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Who Knew Polticians Used Dirty Words

My youngest sibling is getting ready to turn forty.  The next youngest turned forty either last year or the year before.  With all the brothers and sisters I have it’s pretty hard to keep track of my own birthday and year, let alone theirs.  But one thing I know for sure and you can trust me on is that we’re pretty old.

But I can remember as clear as day how they would respond to the occasional dirty word they heard when they were little.  About thirty five years ago give or take a year or two, if they were to hear something relatively benign like “pee-pee”, meaning piss, or “doo-doo”, meaning shit, they would howl with laughter.  They would spend the rest of the day making references to their new favorite word, getting on everybody’s nerves until somebody did something to inspire them to move on to bigger and better things.  Like mom slapping the shit out of them because she had finally had enough.

However, in the hour or two or three or four, after they had their vocabulary expanded, if at least only temporary, my little brother and sister would act like a dirty word was the funniest thing they ever heard.  One would be like four and the other would be about six.  They would walk up to each other, say “doo-doo”, and then fall out laughing over and over again.  They’d do this until mom would say something like, say that shit one more time and I’ll knock you into the middle of next week.  Most intelligent people would heed the warning and make the necessary changes.  Not my little brother and sister.  You could count the seconds on your fingers before you’d hear something like,

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Doo who?
No!!  DOO-DOO!

Next thing you know while they’re running around yucking it up as if they discovered the funniest thing known to man, mom’s got one of dad’s belt or his razor strap that would hang on the back of the bathroom door and is going through the house like a Tasmanian devil going after Bugs Bunny.  My little brother and sister might have regretted the end result.  But ‘til then, they would be having the best time of their life.  But that’s what you can expect from a four and six year old.

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden used a dirty word.  Right after the introduction of his boss, President Barack Obama, Mr. Biden tried to whisper in Mr. Obama’s ear a private comment.  But the microphone caught wind of Mr. Biden’s private statement for the world to hear.  In reference to the just passed healthcare reform bill, Mr. Biden said it was a big fucking deal.

For some, it was not as big a fucking deal as the Vice President using the term big fucking deal.  This weekend, on one of the talk shows, somebody put together a montage of video clips from various news reporters referring to the Mr. Biden’s latest oral gaffe.  Some of the stuff was funny.  Initially it was something that would cause a snicker or a smile.  But really, is this the gaffe of gaffes heard ‘round the world?  Judging by the media attention I think even my little brother and sister from thirty five years ago would’ve tired of hearing about this nearly a week later.

I know adding my two cents to the subject only adds fuel to the fire in some people’s eyes.  But I have to ask, who honestly didn’t think our national politicians dropped four letter vulgarities like the best of them?  There was a video of George Bush junior trying to insert himself into a line of military personnel in Afghanistan or Iraq.  The soldiers weren’t happy about being so close to the President and were trying to avoid standing next to him.  There was one soldier who was actually trying to push Mr. Bush out of the line.  Mr. Bush looked her in the eye, made a quick statement, and a whole opened up as if he was Moses and the line was the Red Sea.  Now I don’t read lips and I never talked with anyone who was actually there.  But I’m willing to bet my twenty against a five Mr. Bush said something similar to, you’d better fucking move.

Politicians use salty language.  I wouldn’t put it past a single one that makes it to the national stage.  I’m willing to bet that even Jimmy Carter could do a rant that would make the Jheri Curl wearing Samuel L. Jackson character in Pulp Fiction sound like a choir boy.  You know Mr. Carter used to be a sailor.  I can easily imagine him turning to one of his daughter Amy’s college boyfriends and saying at the top of his lungs,

“Say what again!  I dare you!  I double you, motherfucker!  Say what one more goddamn time!  I’ll put my Georgia stompin’ foot up your goddamn ass so far you’ll open your fucking mouth so I can trim my goddamn toe nails!”

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the fact that Mr. Biden using the “F” word is newsworthy.  I can understand it hitting the nightly news the day it happened or even the day after.  But please, this isn’t news come a week later.  The media needs to grow up and give us all a big fucking break.

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  1. I’ve never worried too much about the gaffes like this. I believe we heard Cheney call a press guy an a-hole once too, didnt we? afterall they are people like we are. Personally, when I’m president, I intend to cuss out my cabinet on a regular basis, tell dirty jokes to the white house press corp, and other un-presidential behavior on a regular basis. I mean whats the point of being the ‘leader of the free world’ if you cant do that? LOL

    And my kids laugh hysterically when they hear the occasional cuss word from a movie I’m watching. Or if they make a substitute word of their own…it elicits teh same result as they run around calling each other tartar sauce and chicken pot pie…I dont get those kids, but I guess at least they make the effort not to cuss liek a sailor in front of their mother and me

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. LOL….tarter sauce…why that cartoon is so popular I’ll never know, but do you that in my household…that and HOLY BUCKETS!

    Comment by Aurora | Saturday, April 10, 2010 | Reply

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