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The Color Purple, Black and Blue

Whoopi Goldberg is making news for her staunch defense of Australian actor, director, and producer Mel Gibson.  Mr. Gibson made frontline, headline news for another one of his special rants recorded by his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.  The alleged tape with an alleged voice that is allegedly Mr. Gibson sounded awfully convincing.  Either somebody is doing a serious Mel Gibson impersonation or dude is as guilty, and as busted, as sin.  The recording reveals a new depth to Mr. Gibson’s racism and an introduction to his misogyny.  The voice on the tape admits to hitting and abusing a woman.

Ms. Goldberg is standing by her friend “Mel” and is out front and center defending him, all alone if she has to.  Ms. Goldberg says that Mr. Gibson has been to her house and he has played with her children and she simply doesn’t feel that this man is racist.  On the television show The View, Ms. Goldberg stressed that while she didn’t condone what Mr. Gibson but that doesn’t make him a racist.  Ms. Goldberg said that being a black woman, she would expect a little bit of leeway to have some feelings of alarm if she was around a white racist.  Way to stick up for the man Ms. Goldberg, especially when everyone else is dropping him like a hot potato cooked in a nuclear powered microwave.

One of, if not the most, famous characters portrayed by Ms. Goldberg on the silver screen was her character Celie Johnson from Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple.  The story was about the life of a poor uneducated young black woman in 1930s Georgia who is forced into a marriage against her will to Mister, played by Danny Glover, who just so happened to have played police detective Roger Murtaugh opposite Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series.

Mister is an abuser.  He expresses nothing for contempt for Celie.  Mister has an affair with Shug Avery, played by Margaret Avery, a singer that occasionally comes to town and spends time with Mister.  Shug comes to live with Mister and Celie when she becomes ill from a “social disease” and Celie nurses Shug back to health.

Shug learned a profound respect for Celie.  Celie told Shug that Mister beats her when Shug is away.  When Shug found out what was happening, that Mister was abusive Shug had nothing but support for her friend.  Shug told Celie something to the effect, He ain’t never hit me but if that’s what he’s doing we’re going to stop that son-of-a-bitch.  Next thing you know Celie hightailed it to Memphis, Tennessee, and became an independent woman with her own tailoring shop.  She couldn’t have done it without another woman backing her up.

All that shit flew out the window.  As far as Whoopi is concerned, The Color Purple was just a fairy tale.  That kind of thing just don’t happen in real life.

When Whoopi Goldberg hears that her friend “Mel” is a man who can throw down some seriously profane language with some seriously charged threats.  There’s a tape of it happening and Ms. Goldberg wants to stand up and say that we’re the ones who are having a misunderstanding.  Dude is just being stupid.

That shit ain’t just stupid.  It’s indicative of some deep down issues.  The man admits he’s been hitting her especially.  He goes into a hateful tantrum when he doesn’t get his fucking before she goes to sleep and so she deserves to get her teeth knocked out!

And she actually wanted to date that guy!  I know crazy, unstable people don’t let you know that they’re crazy and unstable until long after the relationship starts and you’re significantly emotionally invested.  But there must’ve been some clues along the way that make a lot more sense now that she’s got the hindsight of twenty/twenty vision.

Regardless of how their relationship started and what she may have seen along the way and her decision to stay and suffer ever growing abuse while their connection to each other continued to veer off course, Ms. Grigorieva finally said she had had enough.  If Ms. Grigorieva told a friend like Shug, that friend would have done what she could’ve to help.  The abuse would stop.  Period!  The last thing she would’ve done is go in front of everybody and say that she spent time with Mister and Mister just ain’t like that.  And this is the woman that played the very epitome of spouse abuse.

I can understand Ms. Goldberg’s desire to help her friend.  But instead of trying to defend the man she should be telling her little homie from down under to get some freaking help.  It looks like its time to give the dude some tough love and tell him that this kind of shit is not acceptable.

I cannot help but wonder if Ms. Goldberg would be as understanding if her friend “Mel” looked more like Mister.  I bet she’d truly see the light then.

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  1. Wow…
    Because he was in your house, playing with your kids, he can’t possibly be a racist. Because racists are monsters, that don’t play with kids, or interact with POCs, nor act civil around POCs. One is not racist if they act “normal” around POCs. They must display raging racism at every moment, otherwise, they aren’t truly racist.

    It’s sad that Whoopi chose to defend Mel in this way. Your friend is a racist, even if you Whoopi, aren’t able to accept it at this time. Racism is a lot more complex than a Rush Limbaugh ranting every moment. Yes, Whoopi, your friend is a racist, an anti-semite, homophobic, misogynistic, hate filled man. Full of anger and frustration. As a friend, you ought not to try to sweep that under the rug, but call it out–on THE VIEW, so that he can see a reflection of himself in the eyes of you, his good friend. He may come to a realization with your help.

    I don’t know why some black folks feel a need to defend these kinds of issues. White men don’t really need a black woman’s help. Mel made his bed, and has to lie in it.

    Comment by Anna Renee | Friday, July 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. I wonder if her opinion was similar in regards to the Chris Brown vs. Rihanna situation?

    Comment by asabagna | Sunday, July 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. This is what friends do.
    Of Course she should tell him to get help,but telling him in open public is not the way to treat friends.

    Comment by Akinwole | Monday, July 19, 2010 | Reply

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