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Militias Are Another Manifestation Of White Privilege

The Hutaree is a militia group established in the southeast corner of Michigan that believed that they were a group of Christian warriors destined to do battle with the anti-Christ controlled forces of the local, state, and federal police departments in an impending apocalyptic battle.  On March 28th, nine people from this group were arrested in a series of raids in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana for an alleged plot to kill a police officer and when other police officers showed up at the funeral in an act of solidarity to celebrate the officer’s sacrifice, the group would use improvised explosives devices and other weapons to take out as many police officers and civilians as they could.  Did I mention that these people were Christians?

According to law enforcement officials, the Hutaree were weeks away from launching their murderous plot.  There is speculation that the actual date to launch their killing spree was April 19th, seventeen years to the day that the federal government launched an assault on the heavily armed and fortified compound of David Koresh in Waco, Texas.  This is the same date, fifteen years ago, that Timothy McVeigh used an improvised explosive device in the back of a Ryder moving truck to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  An undercover federal agent managed to infiltrate the group and reported on the Hutaree’s escalating plans of violence.

Authorities felt that there was enough credible information to put together a case and avoid a murderous rampage.  Nevertheless, I actually read that one of the defense attorneys is going to argue that the group was in fact harmless and that the Hutaree members are being harassed merely for exercising their god given right to criticize the government.  There was never any plot to kill anyone.  It was nothing more than a bunch of talk.  But this was the same kind of talk that drove other militia groups to keep these people at a safe distance.  You know there’s something wrong when one militia group is being singled out as being too radical by other militia groups.  And the idea that the Hutaree is being singled out because of their anti-government stance is pretty farfetched.  If that’s all it took, any time one political party won the White House, the other party would be subject to arrest.  I think there might be something a little more serous happening here than just talk.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center there is a growing dissatisfaction by some white people over the changing demographics of government control in the country epitomized by the fact that we have a black man as President of the Untied States.  The white community is expected to become another minority by the year 2050.  In light of these and other developments, the number of militia groups along the same vein as the Hutaree has increased from just over forty in 2008 to almost one hundred thirty in 2009.  And to add fuel to these groups’ fire, political opponents of the Obama Administration do a lot to foment fear and resentment among people who would like to protect the various informal institutions that represent forms of white privilege.

These days, there are more and more people coming out of the woodwork to express their firm commitment to protecting white privilege and well being.  While the actions of people like the Hutaree might be rejected by the majority of people for the over-the-top audacity of their war on social order, other people use their political office to give subtle reminders that white privilege is alive and well.

Case in point, Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell recently proclaimed April as Confederate History month in the state.  However, Mr. McDonnell omitted any mention of slavery in his proclamation which was intended to commemorate Virgina’s role in the Civil War and promote tourism.  It should be noted that the issuance of this proclamation of white privilege begun under Governor George Allen.  This is the same Mr. Allen who stood on stage at a political rally, pointed to a visibly dark man in his nearly all white audience, and asked the crowd to say hello to macaca and welcome him to our country.

Initially when asked about the omission of slavery, Mr. McDonnell replied that America’s institutionalized slavery simply wasn’t a big contributing factor to the history of the Confederates.  He later apologized for the omission and amended his proclamation.  However, the fact remains that Mr. McDonnell showed blatant disregard for his black constituents when he decided to pander to white people who may have a fondness for a seriously dark period in America’s history.  People from the south might say that they were fighting for the freedom of people and the rights of the state, but that freedom did not include the black community.  People who dismiss this fact as irrelevant are people who believe that they have the privilege to color this ugly page in America’s history in a way that washes away the pure ugliness of that has set the standard for our race relations ever since.

Somebody like the Hutaree would never think of attacking anyone who represents government for its diss of the black community.  No one would allow somebody who brandishes firearms so freely like the Hutaree to exist if they talked about freedom and the liberation of the black community.  Anyone who carried a gun and took a bunch of black people into the woods with guns and made videos explaining some desire to assure that the black community would win any war with the government would be assured of getting a terrorist label and denied any right to a fair hearing in our courts.  But people like the Hutaree want to talk about how their rights are being trampled.

