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Keeping Violence To A Minimum

A lot of people are putting a lot of their stock into President Barack Obama’s statements when he spoke at the ceremony commemorating him winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  In essence, the peace prize winner was telling everyone that even a peaceful man will find a need to fight.  There are times when the need to set someone straight is strong enough to warrant blowing the shit out of them.  Even a peaceful man can put a cap in someone’s ass.  Just because someone chooses to fight doesn’t mean that the person should be lumped into the same category as a warmonger.  According to the peace prize winner, there is a big difference.

All this week I’ve caught an expose on CNN about the violence that permeates young people trying to go to school in Chicago.  I found the article full of propaganda.  Don Lemon sat down with several students and asked them about their experiences with fighting.  One kid quipped up, he or she got into one or two fights per week.  The others joined the conversation with their own take on their neighborhood situation.  Not to fight would be interpreted as weakness.  And in their neighborhood, no one wanted to look like a punk.  One girl talked about all the weapons she carries on her person.  She didn’t do guns or knives.  But there was mace and there were sharp objects.  I think she said she carried a box cutter.

The girl was one of the people saying they didn’t want to fight but it’s expected in their neighborhood.  They did it, they do it, to fit in.  So is it really possible to accept that somebody from the south side of Chicago who carries a box cutter in their back pocket back and forth to school would be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in the same way that a man who escalates a war on terror with a nuclear option in his back pocket?

Unfortunately, none of us stand ready to give some of us the benefit of a doubt.  While some of us would support the selection of a man ready to notch the planet’s greatest war machine ever up to the next DEFCON level as an appropriate choice as the next Nobel Peace Prize winner, many of us would never think to give somebody in the ‘hood walking around with a box cutter even a fraction of such benefit of doubt.

Get caught at school with any weapon meant to protect yourself and you will be expelled with no questions asked.  In essence, people in a position to do so stand ready to disarm anyone who might be trying to make some kind of peace in their neighborhood.  And we will stand behind the people trying to keep weapons out of the school.  If tomorrow I turned on the news and saw a story about kids getting caught taking guns to school I know for a fact that the first thought that will jump into my mind is one of condemnation.  Guns and knives don’t belong in school.  I would never support any child taking any weapon to school to protect his or her self.  We would never accept the explanation of protection from anyone carrying weapons.  The temptation to become offensive instead of just defensive would be too great.  It is better not to escalate the issue of violence.

The same is probably true at the global level that countries play on.  No country should be packing enough heat to intimidate others.  Even the most righteous of countries can fall to the temptation of launching preemptive strikes when leadership believes they hold the best cards for a more favorable outcome in any war.  Now, most countries with nuclear weapons can claim the higher ground about the evils of nuclear proliferation when other countries appear to be trying to develop nuclear technology.

The countries trying to develop nuclear weapons could say that they are looking to live peaceably.  Other countries might think twice before attacking a country with nuclear weapon technology.  Give everybody nuclear weapons and you really might have a better chance at peace.  But people know that given the infinite diversity of human nature it would be only a matter of time before some leader of a nuclear armed country would think it rational to use these weapons.  That’s why everyone works so hard to keep the proliferation of any weapons to an absolute minimum.

We don’t want weapons in our schools.  We don’t want weapons on our streets.  And we don’t want weapons of mass destruction in the hands of countries that don’t already have them.  The fact that people promise to use these weapons to defend themselves is moot.  People committed to peace don’t pack anything that might be interpreted as something that could be used to attack.  That’s what we try to teach our kids and young adults.  Maybe more Nobel Peace Prize winners could benefit from the same lessons.

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  1. Very true. We tell our children one thing and then do another. All the while giving awards for peace they give one to a person who feels that one must fight to maintain peace. HUH!?!

    I am sure that the person who pulls out a gun to threaten others on the street who are arguing with him/her are only doing that to keep the peace as well. I mean how many people will attack a person with a gun?

    But just like you said. The other person might have a gun and then you will have no peace just a stupid gun fight where someone inevitably will be injured or killed. So we all know damn well that fighting to keep peace is a fallacy.

    Obama needs to take a closer look at the Nobel peace prize information and what the prize stands for. I am sure there was no where in the literature that said peace at the end of a gun barrel was OK, as long as you are really sure you are trying to be peaceful by escalating war. *SIGH*

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | Reply

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