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Carlton Doesn’t Want To Change Anybody, Just Black People

” I do tend to ramble. That’s the way my mind works. But this time I’ll try to stick to Disney. I never said that black people have to put up with racism. I want them to be aware of it at all times and not just idly accept it. I don’t fault anyone who wants to boycott this movie or write Disney a letter showing them just what points they are offended by. However the focus has to be us as a people that do the changing because we can do nothing as humans to change another human being who isn’t open to that change. Corporations, however, can be touched a little. If we can effect their pocketbooks, we can cause some change.
But if I’m going to be totally honest, I have to say, Disney is more ignorant and greedy than racist. Back in the day, they did loads of cartoons of Africans with bones in their noses saying ‘booga booga’ and throwing spears or wide-eyed negroes running from ghosts. But those images have all but disappeared.
Despite whatever trend is out there, most of us black men are married to black women. So it comes to this: why did Disney ignore the truth? Is it because they are racist pigs actively seeking to deny black children an accurate depiction of black life? Or are they simply trying to make this movie as marketable as possible to every kid of every color? I hold the latter is true.
And it’s not like we as black people don’t have our opportunities. BET, TVOne, Spike Lee, Will Smith & Denzel and other black millionaires all have access. These are the people we need to try to convince to make more positive entertainment. Disney will never get it right because they don’t care about blackness; their only concern is greenness. You make something specifically to lift up the black race and we are only 13% of the population. Some of us are too poor to afford the $30 or more it takes to get our kids to a movie so the profit margin on such a film is going to be low anyway. Disney is not going to make a black cartoon the way we’d like to see one because it simply doesn’t help their pocketbooks. Shoot, I’m guessing we’d be hard put to find a black production company that makes one the way we’d like either because like Leene said we are the only group not focusing on making our own stuff, profit margin be damned. Israelis, Chinese, Mexicans, Muslims, Indians, they all make their own entertainment and have given up on trying to get Disney, Miramax, or FOX to make a movie they would be proud to take their children to. They just buy their DVD’s at the market and leave Disney to do what Disney does best-churn out smarmy crap that makes the majority that don’t question how these movies may be affecting their kids to continue to line Disney’s pockets. So in conclusion, I’m not taking sides here. So many people believe that either you or Bee have to be correct. I refuse to hold that. You both make some very pertinent points. And both sides are relevant and actually support black people.”
– Carlton


Again, you claim that you’re not out to try and change anybody. But then you write that the focus is on black people who have to change because we as humans can do nothing to change another human being who isn’t open to change. What if the black community isn’t open to changing into the caricatures the dominant community wants us to be? In essence, you’re saying that white people have the right to demand that black people have to change, but not the converse. This is evidence of your willingness as a black man to conform to racial disparity.

Your willingness to recognize white people’s right not to change while advocating that black people must change is very telling. How do you honestly reconcile the two and then describe yourself as someone with a love of the black community?

And you are correct that Disney is more greedy than racist. But what does that difference have to do with anything? Back in the day a plantation owner was more greedy than racist. A plantation owner didn’t buy African slaves because he was a racist. The plantation owner bought the slaves because he wanted to take advantage of the institutionalized racism that allowed black people to be sold as slaves. Nevertheless, the fact should not be forgotten that the bottom line was America’s most blatant form of racism. Who cares if it was fueled by greed or by racial bigotry? The end result was racial disparity.

Your contention that Disney’s motivations for not producing this movie with a loving black couple was a focus on their profit margin does not ring very true either. The fact that black people only make up thirteen percent of the American population is an excuse for not doing a black couple really is a reach. Arab Americans make up less than one-point-one-five percent of the population and yet Disney did Aladdin. So what gives? Besides, what percent of the American population comes from the fairytale land of Maldonia? Why do they get represented at all?

And then we have the excuse that a lot of black people can’t afford the thirty dollars or so to see a black film. If that’s the case, why did Disney do a black film at all? Why not just stick to the old formula of only white people? Probably because this excuse doesn’t hold much water either. There are a lot of black people who can afford to go see movies on a regular basis. And the fact that there are a lot of broke white people doesn’t keep anyone from producing all white films. This is just another excuse without any substance.

BET and TV One are not institutions designed for the uplift of the black community. In fact, these two stations are more suited to keeping black people distracted from the real issues affecting and plaguing the black community instead of educating black people on issues of race and discrimination.

