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Why Not Take It Seriously?

The Democrats are a bunch of spineless pussies. With a majority of the House of Representatives combined with a virtual filibuster proof majority in the Senate giving the Democrats iron clad control of the legislature branch, topped with complete control of the White House and the executive branch, these pussies can’t get anything more than a fart passed in our federal government without at least one Republican to give his or her explicit approval. Republicans were eating the Democratic Party’s lunch when they had the majorities and the White House. It looks like the Republicans are still mugging the liberals for their lunch money.

The Democrats act like a bunch of keystone legislatures running around in oversized floppy shoes and hitting themselves in their own heads with their own batons as they try to look meaningful and try to look pertinent or try to look as if they have a purpose or try to look like they even matter.

The healthcare reform bill appears to be healthcare reform only in name. Nothing resembling reform remains in the tepid, watered down, version of the original health bill. Rumor has it the public option has been taken off the table in order to protect the insurance industry from supposedly unfair competition from the government. The insurance company wasn’t thinking about fairness as they made billions of dollars in profits by denying healthcare claims and by doing their own impersonation of the dreaded death panels and doing their best to get in between people and their doctors.

But now that the shoe might be headed to the other foot, now that the insurance companies are the ones who might be bending over and taking it up the shaft as people make the choice to go with a public option, our legislatures, the people who are supposed to represent the best interest of their constituents, think we need to protect the insurance industry by removing the threat of a public option. Now I know that there are conservatives that would do everything in their power to protect the corporate benefactors. The previous administration really did a wonderful job giving corporate America everything it wanted and then some. Lower taxes and less regulation have combined to make a one-two punch that ravaged our economy and made the average American a lot worse off than we were eight years or so ago.

And when the American people finally decided as a collective that it has had enough of the conservative agenda, the only place to turn for something different was to the conservative politician’s adversary, the liberal politician. Voting for the Democrats, some of us thought we would actually catch some slack and get cut something resembling a break for a change.

But the poor Democrats can’t compete with those big bad Republicans who are looking for a fight, any fight that would give them some kind of political victory. And healthcare reform appears to be a godsend. Like an iron curtain the Republicans are ready to just say no and thwart any threat to the status quo, leaving every single Democrat and independent left a necessity to get anything through. Knowing they don’t have the numbers to keep legislation from passing, the Republicans promise a filibuster, to talk incessantly about nothing, to keep a vote on healthcare from taking place. And the Democrats, knowing what’s at stake, want to play hardball with each other to get the party to cave to what they want.

One Democrat says he or she won’t vote for anything with a public option, another says he or she won’t vote for anything without a public option. One Democrat says he or she won’t vote for anything that doesn’t put an outright ban on any abortion benefit, another says he or she won’t vote for anything that doesn’t provide some kind of abortion benefit. One Democrat says he or she won’t vote for anything the insurance companies don’t like, another says he or she won’t vote for anything the insurance companies do like. And the differences go on and on and on.

Real meaningful healthcare reform is dead. It’s been murdered by a political machine that, for the most part, pretends to have the public’s best interest at heart but is all the while stabbing the people in the back. We can’t have real reform because too many people know that the real power is in corporate America and not with the American people. I don’t blame Republicans for this condition. They never sold themselves as anything other than streetwalkers turning tricks for their corporate pimps.

But Democrats want to keep their relationship with corporate America on the down low. They want to appear like they have more interest in the public’s welfare. But in reality, it appears that the Democrats are trying harder to steal tricks than that silly rabbit on the breakfast cereal.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter who gets in office these days. For most people in politics, there is no incentive to the right thing by the American people. It’s all just a con game kind of like the wrestling so many people are addicted to watching. We think something might change when we get the other guy in office. But at the end of the day, the two sides are really the best of friends who would rather spend the day with each other than spend a minute with the American people. In their world there is no real difference from one politician to another. To keep voting for change by voting for the same political parties is madness. One day we’ll wake up and realize it’s time to stop this crazy shit and start taking this a lot more seriously.

