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Ignorance Is A Major Part Of The Problem

” Your a racist-aren’t you,i didnt read everything but 2 me it seems you have something against black ppl and if thats not wat ur trying 2 do then your doing the wrong thing. You know what-fuck you.”NONEYABEEZWAX

Now this is rich! I have a person telling me to fuck off because I wrote an article that this psychic commenter didn’t bother to read but somehow figured it sounded like I was being a racist against black people. The article was Harry Potter and the Nonexistent African. I wrote the piece after trying to watch one of the Harry Potter films and wondering why we don’t see many of these films of fantasy where the young hero or heroine isn’t a black person with a plethora of black supporting characters. Despite the tried and true formula of putting young white people as the subject over and over again in feature films, the number of films with a predominantly young black cast is very few and very far between. But now this observation on my part makes me a racist against black people.

Honestly, I haven’t a clue why this visitor would curse me so. I have a prejudice against black people! Getting a vicious comment from a visitor because I was considered prejudiced against white people is old news. And a day rarely passes anymore without somebody cursing me out as being a prick or a fucker or something else just as vulgar or demeaning. That’s nothing new. And black people are just as likely to call me out as anyone else for being unfair to white people. But this is something totally new and out of the blue. Somebody is vociferously accusing me of being a racist. I’m supposed to be somebody who is working to keep black people from being seen as the equal to white people or anyone else. I’m the one that is trying to keep black people from having equal opportunities with employment and housing and such. Me!

But my accuser is giving me some benefit of doubt. He or she did say that if it wasn’t my goal to promote some kind of anti-black concepts then I am doing the wrong thing. So if I want to bring attention to the racial disparity that finds black people on the sorry side of any social measure, talking about racial disparity isn’t the way to do it. Do I get a suggestion or some kind of guidance on how to correct my mistaken ways? Nope! The only thing I get for my troubles is a rather unhelpful “fuck you”.

Here’s my take on the situation. Somebody who probably has the reading skills, as well as the attention span, of a rather slow second grader was looking for some pictures of Harry Potter for a school project or a Facebook page or something just as inconsequential and ran across the picture on my little blog. The person probably read the title but didn’t bother to read a single word of the article or any of the comments associated with it. Quick to make his or her opinion known without getting any additional information this little activist decided to put me in my place because of a perception that I’m against black people. And the commenter admitted that his or her allegation isn’t based on anything in the article. If they had bothered to read, they would have seen my closing paragraph:

” But there are plenty of Africans in the world who have the talent and imagination and skills necessary to write the next science fiction fantasy that takes the African world by storm. It just might be the young black person in the line waiting their turn to buy their copy of the next Harry Potter, Star Trek, Lost In Space or any one of countless stories of fiction that gets published or produced on a regular basis. The problem is that it’s hard for black people to focus on creating something for black people when we spend so much time enthralled in the hype of white people’s universe.”

But this is not the way you talk about racial disparity.

When I originally saw the comment, and fully read it I should add, my first reaction was to delete it. The message was just another example of the acidic chatter that comes from that great equalizing public forum known as the blogosphere. On the internet, even the most ignorant, most uneducated, most close minded person has an opportunity to say something to someone willing to listen. The key is that somebody should be willing to listen, or read. That’s how ideas get across and we remove ignorance. People who aren’t willing to listen, who can shoot from the hip based on nothing but a title, aren’t interested in entering any dialogue. Their contribution to any discussion is little more than a fuck you. You can’t get them to listen to a somewhat thoughtful argument. You can’t get them to say anything intelligent either. All you can do is realize that this is just part of the blogosphere mix.

And so I decided to post this unhelpful and totally off base comment. There is absolutely nothing I can say, or want to say, to the commenter. To spend time writing a communication to somebody who has already demonstrated his or her refusal to read a communication is a waste. I got better things to do like, letting people know how much I have something against black people, especially mentally lazy black people who don’t bother to read and yet feel entitled to tell other people to fuck off because of what they write.

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