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Voting For Socialism

It’s funny.  When the economy that was once flying along without a care in the world buckled and collapsed to its figurative knees, a lot of people were turning to their government for help.  I might be wrong, but few people who were unemployed and qualified for unemployment checks were saying, thanks…but no thanks.  Ninety nine times out of a hundred, if somebody could apply for help, they did it.  It was, and is, the help from their government that some of us were able, and are able, to better weather this economic crisis.  That should be telling.

When the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded and the infamous spill of oil into the gulf occurred, the same people who were preaching that government should deregulate and get out of the way of big business changed their tune and said that the government should have been better prepared to respond to such an emergency.  Government personnel should have been better equipped and better trained to plug the leak with minimal impact to the environment.  But in order to get there, a government agency like the Department of Deepwater Oil Leaks would have been in existence.  And in order for that to happen, people would have had to have the foresight to see the need to expand the government just in case of such an event.  If we’ve learned anything about the American people lately, a collective of foresight is not part of our repertoire.

People went to town hall meetings to protest government’s interference in the quality of their healthcare.  A lot of these people were holding up signs complaining that the government should keep its rotten, dirty hands out of Medicare and Medicaid.  The idea of the federal government making sure people have some kind of healthcare is some communistic socialist plot to tear down capitalism and destroy the American way of life.  Many of us were ready to pull the old pitchfork out of the closet to protest the redistribution of wealth.  But the great Ponzi scheme known as the social security system is nothing more than a shuffling of money from those who are currently paying into it to those who paid into it back in the day.  Dismantle the system now and a lot of people would be shit outta luck.

The point is that a lot of people complain about the way government operates without even a rudimentary understanding of the way government operates.  And way too many of these people really like the idea of rolling the dice on the political candidate who talks a good game but has no more understanding of issues than the average hunk of dolomite.  Too many politicians are pulling facts and/or figures out of their asses simply because they’re popular with the masses and can be good for votes.  Arizona is littered with headless bodies.  Muslims should surrender their rights to build a mosque in Manhattan in order to prove their desire to gain the approval of the rest of us.  Our President is a man born in Kenya and is an undercover al-Qaeda operative trying to destroy the country.  Corporations are people too.  Health insurance companies have the best interests of their customers at their heart and not the best interests of their shareholders.  We can cut taxes to reduce the deficit.  Taxing sugary soda beverages to try and save our children’s health is socialism.  The list of popular myths can go on and on, almost indefinitely.

Asking the American people to wake up, educate themselves on the issues, and make an informed decision is pert near impossible.  If the guy on the radio says that the First Lady wears a burka when she’s tucked away safe and outta sight in the private residence of the White House, you can take it to the bank.  Never mind the fact that the bank you take it to might go belly up tomorrow.  I was told that our economy is strong!  And by strong, I was told that we have strong fundamentals.  And by fundamentals they mean the profit sheets for all those financial institutions that the American taxpayers bailed out who then turned around to give billions of dollars in bonuses to the people who run these too big to fail businesses.

Without the application of critical, intelligent thinking and shedding the c’est la vie attitude that comes with a decadent lifestyle that takes what we have for granted, the country is headed for rough times.  With so many issues impacting our children’s future, many of us continue to argue over whether or not our President ever produced a legitimate birth certificate.  Trust me, if Barack Obama didn’t qualify to run for the White House because he wasn’t born in the United States it would have been the first thing his political opponents would have exploited.  Whatever agency is responsible for making sure people are qualified for political office made sure Mr. Obama’s T’s were crossed and his I’s were dotted.  Can we move on?

No we can’t, at least not all of us.  There’s too much at stake to let the politically obvious go.  The political subterfuge our country is embroiled in has an agenda, political power at any cost.  Keep people confused and let the country be damned.  Other countries are building educational systems that will prepare their children for a future in the global economy.  But we’re cutting back on funding our educational system because people don’t want to pay another dime in taxes for this Marxist agenda of socialism known as an education for all.

Monday, September 6, 2010 - Posted by | Barack Obama, Life, Politics, Socialism, Thoughts


  1. “a lot of people complain about the way government operates without even a rudimentary understanding of the way government operates.”
    This is a problem that suits demagogues on both ends of the political spectrum. But you can tell whether a given politician really values an informed, involved citizenry by how he or she deals with the issue of public education. If a politician says something like this:
    “people don’t want to pay another dime in taxes for this Marxist agenda of socialism known as an education for all.”

    You know they want an easily led, uninformed populace whom they can easily turn against their opponent by demonizing him as an “intellectual.”

    Comment by Jeff | Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. This post is right on point. The more I listen to these so called anti socialism/socialist folk rant, all the while receiving their socal security checks, I wonder if the are really understanding the words that are coming out of their mouths. This may be one of the dumbest dullest times in this country’s history. ALL of these Tea Party types and worse the Tea Party sympathizers are unknowingly cutting their own throats.

    Comment by Amenta | Wednesday, September 8, 2010 | Reply

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