And it sounds good to say Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and other high profile black celebrities should get together and do for the black community. But these black people get their checks by working for white dominated institutions. Why would they do anything to change things when it’s pretty obvious that there are way too many people in the black community that don’t mind today’s racial status quo where movies about black girls falling for people from Maldonia are hailed as something that deserves celebration. I know if I was Denzel, I wouldn’t be sticking my neck out to rock the boat when I see so many black people drinking this Maldonian tainted dribble.

So in conclusion, you say that you’re not picking sides. But I must beg to differ. From the moment you came to this blog you admitted that you wanted to defend the white community from black people because black people were so unfair. Do you remember making a comment that black people wanted to wear their dashiki clothing into the boardroom of IBM? You once said that you would confront racism wherever you saw racism. Yet, in your last comment, you said that you couldn’t do anything to change the white lady in the elevator who would clutch her purse at the sight of a black man. That woman is a racist. Way to confront her racism!

You might think that all black people are pertinent to the black community. But there are black people who are collaborators in the subjugation of black people and would be loathe doing anything to criticize the dominant community. There are black people who are much more supportive of racism and any and all institutions that would keep the black community stuck in this racially skewed mess. I refuse to accept black people who embrace racism, who in fact need racism in order to show their loyalty to the dominant community, and appear to stand out in the dominant community’s eye.


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  1. “I will permit no man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him”


    “There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: One is pushing down, the other is pushing up.”
    Booker T. Washington
    (Every good Negro’s favorite Uncle Tom, LOL)

    Comment by Carl | Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Carlton,

      The furthest thing from my mind is doing anything to degrade your soul, whatever that may mean. From all your words that you claim are being misconstrued, it sounds like your soul might already be degraded.

      There are two ways of going through life. One is to actively try and change the things we see that needs chainging. The other is not to do anything that might disturb the status quo.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Reply

      • [Majority of comment deleted]

        I wonder how much of this will make it past your wonderful editing skills (LOL)

        Comment by Carlton | Saturday, January 23, 2010

      • I hope this answers your question! (LOL)


        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, January 24, 2010

  2. I have never seen such a gross and irresponsible mischaracterization of something I’ve said before. You are an intelligent man, so I’m not going to call it ignorance or misunderstanding because that‘s nearly impossible. Instead I will chalk it up to you twisting my words in wanting to win some sort of argument (that I haven’t even entered).

    Comment by Carl | Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. Once again you’re editing my comments which is why I switched ID’s. What a sucker I am for thinking you had changed your ways and was willing to have an honest discussion. But you aren’t interested in dialougue. You are only interested in “winning”. Oh well, you win. At least in your mind. But I don’t mind…it’s the only way to defend the points you’ve made.

    Comment by Carlton | Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Carlton,

      You truly are a sucker! It really doesn’t matter what ID you use, your acquiescence to the dominant community comes shining through to reveal your true colors. If I am editing your comments it’s because I have yet to fully read and address your diatribe.

      And I guess you’re not interested in winning. You must be that rare individual that wants to lose. That probably explains why your arguments are so weak. And it also explains why you’re so willing to promote the status quo. You are truly a loser in your mind and in the black community.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Reply

      • Your negative attitude towards our talks is beginning to disappoint me. I figured from some of your writings that you are an enlightened and fair-minded man. Why can’t people just *talk* without the scoreboard? Answer my statements and leave the personal insinuations out of it. This is why racial and religious harmony doesn’t work on the grand scale-because two humans with different outlooks can’t talk like people and just agree to disagree without looking to destroy each other. It doesn’t bode well for the race. Since you don’t want to to be civil and I seem to be destroying your day on some level, I’ll let you continue to spout without offer of opinion from me. After all, I’m not looking for a fight. But I do suggest: if you wish to make my imprint on others less significant maybe you should feature my thoughts less often.

        Comment by Carlton | Monday, January 25, 2010

  4. Honestly. Do you really feel as if you won something when you lie about what I’ve said? I’m not being snarky it’s just a question one thinker to another. A lie of omission is still a lie.

    Comment by Carlton | Saturday, January 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Carlton,

      What makes you think I’m trying to win an argument with you? You are so deep in your adherence to racial disparity how can anybody wake you up from your subjugation stupor? I’ve lied about what you’ve said? Of course I did. I went back and edited all of your comments and switched them around to make you only look like what you truly are. Here’s another comment you’ve made that I’ve omitted…

      “This is soooo cool. Thanks for the forum. I’m endlessly beholden to you. I’m making selective cuts (without too much identifying info about me) from this and handing it out without our names for discussions with select youth and peers. So far it’s about 35% you.”

