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Who Could Have Possibly Known That KFC Was Racist?

Just in case you haven’t seen the KFC advertisement that aired in Australia, let me describe it to you…

A white guy is in the stands at a cricket match trying to watch the game, surrounded by a bunch of black people who are dancing, signing, playing music, being loud, and doing everything but watching the match.  The white guy is visibly frustrated, rubbing his face in anxiety.  Suddenly, looks at the camera and says something about being stuck in an awkward situation, and next thing you know he’s giving the black people around him some fried chicken out of a big KFC bucket.  The crowd settles down so that they can get their grub on.  The white guy looks again at the camera and says, too easy.  Click here to see it for yourself.

I’ve seen a few articles from people fired up about KFC’s blatant racism and negative stereotypes of black people.  But I really must ask if people are really that surprised to see a racist commercial produced by an American corporation?  Are people really all that shocked to see that KFC could care less if people from the black community caught wind of this advertisement?  And now that black people see this ad will it change anything to anybody either way?

Chances are if you went to KFC yesterday, you’ll be back there tomorrow asking for one of those Australian chicken specials.  You know the kind.  It’s the one with that chicken recipe that can take black people’s hyper stimulation away and soothe that savage beast in black people’s soul.  If somebody came out with proof that KFC was using freeze dried fecal matter as one of the seven herbs and spices, I seriously doubt if that would even shake people’s need for KFC.  People will simply convince themselves that whatever the evidence was, it’s not in their chicken.  They’re sure that they’d taste the difference if there was.  And if shit powder wasn’t going to snap people out of their mindless eating habits, a little home grown racism ain’t going to come between anybody and their next meal at the colonel’s place.  That’s why KFC could give a rat’s ass if anybody black saw this commercial.

There must have been a couple dozen black people jigging for this commercial.  What were they thinking?  I can just imagine the instructions from the director that day…

Okay black people listen up!  We need all of you dancing in your seats and acting as if you couldn’t care less about what’s happening on the field.  Kind of like what happens when you people go to the game.  We’re going to put a white guy in the middle and you all just act like he doesn’t even exist.  You with the bongos!  Get really obnoxious and beat those infernal drums right down into his ear canal.  And then, when the white guy starts passing out chicken, that’s when all of you go quiet and start eating.  You know, like you people do when you eat food.  Okay?  Let’s shoot!  Cue the white guy!

Is it surprising to see so many black people willing to participate in the production of such racist propaganda?  KFC knows that if all these black people would be willing to work their happy asses to help make this ad to sell their shit, even more black people will be happy to buy the shit.  It’s fried chicken after all.  And the KFC spokespeople have already started spinning.

The advertisement was meant as nothing more than an indication of the truly special relationship KFC has with its black patrons.  Any racially stereotypical connotations were totally accidental and the advertisement was never meant to demean any black people.  To be honest, we didn’t even know black people eat chicken!

This ad is just a painful reminder of how little the interests of the black community matters to the marketing department of KFC.  This is just another example of how the dominant community moves to define black people.  The definition here is that as loud as black people may be they’ll stop to eat their soul food.  And even if black people were angry enough to do or say something about this racist ad, everybody at KFC knows that all they have to do is pull out a big bucket of chicken and the awkwardness of the moment is sure to pass.  Any minute now I’m expecting some white guy to try and shut me up with a piece of chicken.

I don’t want your hush chicken!  I’m happy to say that my family and I don’t patronize KFC.  And even if we did, I’m sure this piece of marketing genius would sever any relationship we would’ve had.  I wouldn’t patronize anybody who thought so little of me.  It really is a shame that more black didn’t feel the same way.  If they did, KFC wouldn’t make such trash, and I’m talking about the commercial.  The company cannot help but make that trash they call food.

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  1. I don’t patronize any fast food restaurants myself. And if I did, KFC would be one of the last ones. Personally I have seen people claiming that the commercial is from another culture so shouldn’t be looked at from an American stand point.

    But the problem with that is that KFC IS from American culture. So they knew damn well that type of connotation was offensive when they made the commercial. It never fails that when this bull gets made, the company immediately goes into dumb mode. Give me a break.

    And the fact that there are so many blacks out there willing to jig and buck dance for a dollar should be saying something to the rest of us. What does it take for NO black people to say some stupid crap about somebody has to do it.

    NO, no one has to do it. We should learn to hold it together. Learn that none of us should be doing it. And when we do, we should be treated just like a scab crossing the picket line. And what is so cold, when we do chastise these tomming fools for this, people immediately talk about how wrong that is. All the while agreeing with the union workers.

    This is just a shame and these idiots in this country will talk about how terribly racist the commercial is while choking on a drumstick they just got from KFC. And then we wonder why we can’t get out of the hole. We need to show them what happens when we are taken for granted. Actually we need to show them what SHOULD normally happen. Or what would happen had we still had the leadership of Malcom or Martin. Boycott anyone?

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, January 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. “The advertisement was meant as nothing more than an indication of the truly special relationship KFC has with its black patrons. Any racially stereotypical connotations were totally accidental and the advertisement was never meant to demean any black people. To be honest, we didn’t even know black people eat chicken!”

    Wouldn’t sentence one’s segment ” special relationship..with its black patrons” and sentence two: “..racially stereotypical conotations..accidental..’ kind of contradcit each other in any intelligent person’s mind?

    It’d be almost comical (in a sad way) if they actually would use such a line…

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, January 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Mike,

    I think that is the point. These companies are full of hypocrisy. They will always feign ignorance of the offensiveness they just did. It is a constant. KFC claims that they never meant for the ad to be seen in America. And that the ad was not meant to be offensive because of the culture it was made for.

    The fact of the matter is, that KFC knows damn well what the connotation of what that ad says is offensive. And to say they made it for another culture, one as racist as the Australian culture makes this even more of a joke. They know that the ad is racist. And are using every means necessary whether they make sense, contradict themselves or not to try and get out of this mess.

    Hey, like BrotherP said, they definitely don’t want to mess up the relationship they have with their black patrons. That would be a mess for KFC, with the obviousness of their thinking, wouldn’t it.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, January 11, 2010 | Reply

  4. Seems to me you have misread the conext of the commercial.

    Old news I know, but there was no racist intent in this ad, which is not a “black people vs white guy ad” but a commercial featuring a sports rivalry. The “black people” are in fact West Indian cricket supporters (hence the steel drum music) who were playing Australia at the time (hence their appearance in the ad). The “white guy” is an Aussie supporter uncomfortable at being stuck in a stand of rival supporters (THIS is is “awkward” situation). He then shares KFC with then to break the ice. The same ad could have featured supporters of ANY other cricket team and the message would have remained the same; it has nothing to do with white people “taming” “savage” black people. The West Indians in the ad knew the context. They weren’t selling out or demeaning themselves.

    1. The KFC “cricket survival guide” was a series of ads featuring the Aussie

    Comment by Mario | Wednesday, March 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Mario,

      “…The same ad could have featured supporters of ANY other cricket team and the message would have remained the same…”

      Too bad it wasn’t. And in its airing here in America it is easily filled with racial connotations. Maybe if it was a black man using a bucket of chicken to hush the loud and noisy white people it would have been more benign. But then again, considering Australia’s inherent problem with racial discrimination, maybe the whole idea of this particular commercial should have been declined altogether.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, March 9, 2013 | Reply

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