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If It’s Too Dangerous Here It’s Too Dangerous Anywhere

You know what kind of prisoner belonged in the terrorist detainment camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Did anybody see Silence of the Lambs? This man was the personification of dangerous. He could kill with absolutely no remorse and for no reason than it’s about time for another murder. He could slice the smile off your face and wear it as his own bloody mask. The man had so much self control that he could kill on a moment’s inspiration without the slightest elevation in his heart rate or blood pressure. Murder was no big deal. He responded to an opportunity to kill as if it was something routine, like making toast on an uneventful Saturday morning.

His intellect and experience in psychiatry could be used to lull his potential victim’s into a false sense of security. The scene where he escapes from his cage on the upper floor of some exclusive hotel was extremely disturbing. A phalanx of police officers couldn’t keep this guy locked up. In fact, the cops were manipulated into carrying Dr. Lecter out on a gurney, assuming that he was an injured police officer. The man was nearly always one step ahead of his adversaries.

In the movie, Dr. Lecter arranged a deal with a congresswoman. The woman’s daughter was kidnapped by a serial killer and Dr. Lecter could help develop a psychological profile of the perpetrator. Dr. Lecter would give the authorities what he knew if he could get out of his dungeon and moved to a more humane location, like the penthouse of a fancy hotel. But with budget restraints being what they are, only a handful of police officers could be hired to watch Dr. Lecter, and only Dr. Lecter, on round the clock surveillance. Knowing that police on guard duty at a hotel penthouse can become lackadaisical, the doctor simply bided his time until an opportunity presented itself.

The Guantanamo detainees are no Hannibal the Cannibal. And even if they could match the fictional doctor’s cunning, not even Dr. Lecter could’ve escaped a maximum security prison. He had to make a change of venue in order for his plan to work. A Guantanamo detainee’s chances of breaking out of a maximum security prison even with the doctor’s intellect would be pretty close to nil and slightly less than the proverbial snowball in hell. I don’t think anybody is so clever that they can circumvent the latest in prison security technology and procedures. People don’t break out of prison without some kind of help from inside the security arrangement.

Now with that said, we’ve all seen the movie where the villains kidnap the family of some prison personnel who happens to be the lynch pin to prison security. This guy, or gal, has all the security codes, computer authorizations, access to the control room, access to the communications closet, the backup generators, and the cafeteria. His family lives just a block or two from the prison and the bad guys on the outside are looking to free their partner on the inside. Somebody will don a crossing guard uniform so he can kidnap the lynch pin’s kid. If all the bad guys put their time and skill into developing a legal defense instead of all that skullduggery chances are they could win their partner’s release legally.

And instead of the lynch pin contacting the proper authorities and getting help to win their family or family member’s release, they go along with the bad guys putting their personal wants ahead of the welfare of the community at large. So maybe people think the bad guys will manipulate some lynch pin good guy to help their friends on the inside escape. And since the people at Guantanamo are believed to be some of the biggest bad asses known to man, it’s a matter of assumed fact that their release will be the objective of other big bad asses.

But the other thing we should note in the movies, the bad guys are usually bagged in the end. They all make mistakes. Even the mighty Hannibal fell to FBI profiler Will Graham, played by William Peterson and then reprised by Ed Norton in Red Dragon. More often than not, the big bad asses lose in the end. So why do so many of us fear bringing the Guantanamo detainees here to America so much?

Keeping Guantanamo open as part of America’s struggle against terrorism will impact our safety more than any prison anywhere here in mainland United States. Our reputation as a country of morality and a code of conduct has been severely tarnished with our desecration of basic human rights for people who do not happen to be us. As it turns out, many of us couldn’t care any less about fairness to others as long as we get the fairness we are due. Justice for all actually means justice for those that we see fit. And since we don’t like the people who are/were being held at Guantanamo, we don’t owe them any right to be heard in a court of law. They are guilty because it is popular for us to say so.

So whether or not these people actually deserve to be held in is moot. We collectively said that we believe that they need to be held and that’s all that matters. Due process of law is not a factor. And because we’ve decided that they’re big bad asses we can feel safe by holding these people in the prisons far, far away. To bring people who have never actually been convicted of anything here is much too dangerous for us. Who knows how they’ll escape.

But it seems to me that that’s part of the war on terror. If we don’t want our big bad ass adversaries coming after us then maybe we shouldn’t go after them. If holding them in prison in our own backyard is too dangerous then maybe we shouldn’t be holding them at all. The point is that if someone is upset that their comrade is in Guantanamo, they’ll be just as mad if that person is being held here on the mainland. It isn’t where they’re being held that pisses super criminals off. It’s the fact that they’re being held.

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  1. Exactly! And if these “super bad asses” would be so eager to bust them out of one of our supermax prisons, wouldn’t they find it a bit easier to bust them out of Guantanamo which consists of a bunch of chain link fence?

    People aren’t thinking one bit. If these dudes are so bad assed, shouldn’t at least one of them have escaped or at least attempted it by now? This is what boggles my mind.

    I can’t see holding anyone in prison without a trial to ascertain their guilt. I guess it is because I had a cousin who ended up in an actual prison for five years without a trial. The courts claimed he slipped through the cracks in the system. Lucky him, right?

    So, I know full well what the families of these guys are thinking. And we have no idea that any of these men, boys or ladies are in anyway the bad asses we like to think of them as. It’s as if people think Guantanamo and they immediately see Bin Laden. So as far as I am concerned if we have these people dead to rights, lets put them on trial.

    Because if they are as easily proven guilty then we should have no problems getting them convicted and warming up old sparky. I am just saying that we should get on with it already. It is just inhumane to hold people for years without confirmation of guilt. But WITH confirmation of torture. Shame on us all.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, December 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. But that’s HOW the government does it and always will.

    Comment by Just Killing Time | Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | Reply

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