Not everyone will understand.  Some will think that my rant has zero validity for its racial connotations.  Some will say that there would be a crack down on the Hutaree regardless if they were black, white, green, or something else.  But all one really has to do is ask the simple question of how many militias are all white, and how many militias are all black.  Without exception I have never seen a black militia.  I have never seen a militia talk about defending the rights of the black community.  The only thing a militia sees in the black community is targets.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that while I found your article very interesting I disagree with the last two paragraphs. First of all there have been a plethora of black militias in the united states in Alabama during Jim Crow Laws as well as the black panthers, a primarily black militia that was started in 1966 and continued on into the late seventies. So to claim that black people or any people don’t have the same right as whites to start militia is absurd.
    Actually I think the reason you don’t see as many black militia is for the same reason you don’t as many black families out camping. Its just not instilled in the same way that it is in whites.
    I will admit that these groups grew out of very different circumstances but they were allowed to exist just the same and often times the existance of a militia is a good thing. Were it not for militias the americans may not have won the revolutionary war. Militias helped the government quell numerous uprisings throughout our nations history as well as form search parties. While the purpose of the militia has greatly evolved over the course of our nations history I think they still play an important role in the preservation of our freedoms. Groups such as the hutaree give the human race a bad name and unfortunately may soon curtail our right to have such militias.
    Anyway its always upsetting to hear about the racial slurs of ignorant people such as gov. george allen and for the record anyone who keeps a confederate flag is supporting a heritage OF hatred.


    A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
    Mohandas Gandhi

    Comment by Roy Arrowood | Saturday, April 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Ray Arrowood,

      But you’re seriously here to say that there are a plethora of black militias? And the one group that you’re trying to pigeon hole into a militia role is one that you said ceased to exist back in the seventies. While you have to go back thirty or forty years to find a black militia to name, we know the Hutaree militia was running around free just a couple weeks ago. And while the Black Panthers have been painted an anti-American group, if you would take a moment to do a little research, you would see that the primary purpose of the Black Panthers was the protection of the black community that was pretty much abandoned by the established local government as a backlash for the successes of the civil rights era. So while you might see the idea that the militia phenomenon as something that crosses racial lines, most of us with our eyes open and looking at what’s happening do know better.

      But I must admit, I do find it quite interesting that you think white people are instilled with some need to create and join militia groups. It’s just like camping and that’s why you don’t see many blacks doing it! That’s funny! Thanks for injecting a little humor into this subject!


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. Brotherpeacemaker, people of all ethnic backgrounds are silly.

    The practice of militias in America is silly, an outdated concept, flawed in practice in a modern day America. Mostly because the very concept of a militia today in relation to the powers they hope to oppose will always be tiny and insignificant in the broader perspective. They might generate some media buzz once that wears off people just settle back into their lives again.

    America is a capitalist nation. The powers in control are not defined by color or ethnicity but my market share. Those who choose to rally beneath the color/ethnic/religious banners are small thinkers, leftover relics from a bygone age in the world.

    Militia stories bore me because I know they’re always the same simple-minded people whose position is always rooted in the same tired frustrations: race, religion, government (which most benefit from in some capacity), and some other social imperfections.

    This trivial bickering between ethnic groups in America over nonsense and perceived injustices, over fears rooted in a dark past is what maintains the status quo and keeps the wheels of the power structure in motion. It relies on an ignorant and gullible general population who willingly dons a cloak dipped in perpetual fear and misunderstanding.

    There is nothing new happening in this country that has not happened in a thousand countries before in history all across the world.

    The day you see 1 million armed men marching beneath a flag you’ve never seen before, comprised of a diverse set of crushing feet, roaring in one voice is the day you’ve witnessed the birth of a real militia. Until then, you’re just watching a bunch of poor people playing their small parts in the play of never ending human drama.

    Just leave the show before the curtain comes down because there will always be another showing.

    Comment by moseffed | Saturday, May 1, 2010 | Reply

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