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When It Comes To Insensitivity Tony Hayward Is Small Potatoes

These days, if what we’re reading and listening to in the news is to be believed, can’t anyone do a better job of saying “fuck off” than Tony Hayward, CEO of British Petroleum.  The man has been a true gaffe machine.  This is the one guy that could make George Bush, Jr. look like Winston Churchill or whoever would pass as an intelligent speaker these days.  No matter the occasion or whatever heads up he received, Mr. Hayward became synonymous for saying precisely the wrong thing at the most inopportune time.

With a microphone in his face, this is the man that told the world how big an inconvenience the oil spewing into the gulf had impacted his life.  Never mind that eleven people lost their lives on BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.  Mr. Hayward told the world he wanted his life back.  It seems that making public statements is not Mr. Hayward’s forte.  This is the man that said the oil spewing into the gulf would have modest impact on the environment.  He said that the spewing oil would have a relatively tiny effect on the gulf.  During a congressional hearing on the spewing oil, Mr. Hayward responded as if he had no idea that British Petroleum was in the oil discovery and recovery business because he couldn’t answer some of the most basic questions about BP’s oil exploration activity.

However, if you want to know what really took the cake when it came to this dude’s reputation for being totally obtuse?  When people on the gulf were neck deep in the throes of oil manifesting on shore and plumes of oil being uncovered in other parts of the gulf, Mr. Hayward took time out to go on vacation and watch his boat Bob, which he co-owns, participate in an island yacht race off the Isle of Wight.  Mr. Hayward was attending the race while the gulf oil spill continued with no end in sight.  If anyone ever cares to make a top ten list of “fuck off” gestures, surely Mr. Hayward’s conduct would deserve honorable mention.

But you know what?  Mr. Hayward is really small potatoes.  His rants might be offensive, but when it comes to telling an entire group of people to fuck off, Mr. Hayward is an amateur.  He has been doing his “got to get his life back” routine and stiffing people in an entire community for only a couple of months.  There are other people who have been doing this for generations, long before Mr. Hayward was ever born.

The black community has been suffering the effects resulting from America’s institutionalized enslavement and racial discrimination for centuries.  How did America respond to its red handed, guilty act of racial discrimination where the black community was deprived of just about anything and everything that could help it function as an equal to other communities?  The American collective responded to its crippling injury to the black community by getting its life back.  People point in horror as Mr. Hayward goes to attend some race of boats off some island somewhere?  But America has been attending boat races, car races, airplane races, horse races, dog races, rat races, and any other race you can think of every single day of the week.  And with each and every one of these racing events geared for America’s entertainment, the black community still continues to suffer from our social arrangement built on a foundation of racial disparity.

Where is America’s sense of righteousness over the fact that we continue to act like racism and racial disparity is over despite the fact that we can see blatant differences in our social order along racial lines?  Who is trying to make the black community whole again?  Certainly not the racially generic dominant community comprised mostly of white people that is largely responsible for the condition of the black community.  Ask people from the dominant community about aid to the black community and people are more than likely to say something cold and distant like, black people should pick themselves up by their bootstrap.  People are always saying they don’t owe black people anything because they never did anything to injure the black community.

But whether those statements are true or not the black community needs help and all of America is complacent in the black community’s condition.  When the black community is in need of its schools being repaired just so students can have a roof over their head, other communities are getting state of the art computers to replace their older computers.  While the black community continues to struggle for investment dollars, businesses are tripping over themselves trying to give money away in other communities.  While America panics over unemployment rates approaching double digit numbers, the black community has been dealing with double digits for decades.

Regardless of what happens in the gulf, whether or not BP or Tony Hayward or anybody else does anything to make right the damage done by the spewing oil well, it will be a cold day in hell before America does anything to make right the damage to the black community.  Tony Hayward might be insensitive and cold blooded, but dude ain’t got nothing to match the cold blooded insensitivity of America and its history if disregard of the black community.

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  1. “When the black community is in need of its schools being repaired just so students can have a roof over their head, other communities are getting state of the art computers to replace their older computers.”

    The problem here is, of course, schools are financed in large part by local property taxes. This is one of those feed back loops:
    “poor schools” —> “less chance to get ahead”—->”more likely to live in a poor school district”–>

    (exceed allowable runtime error)

    And the truth is that people, on the whole, are not likely to vote to raise taxes for something that doesn’t benefit them directly HERE AND NOW. Example: in one rural district, a vote to establish bonds to fund a needed medical dispensary failed due to the fact that so many retired military lived there and they could use the nearby Air Force base facility.

    Comment by blueollie | Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | Reply

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