms. Palin and Ms. O’Donnell have gained the upper hand even though they really are no strangers in this political game.  Indeed, even though their folksy, homey, down to earth style might impress the somewhat politically naïve, these two candidates are seasoned political operatives who know how to work a crowd and stroke people’s rancor for their own political gain.

In the same overnight time frame that has witnessed Ms. O’Donnell achieving political superstar status, every wacky comment Ms. O’Donnell has ever made in front of a camera has come back to revisit her.  Any news organization worth their salt has played the videos of Ms. O’Donnell in her early days promoting hyper conservative sexual morality and chastity.  She’s on tape saying that masturbation is a form of self lust and it’s a sin against god.  If that’s the case, no pun intended, but like a lot of people I’m on my way to hell in a hand basket.

There’s a video clip of her on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect cable show saying that there’s never a reason for anyone to ever mislead.  In that particular episode, comedian Eddie Izzard, who was on the same guest panel with Ms. O’Donnell, posed the question what would Ms. O’Donnell do if she was in Nazi Germany hiding Jews in her basement and the Gestapo showed up at her door and asked if she was hiding any Jews?  Would she feel the need to lie then?  Ms. O’Donnell lamely replied that god would offer her a way out where she could keep her high minded moral ground.  I think that would be called confessing to the Nazis and betraying the people who trusted her.

When asked about her performance on Mr. Maher’s panel, Ms. O’Donnell replied that she was merely trying to help Mr. Maher’s ratings.  Her performance was not really a reflection of her character.  Obviously, like any person looking for political office and most people who don’t, there is always a time to mislead people.  Just because somebody is on video talking about the need to be honest at all cost doesn’t mean he or she should be honest.

But that type of intentionally misleading the public for personal gain is the type of maneuver that has become part and parcel of the tea party movement.  People in this movement will damn the government for its interference in government run programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.  These people will condemn the government for its welfare programs even though many directly benefit or have family and/or friends who draw social security, unemployment, and/or benefits from other welfare programs.  These people will say government should stay out of our business but demand that government outlaw abortions.

These just so happen to be the same people who will say that government should stay out of our lives but then turn around and say that we need a constitutional amendment condemning homosexual marriage.  These people complain that government is too big and needs to be reduced, but then complain when the government is ill equipped to deal with an oil spill in deep water.  These are the same people who complain about some kind of government socialism, but organize as a social unit for their collective cause.  These people have a tendency to complain about government helping others but don’t hesitate to call on government when they are the ones who need help.

Ms. O’Donnell is the poster woman for the tea party.  She is committed to ridding the GOP of anybody who is willing to compromise with their liberal thinking counterparts or anybody who is willing to seek some kind of political middle ground.  Anything less than full compliance to the conservative political agenda is an invitation to our national destruction.  You are either with them or against them.  There is no such thing as compromise.

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  1. It was pointed out to me that the response to McDonnell and her ilk on her moral issue of lying to the nazis is a kind of courage that the teabaggers do not possess: instead of saying yes I know where the Jews are hiding the courageous and still honest response is “I’m not going to tell you where they are.”

    This country is in big trouble if the likes of her wins.

    Comment by ish | Sunday, September 19, 2010 | Reply

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