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Pat Robertson’s God Is A Monster

“You could not be more right. I was a little put off by your remark about the Christian god being a bigot, but unfortunately that’s the sort of god these people are portraying. This small elite is giving the rest of the world that we are a bunch of knuckle dragging fundamentalists. Rush, Robertson, and the Bush family all make Christianity look bad, and they make America look bad. Bad? Okay that’s an understatement, but I will refrain from profanity.”Andrew

Thanks for the feedback Andrew,

Please make no mistake. I believe the Supreme Being to be the ultimate in compassion and understanding. But that is not the same entity that somebody like Pat Robertson talks about when he makes the suggestion that god is punishing the people of Haiti for their past deeds. Mr. Robertson believes the people of Haiti made a deal with the devil to stop being the slaves of white people.  And the devil granted their wish.  It seems that Pat Robertson’s god wants black people to be white people’s slaves.  Mr. Robertson has the mental reasoning of a superstitious bigot goading the crowd into burning witches back in Salem. You can just imagine him yelling in the cobblestone street that god wants us to burn the witches! He has the type of god that lives in a volcano and needs annual appeasement with a virgin.  If this is the type of god that we have to look forward to in the afterlife then I’ll take hell any day of the week.

But of course, the Supreme Being isn’t so petty.  We all have a tendency to create god in our own image.  Mr. Robertson created his god in his own somewhat unique combination of bigotry, judgment, and loathing for black people.

It is unfortunate that conservatives take such a hard line when it comes to the black community. We are not valued as people of equals, only pawns in their political games. It might be true that liberals don’t really care about the black community either. But at least they don’t wear their bigotry and hatred on their sleeves in bold bright colors like these conservatives do.


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  1. When I was young, I had this babysitter who always had the channel that the 700 club played on. And sometimes her kids and myself would be in that room. Maybe it was my inattentiveness to the tv when it wasn’t set to cartoons, or what, but I never did get Pat Robertson, or much of any thing he ever said.

    Interestingly that lady, at the time was a member and semi-leader in the local Baptist church. Later on she divroced, became a lesbian (although many years later I hear that has changed again), and that particular church went thru some upheaval, a split, and eventually dissolved, save the building that still stands.

    Maybe God, in his infinite wisdom, saw all the Pat Robertson fans there and decided to wipe out the group…

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Saturday, January 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Connect the dots. You got some dude pimping religion for a profit, which at its core means Pat takes something he had no hand in building and presents it to support whatever bullcrap he’s trying to sell or motivate you to believe. A fake minister uses the sheep as tools to line his pocket as well as a support group for whatever he’s trying to convince himself. Pat is trying so hard to believe in white privilege, he’s equating Black folks freedom struggle with evil, as if there is no way Black folks could be endowed by our creator with life liberty and the pursuit of happiness irregardless the wills of others. These rights are self evident for all people, not just Black folks.

    The mistake however is to make fun of him, as belittling mental illness blinds us from our own struggles to think, love, and act clearly. A better path would be to befriend those he’s taken astray; slowly overtime they’ll see the beauty inside and in time each will wean off Pat’s codependence poison. That said I’ve got an Aunt I need to check up on and show some love. Y’all do the same now.


    Comment by Bless | Friday, January 22, 2010 | Reply

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