      It seems I’m not the only one that lies through omission. You admitted in black and white that you make “selective” cuts. But of course, you’ll no doubt claim that I’m mischaracterizing you and omitting your comments. You truly are remarkable!


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Reply

      • The difference is that I deleted personally identifying information about the both of us. And my report on how people felt about our responses was a purely scientific report. If everyone I presented our discussions to felt I was 100% crap, I would have reported that also. But I’m not ruled by my emotions. You on the other hand, have deleted paragraph after paragraph of answers to your accusations that were made by me. But if you need to go unanswered by me to feel superior I have little control over that, don’t I? It’s your blog.

        Comment by Carlton | Monday, January 25, 2010

      • Carlton,

        Really? A scientific report? Where will your results be published, Out the Ass Monthly? Or was the extent of your science results was your report that I was getting 35% of the people you questioned. But hey, you’re not out to win anything.

        Anyone who reads this blog is aware of my reputation to allow your comments to appear here regularly in their full tirade. My apologies but I try not to post comments without reading them. Too many of the submissions are tripe not worth publishing. And it appears your comments, like before, are falling into that category. You talk about engaging in dialogue but refuse to take responsibility for the things you say. Either you’re seriously confused or simply find it more convenient to lie and say you’re being “mischaracterized”. Therefore, what’s the point?

        You’re not here to win anything. You’re not here to change anybody. You’ll swear up and down that you’re not even trying to be heard. But then you want to moo like a wounded cow when one of your comments, full of doublespeak and denials and personal attacks of mischaracterizations, doesn’t get published and you sit there scratching your head, wondering why, and talking about how disappointed you are.

        You know what? You disappoint a lot of people who come here. You’re looking for enlightenment? I doubt it. I think you’re looking for someone to pat you on the head and give you a gold star and tell you how lovely you are for your take on how black people need to submit to white people, rollover and expose our collective belly, so they will feel better about us infringing on their community. And when do you write about white people infringing on black people’s community?

        And then you have the nerve to sit there and write, “Answer my statements and leave the personal insinuations out of it.” Are you serious? The way you have a tendency to attack me? But knowing you you’ll swear up and down that you are the epitome of respect and restraint.

        Look, why don’t we just agree to disagree. Okay? You can go back to your scientific study and I can go back to being unenlightened. The bottom line is that you simply don’t understand how to influence people. Why don’t you give black people the same consideration you give white people? Why don’t you rollover and expose your belly to black people like you do with white people. When I don’t trust you enough to let you ramble on about whatever it is you want to ramble on about, why don’t you take a lesson from all that crap you wrote about not wanting to come off too strong on the white lady clutching her purse in the elevator?

        Why don’t you just start cheesing, do your shuffle dance, and leave us with the same impression about how you don’t want to change anything and leave the status quo right where it is? You’ll freely admit that all you do is smile at the white woman who looks at your with suspicion, tip your top hat and say, nice weather we’re having. You’ll play buds with the white guy in the cube next to yours who could not care less about doing anything for you or anyone else who might be from the black community. But you’ll attack black people who try to engage you no matter how screwed your thought process might be. And right now, I am tired of you and your attacks.

        You have no clue how to be a gracious guest. You are an expert at wearing out your welcome. You can accuse me of selective cuts and trying to win arguments. You can talk about how you’re not emotional and all that bull about not trying to change anybody despite your submissions of four and five comments talking about your disappointment and why can’t we just talk. I’m through talking at you. You want a voice here? I suggest you learn to give me the same respect you want to give white people.

        The way you kowtow and cave to racism, the way you’re just so happy to get white people to just acknowledge you. You accept white people’s crumbs with a smile. Why aren’t you happy with your perception of being treated as a lesser from other black people?


        PS – Peace is an abbreviation of my name Peacemaker. It would be the same as you using Carl, short for Carlton. I enjoy the double meaning of closing with “Peace” wishing a person peace in their life. But right now I could not care less if you have peace in your life or turmoil. It truly is pointless.

        Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, January 25, 2010

  5. P.S. I’m still waiting for you to say I’m no longer welcome here. If you want to be rid of me completely, just say it.

    Comment by Carlton | Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | Reply

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