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Glen Beck Restores Nothing Resembling Honor

There’s a lot of talk about Glen Beck and his rally in Washington, D.C. in the vein of the civil rights demonstrations that were held by the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the black community.  Back then, America’s black population was trying to effect change on a dominant community that collectively refused to recognize the fact that black people deserve the same rights as white people or, at best, simply didn’t care what race based social indignities happened to black people.

Forty seven years ago, that rally led by Dr. King was designed as a way to grab the country’s attention to the plight of the black community.  Various state governments were doing their best to ignore acts of injustice to their black population.  The rally’s organizers were making an appeal to the federal government for help.  That help came.  The blatant racism that became an integral part of the American way of life came to an end.  Our federal government was expanded to make sure that all men and women enjoyed some minimum level of decency from their fellow man.

If Mr. Beck and his rallying cohorts have their way, the work to expand the federal government so that it would ensure some protection for all people regardless of race would be turned around and the agencies designed to oversee such matters would be gutted.  A common theme at this new rally would be summed up as keep the federal government out of our lives.

This new rally had a name.  It was called the Restoring Honor rally.  The people who attended was an odd mixture of tea partiers who can’t resist the opportunity to protest anything President Obama puts his hands on, conservatives who are so fed up with the liberals currently running our national government, Republicans who hate all things associated with the Democratic Party, and anyone else who has issues with the way national government policies are going.

The rally back in the day was designed to spark a social awareness that was lacking in America.  Leaving states and individuals to do that which was right, the fair treatment of the black population wasn’t going to happen.  So we needed our government to get involved to give people an incentive to do what was right.  Thankfully, America responded by developing a social conscience and giving the one institution that was best suited to ensuring fairness, our federal government.  Mr. King was clearly trying to set a more social awareness.

Mr. Beck’s rally was designed to do just the opposite.  It was designed to promote the idea that we don’t need our federal government in our lives to do what’s right.  In his role as a political commentator, Mr. Beck has never made much of an attempt to hide his far right of center conservative opinions and his association with the Republican Party.  Mr. Beck and his associates will refer to their liberal opponents as socialists.  Indeed, the word is uttered off conservative’s tongue as if it was an insult.

It should be telling that Mr. Beck and the rest of these conservatives chose the most iconic social movement of all time as their model for their own brand of socialism.  The movement that was designed as a social awakening has been reformulated to become the embodiment of its social polar opposite.  These people want to pretend that we don’t need our government and that we can manage our social corrections because it’s just in our nature to do what’s right.  If that was the case, the black community would not have needed Dr. King and his crew back in the day.  The white community would have responded in a socially responsible manner.

Looking at the Restoring Honor rally from this perspective it doesn’t take much to come away with a very skeptical eye.  We need government out of our lives?  Not as long as we know that there are people who will use whatever resources they may have at their disposable to take advantage of people who have less.  People talk about restoring honor.  But what the hell does that really mean?  What’s so honorable about promoting a social environment that’s geared for giving the strong free reign to take advantage of the week?

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a reason why the majority of the black community doesn’t look to that conservative party for its revival and restoration.  Then again, revival and restoration indicates that the black community had something at one time.  And everybody knows that this hasn’t been the case here in America.  No government in our lives might sound like heaven for some people.  But for people on the bottom rung of the social ladder, they need all the help they can get.

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  1. Glenn Beck just isn’t a deep thinker.

    Comment by Reggie | Sunday, September 5, 2010 | Reply

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