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Race Should Not Be A Factor

”Race shouldn’t play a factor at all.

Now, let’s forget the workplace-argument for just a minute, only because its bogged down with a lot of talk on both sides. We are now far enough along in this whole thing, that the people who are being punished are the children entering college. I have 3 boys. My eldest just started college this year with his cousin, who happens to be half-Hispanic. Would you believe that while I’m paying the majority of my son’s way through college, his cousin has a free ride? And I love my nephew, but he’s never been any better or worse in school than my son.

Pardon my french, but these racist assholes think that just because a bunch of wrongs were done by a group of people that resemble my skin-color, my son deserves to suffer. What is the fantasy they operate under? That just because my son is white that when he goes to get a job at a big business that they’re going to say, “Oh hey there fellow whitey, you seem like a good upstanding white boy. Never mind you haven’t done any internships and you don’t even have a degree because you couldn’t attend college, you’ve got the job!”

Wake up people!

And to the jerks out there who make snide comments like “oh boo-hoo for the most powerful group of people in the country.” Listen- Just because Bill Gates and most of our top government leaders are white doesn’t mean that the rest of us are rich, greedy and powerful. That’s like saying all black men are thieves and hispanics are drug-runners because those are the only ones you see in the news.

Racism still exists, but business in the world today sees one color. GREEN…”caryn4freedom

Thanks for the feedback caryn4freedom,

Your thoughtless reply deserves a thoughtful response: What planet are you from? Your son started college. How is he suffering? You may have had to pay out of your pocket for your son’s education. Does that mean he’s education is now somehow inferior to the education of somebody else who’s earned a scholarship for some reason or another? I think not. And I would hope you wouldn’t think so either. But obviously that does not appear to be the case.

And your take on the whole business environment is truly amazing. At every company I’ve ever worked at the executive suite is composed almost exclusively of white people. There has been, at best, one or two minority executives to add some color to the mix. However, the management suite being void of any minority representation is not an unheard of condition. By far, ninety nine times out of a hundred, our executives were white people, both men and women.

At my last job, not a single minority operated in a management capacity even though it was an office of two hundred people. Without exception every manager was white. However, look at the janitorial services and ninety nine times out of a hundred you’ll see a black person. But you will look at that disparity and think that it’s just the natural order of things and we shouldn’t waste time trying to correct this race based imbalance.

So it’s your position that people at colleges and business everywhere are standing in the doorway and telling white people to, pardon my French, move the fuck on. All these businesses and educational institutions and etcetera are telling white people that there is no need for them to apply. And yet, all these businesses and institutions are chock full of white people, especially at the upper management level. Poor white people just can’t catch a break these days, even though they are well represented in just about any institution that pretends to be an equal opportunity something or another.

And now you think that all of this is being done unfairly to the white population because some white assholes back in the day chose to make white people the superior race and forced black people and others to be white people’s property. That’s really funny. Maybe instead of paying for your son’s college you should get an education of your own.

The reason some people are trying to correct the racial imbalance here in America is because that, while it is true that some white assholes back in the day artificially retarded the development of minority communities, that imbalance has never been corrected. While white people were free to settle anywhere across America’s growing manifest destiny and occupy land stolen from the native people without any compensation, the natives were railroaded onto reservations and excluded. When white people needed someone to work the land that was stolen without payment, black people were deemed less than human and were white people’s property, regulated to work like cattle without payment.

When these behaviors were stopped, these minority populations weren’t compensated. The dominant community was allowed to enjoy its ill gotten gains without any kind of recompense. The dominant community wants to say that everything’s equal and we all have a fair shot. But somehow, the people who go to schools that are crumbling compete on equal footing with schools that have the latest in technology. The fact that there are minorities that are able to compete in such an unfair environment is testament to their personal spirit and not in any way, shape, or form, a reflection of our American spirit, which is all about exclusion of minorities.

People like you want to ignore the fact that it has been proven that a white man with a criminal record has more job opportunities than a black man with no criminal record and higher education. But that wouldn’t be that “hey there fellow whitey” shit you were talking about in your comment. Nobody would be willing to look at a white person and give them the benefit of a doubt simply because he or she might be white, just like nobody would ever look at a black person with suspicion just because he or she might be black. Again, what planet are you from?

One thing I will say is that one day we might be able to put all this racial disparity behind us and it won’t mean a thing what color somebody’s race might be. But that won’t be anytime today. We have too many white people walking around pointing the finger at minorities because their white children didn’t get a scholarship or a grant or something where they didn’t have to pay for college. But I bet you never point at the other white people who got a scholarship and get angry because they got a free pass while your son didn’t. You reserve that line of thinking for the minorities. And then you’ll say that race shouldn’t be a factor.


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  1. DAMN Brother you are good.
    And I have to expound a bit on this. Why is it that Whites cannot figure out, that it is a blessing! to e able to pay your child’s way through college. Good for you that you have the money to do it. THATS THE WHOLE POINT! I had to work 2 jobs while going to college. Afircan Americans and Latinos-
    do not have the same access to resources and wealth that YOU do.

    Comment by Malene | Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. “But I bet you never point at the other white people who got a scholarship and get angry because they got a free pass while your son didn’t. You reserve that line of thinking for the minorities. And then you’ll say that race shouldn’t be a factor.”

    Yes. This. /\

    Thank you for that excellent argument.

    Comment by Jeff | Thursday, September 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. Wait a minute, you mean my PARENTS were supposed topay my way through college??? I got those dumb school loans by myself for no good reason???

    I need a lawyer and someone to blame for this travesty in my white life!


    Comment by mike lovell | Thursday, September 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. Brilliant as usual, Brother. I couldn’t have argued better myself if given a similar letter.

    Comment by Will | Friday, September 3, 2010 | Reply

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