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Lame High Mindedness

“This post proves that white people are not the only racist, as it paints whites as always beleaving in the guilt of blacks. Post like this do none of us any justice and hate is just as bad coming from any race.
If she is guilty (and it looks that way to me), she now has 26 years to think of what she has done. I don’t like to think of anyone innocent losing their freedom (no matter what race), and if they are we can rejoice in the right to appeal and pray that they be freed.
Even if you don’t like a persons race, at least have the love of justice.”

Mike left this comment in response to the previous article about Amanda Knox. He takes exception to me pointing out that America is in mourning over the fact that a pretty young white American girl in the Italian’s judicial system that has been recently found guilty of participating in a murder that occurred two years ago. I’m racist because I point out the fact that America has to go all the way to the other side of the world to get some idea of what it is like to see someone railroaded through a judicial system. People here in America are getting their interest piqued over the potential that someone who is the epitome of our dominant class is being treated unfairly. And because I point out that there is an overwhelming number of people here who are more than happy to over look the day in and day out instances of a police system and a justice system geared towards railroading black people into prison, I am the racist.

People like Mike have no clue what true racism is about. Racism isn’t about pointing at the constant and overwhelming racial disparity that, without exception, finds black people suffering the shitty end of any comparison made with social yardsticks and our collective tolerance to do nothing to try and rectify the problem. How many times do we have to hear these people say that the actual acts of racism aren’t the problem but the people who keep pointing to the racism in order to let America know that our shit still stinks and is more rancid now than ever are the true opponents of racial harmony? People like Mike want to lay the blame of racism squarely at people like me because we can show clear distinctions in America’s racial hypocrisy and use whatever voice we may have to call it out.

Racism doesn’t come about because people look at racial disparity and wonder why we continue to tolerate that shit. Racism is the continued perpetration and tolerance of social institutions that discriminate against people for no other reason than race and leads to measurable differences in collective living standards. Here in America, we continue to tolerate racism in our judicial system. Mike claims he has a love of justice, but where is this love of justice when he sees black people going to jail or being harassed by the police?  Or, which is far more likely, does Mike join the rest of the crowd and simply ignore what is happening in America’s own backyard, too busy looking over the Atlantic Ocean to see what’s happening to a young white American girl in someone else’s backyard.

If Amanda Knox was black and her gender was male and her trial was being held here in the States instead of Italy, there is no doubt that we would have contemptuously assumed her guilt a long time ago and turned our collective attention to the Next American Idol or some other crap that keeps us distracted through entertainment. Nearly everyday the sun rises, we see instances of black people railroaded by our injustice system and that should register on our conscience. But it doesn’t. If black people are abused by the police or if black people are found guilty and get the maximum punishment allowed by law, it’s only because we have to take a tough stance on crime and nip that behavior from black people in the bud.

But let an American white girl in Italy get time for her crime and it’s all over the news how the Italian system is unfair and based on the inquisition. Would that be anything like America’s system of justice being based on our history of institutionalized racism? The headlines scream unfairness when we see it happening to Amanda Knox. But unfairness to black people doesn’t register, and that makes me the racist. But Mike isn’t the first to point an accusing finger this way. It is standard procedure in our system of ugly disparities that continues to consume so many black people in this country.

Even if Mike didn’t like the article he could have acknowledged at least some crumb of the reality which is our race based disparity and lack of fairness here. The truth of the matter is I don’t particular care for the article either. I’m tired of talking about America’s ugly racist side. If people would only give America’s unfairness to black people the same attention we give to young white girls we wouldn’t have the problems we do now. Instead, people like Mike want to assume that no one has a social conscious when we talk about black people’s problems. We don’t have the right to talk about our racial inequality.  We’re all just lining up to slander white people.

Thanks for the feedback Mike. But please spare me your lame attempt to sound like some high minded and virtuous thinker who wants to appear like he has some love of justice that transcends racism. Your love of justice has not one shred of integrity as long as you defend racism by accusing me of being a racist against white people all the while ignoring all the ugly disparity that keeps the black community in a perpetual second class status. Your popular brand of justice is too tightly wrapped around white privilege. A monkey posing as the Thinker statue has more intellectual integrity.  Get a clue.

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  1. Bravo.

    Comment by Jon | Monday, December 7, 2009 | Reply

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