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Fuzzy Logic

In another stunning twist for a man whose life was supposed to be so predictable and spot-on reliably conservative, Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship complaining of neck pain that he fears might be a bulging disk. This is his first withdrawal from a tournament since the 2006 Nissan Open when he narrowly made the cut and withdrew from the final two rounds because of the flu.

But none of that matters now. The damage to his stellar reputation as an upstanding citizen who has transcended his race to the appeal of the racially generic mass of the dominant community that is coincidentally predominantly white. Ever since news of Mr. Woods’ extramarital affairs against his wife Elin Nordegren broke, many people who never had anything to say about him before have been taking seriously unkind pot shots at the now arguably infamous golfer. And all the play on the words “bulging disk” didn’t help. There are plenty of comments roaming around the internet about Mr. Woods suffering from sex withdrawal that comes from him being forced to cutoff his multitude of mistresses leading to him having a bulging dick problem. Some people really think they are so clever!

The number of comments floating around the Google in support of Mr. Woods has virtually dried up. Now, the vast majority of people commenting on the golfer see him as little more than a washed-up pond scum of a Negro. He’s no longer a Casablackian or whatever that nonsensical term he coined to describe all the percentages of his heritage. He’s straight-up black with no mention of being Asian or Caucasian. All that talk about transcending race has crashed back down to earth.

Some of the comments being made about Mr. Woods rank him down their in the bowels of humanity with such Negro notables as OJ Simpson and Lawrence “LT” Taylor, who was recently arrested for the statutory rape of an underage prostitute. It really is something how quickly and easily a black man who transcends race can be slapped back into place. Some people actually want to compare Mr. Woods, who has never committed any crime other than maybe recklessly driving to get away from his golf club swinging wife that fateful day after Thanksgiving, to a black man many believe played the judicial system to get away with the murder of his white wife and another black man who has sex with underage girls.

The only thing Mr. Woods has in common with OJ and LT is that he too was a black man that the dominant community once admired, adored, and paid handsomely and held up as a role model for other black people. If black people want to get out of the predicament of being black in America then be talented and work hard like OJ to score touchdowns and win the favor of football fans everywhere. Or, be like LT and become a respected linebacker and you too can be on Dancing With the Stars when your professional career as an athlete is over and done.

But whatever you do, don’t do anything to make the public see that you’re just another obviously racially black thug who has a problem keeping his bulging disk in his pants.

To be honest, there are a lot of people out there who will continue to support Mr. Woods. None of them have the last name Nordegren I’m sure. But while they may continue to praise the golfing phenomenon of this generation, they are a lot less vocal than they were once upon a time when the world of Tiger was as wholesome as apple pie. There was a time not too long ago when the attacks against Mr. Woods’ character were met with equally venomous attacks in his defense. Not today. The fortress defending all things Tiger has collapsed and Tiger’s band of merry men has been scattered. There’s little defense of the name Tiger right now.

To all the people who find it convenient to kick Tiger Woods now, who never said a discouraging word about the behavior of this man before, I would like to know what has changed. When there were people out there talking about Mr. Woods transcending his race, that he had successfully brushed aside the bonds of any relationship with the black community, where were all the people who recognized him only as nothing more than a no-good, low-down, black man. Many of these people are the same who admonished Fuzzy Zoeller for his racially charged comment against Tiger Woods when he won the Masters, the first black man to do so. But now, these people are more likely to share Mr. Zoeller’s sentiment. We’ll just have to chalk it up to people’s fuzzy logic.

Wherever these people were before, you can hear from them now. Such is the life of a successful black person in America. Our success and our favor is a reward for closely adhering to the standards the racially generic community holds for black people. Cross the line and you too will be dumped. Black people like Tiger might think that they have successfully shaken off the bonds of race. But it never ceases to amaze me how quickly American society can slap those bonds back on somebody who is obviously black, no matter how much they may transcend race.

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