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Fears Of An Unfair Justice System

What did people think was going to happen when people accused of terrorism were plucked out of their home on the other side of the world and brought to America for whatever reason people in authority thought justified foreigner’s kidnapping.  Here in America, people are supposed to be granted due process in the judicial system.  And after years of being trapped in a state of combatant status limbo it looks like people accused of being terrorist are finally getting their day in court.

But here in the land of tough sounding bravado talk, many of us want to cower in a corner too afraid to give these people their right to a fair hearing.  Too many conservative legislators are ready to jump on the fear mongering band wagon and press Attorney General Eric Holder over his decision to transfer the case of the five men from the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to a federal courthouse in the vicinity of ground zero in New York City.  People are publicly airing their disapproval over the constitutional protections being given to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators saying that it is a perversion of justice that runs the risk of freeing men accused of being some of the world’s most notorious terrorists.

It appears that these people have no faith in the American justice system and its ability to convict the world’s most notorious terrorists.  If these bad guys are all that, wouldn’t their conviction in a court of law be a virtual slam dunk?  Some say that Mr. Mohammed will use his trial in to spew anti-American rhetoric and such proselytizing, and that it could make New York City a prime target for yet another terrorist strike.

These people forget that New York City was a target long before Mr. Mohammed and the other members of his super terrorist elite force were captured.  New York has been the target of terrorism for as long as it was arguably considered the financial capital of the world.  People also need to remember that the list of people spewing anti American rhetoric is as long as the Amazon River and often includes a lot of people who work at the very top of our government.  One more person wearing his criticism of America on his or her sleeve isn’t going to break the back of any camel holding back some potential terrorists’ trigger finger.  The whole concept is truly ludicrous and smacks of political posturing.

But what is truly important here is the fact that many of our lawyers and top officials are concerned over the potential for unfairness inherent in our court system.  Our leadership doesn’t have faith in the fairness of the system that is the primary tool the black community has been using for years to obtain some concept of racial fairness and equality in America.  People in the black community should be well aware of the way laws can be manipulated to our disadvantage.  In today’s court system, laws designed to end perpetual practices of racism and restore balance after years of supporting white privilege have been redefined as reverse discrimination and unfair to white people.

And after years of watching all the progress made during the civil rights era erode under some phony ass impression that correcting racism would in itself be racist, some of our legislatures who created all the loop holes in our system of laws that make the courts the farce they are now want to complain that there’s too much of a chance that the courts might be unfair.
Naturally, with traditional environment of politics being the type of animal that is more than happy to feast on its own, there is bound to be high profile opposition to Mr. Holder’s decision.  And the opposition will only intensify in the months, and quite potentially years, of legal maneuverings necessary to bring this trail to pass.

Indeed, during Mr. Holder’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the hearing held for him to defend his decision, Republican Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa told Mr. Holder that the situation was ludicrous considering the fact that all it would take is just one juror to derail the government’s case.  And somebody else brought signatures from a hundred thousand New Yorkers demanding that the accused remain at Guantanamo Bay.  Who needs a court when so many people think a one sided collection of signatures should suffice?

Honestly, if Mr. Mohammad’s rights were improperly trampled by people who represent our government, if he was tortured repeatedly and incessantly, the only person who gave him this get out of jail card would be the people who authorized the trampling of his rights.  And trust me, a court system carefully designed to protect the status quo would not allow any such technicality to impede our particular brand of American justice.

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