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Is It Mother’s Day Already?

Is it Mother’s Day again already? Has it already been a year? Damn how time flies! And with the hectic schedule of putting a house together, trying to keep a job, trying to make time to get to the gym and do something healthy, and trying to just exist at this level of existence, I didn’t even put two thoughts together for my Mother’s Day post. It’s Sunday morning and I’m scrambling. I didn’t even buy the misses a Mother’s Day card. The least I could’ve done is put together a nice post.

Mother’s Day eve was a seriously busy day for us. Work on the house we bought last year has picked up. Right now we’re trying to finish up the ornamental part of our roof. As I speak (or write) we have a roofer replacing the cheap, ugly asphalt shingles that came with the house that were used to replace the original ornamental slate roof shingles that were a part of the original design. We woke up early yesterday and went to the house in order to let the roofer into the house and onto the roof. While the roofing team went up to the roof to do what they do, the misses and I went into the inside to do our framing work. The plumber had sliced through a few studs severely weakening the walls. We had to rebuild the walls to make them sturdy and frame out a couple of closets. By the time we were through those walls were as sturdy as redwoods. But all that took almost seven hours.

After that, we came home. I took a shower and got something to eat and was out the door to the job. I had some documentation that I had promised my manager would be ready come Monday morning. So about five in the afternoon on a Saturday I’m sitting in front of my workstation in the office. I managed to put in about three of the six hours I promised to give my boss. So this Mother’s Day Sunday, I have to go back to the job to put in at least another three hours to make up the deficit. It’s going to be a busy day.

With all the work we have going on at the moment, our budget is totally strapped. In fact, we did a miscalculation of our cash reserves, forgot to carry the two I suppose, and wound up in a severe cash crunch. It’s funny how those accounting mistakes rarely turn out to be something positive. We will be a little starved for funds for at least a month or two. So when I stopped at the store next to the office to pick up a couple of Mother’s Day cards, I was in no mood to pay pert near five dollars for a card even if I could record a message for playback later.

The cards that were somewhat doable at two dollars were seriously lame. “Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a good day!” And I’m going to spend two dollars for that? I now it’s the thought that counts. But at least a two dollar card should have at least a two dollar thought. I figure if somebody is going to charge me two dollars for a card, they should spend at least five minutes thinking about whatever is going in the card. I left the store without the card.

Last night, as we fell asleep, I told the mother of my son that I didn’t have a card for her or for my mother. She told me that she had gotten my mom a card and that I didn’t have to worry about getting her one. She told me about the pretty cards she found at the Family Dollar Store for a dollar. And to make matters worse, I probably fell asleep while she was talking to me. Yesterday was a seriously long day.

The misses has never been one to get caught up in holidays. Christmas is just another day. We’re not Christians so we don’t do the Easter thing. We believe that the Thanksgiving holiday is a sham to cover the crimes of the Europeans who came to America and began to usurp and own the land that the natives enjoyed for centuries if not millennia. We don’t even recognize Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday as an official celebration because of other people’s penchant to turn it into just another reason to have a sale down at the nearest Macy’s. The only days we really recognize for celebration are the birthdays for family and friends. But then again, those aren’t really holidays.

Mother’s Day is a little different. Growing up, I always did my best to make sure I paid my mom her dues on this day. What kid with red blood running in his or her veins didn’t want mom to feel special on Mother’s Day? And now that I have my son, the deep, deep programming that I’ve gotten for the recognition of mothers, the programming that I refuse to shake despite the fact I understand that this is an artificial holiday manufactured by the greeting card industry for the sole purpose of selling more cards through guilt, I want her to have everything she is due. It might not be that five dollar card or even the dollar card from the Family Dollar. Whatever it is, or was, I know I didn’t do enough to give her all her props this go round. I hope to do better next year.

But even if I did get the card, the candy, the flowers, the dinner, the breakfast in bed, and whatever other trappings associated with Mother’s Day, I could never do enough for the mothers in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a good day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts

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