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  1. First of all, the Joker picture is offensive. Second of all, you must really stink at math. There are 58 democrats in the senate, the filibuster margin is 60. Third of all, President Obama has stated repeatedly that the public option was the best way, but certainly not the only way, to reform healthcare. Fourth of all, meaningful reform still exists; like getting 31 million Americans coverage, closing the pre-existing conditions loophole, as well as the prescription donut-hole, just to name a few. Fifth of all, how can you say it doesn’t matter who gets in office when one or two different people could change the entire political landscape?

    Comment by Ignacio | Wednesday, December 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ignacio,

    “…leaving every single Democrat and independent left a necessity to get anything through.”

    First of all, I really don’t give a damn about what you think is offensive. You might find this surprising since you obviously think the world revolves around just your lone opinion, but I happen to find pompous people like yourself extremely offensive.

    Second, the quote above is pulled directly from the article. Now you might think that I stink at math. But you must really suck at reading comprehension. I think forty Republicans in the Senate leaves every vote left a necessity with the way these people are trying to play the game. Duh!

    Third, in typical wussy form you want to advocate for some mediocre way to get healthcare reform instead of the best way. If the majority is going to let the minority run the legislature, then what was the point of getting a majority in the Senate in the first place? The Republicans look quite capable of running things as the minority. Healthcare reform without any reform is called a status quo. Like I said before, this requires a certain level of comprehension which we all know you suck at.

    Forth, the pre-existing loophole has not been closed, simply moved. The language of the bill has been compromised so that the insurance companies cannot deny coverage, but are free to charge whatever as long as it is not unreasonable. The definition of unreasonable appears to be in question though. A $50,000 co-pay for medical treatment that costs $150,000 might sound reasonable to the insurance company. But it’s a ticket to the poor house for the average American. That in no way sounds like reform. Are you still listening? Or has this math clouded your brain? Who gets to decide what is reasonable? No doubt it will be the insurance company’s legal department.

    46 million Americans are without health insurance. We’ll add another 31 million leaving 15 million without coverage. How does this sound universal? We will still deal with the same bureaucratic red tape of having to prove coverage when trying to obtain service. How is this reform?

    Fifth, what has changed since Mr. Obama took office and the Democrats took over the Congress? It looks like the political minority is still running things. We are still at war. Mr. Obama is about to do an Afghanistan surge to escalate the war there. Corporate America is getting bailed out while middle America deals with double digit unemployment. And while the unemployment rate in America hovers around 10%, it is more than 15% for the black community. Wall Street is doing well again. What part of things remaining the same don’t you understand?

    My bad, for a moment there I forgot who I was replying to. The question was totally rhetorical.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Thursday, December 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. This bill is a JOKE, hence the joker. Why so serious, Ignacio? Obviously you are buying into Obama’s rhetoric hook line and sinker. How is it reform to force uninsured American’s to buy insurance without ensuring that they can afford it?

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Maybe the reason they don’t have it NOW is because they can’t afford it. But the way these fools are supposedly bargaining, they act as if the only reason the poor people don’t have insurance is because no one forced them into it. Hm, that sounds like change to me.

    Isn’t this what the insurance companies wanted in the first place? To make insurance mandatory with all the same insurance lies and tactics from before supposed reform. So now why don’t you tell me who is winning in this situation?

    Not to mention, maybe all this so called fighting and bargaining is just a ruse to get to what the insurance companies really wanted in the first place. Since we all know damn well who lines these politicians pockets. And trust me Ignacio, my math isn’t so bad that I don’t know the answer to that one!

    Thanks. Because of people like you who would rather plug your nose with a government mandated nose pin rather than smell rotten sh*t wafting out of D.C. We are all going to end up covered in it after this. Not only will the working class NOT have medical coverage, they will be forced or mandated, however you want to call it, to pay insurance companies.

    And while they are getting rich and pulling in record profits just like the oil pushers, we will be buried under insurmountable debt. People will be filing for bankruptcy even faster. Oh, but that’s right, these people in D.C. have also changed things so that you can’t get rid of medical or credit card bills in bankruptcy. The only thing left is to bring back the actual poor house. A prison for debtors.

    Thanks Ignacio, I now have so much to look forward to. This was just the change we needed. I guess you are right a couple of people can change the entire political landscape. But what you don’t seem to understand is, that doesn’t always equate to change for the better.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, December 17, 2009 | Reply

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