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Going Rogue Doesn’t Mean Going Away

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s new book is released today and it is topping the charts as far as book sales go.  But who’s surprised?  The woman has been pushing this book ever since she inked her seven figure pay deal with the publisher.  For the last week, she’s been making the book selling circuit doing appearances on a variety of shows.  Ms. Palin’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was meant to be the first interview with the former candidate for Vice President to promote her new book Going Rogue.  That was yesterday.  Today, the bookstores are free to sell Ms. Palin’s book to the rest of the world.

Ms. Palin is doing well for a person who just a scant fourteen months ago was an enigma to just about everybody who didn’t live in Alaska.  Largely responsible for getting the conservative faithful fired up about their hopes for Arizona Senator John McCain’s run for the White House, Ms. Palin is now more than ready to kick aside her backseat role as Mr. McCain’s oval office stand in.  After being in the national spotlight for just a few short months, Ms. Palin realized that even her job as the Governor of Alaska was no where near enough for her ambitions.  She used her other foot to kick the governorship to the side and to go rogue in the private sector.  It seemed Ms. Palin would be willing to do anything to keep the attention of the conservative hopefuls, even putting her political stock at risk.

But the risk seems to have been well worth it.  A lot of people are working to make her more popular now than ever.  And these people are amazingly successful despite the character of the person that they are working with.  Now in her new role as leading lady on the conservative’s political stage, Ms. Palin has returned to the forefront with what could be interpreted as a virtual conservative standing ovation.

And it really doesn’t help that Ms. Palin is featured on talk shows like Oprah to give her account of the numerous appearances she made on the political campaign where she appeared to have stumbled.  One of the most notable stumbles was her appearance on several CBS News interviews with Katie Couric.  When asked an incredibly benign question like what newspaper or magazine she reads on a regular basis, Ms. Palin replied any and all.  Maybe it was a journalist instinct or maybe it was an obvious recognition that Ms. Palin was trying to avoid the question by pulling a thoughtless answer out of thin air, Ms. Couric pressed and asked her to name one.  Who can’t name a newspaper or magazine that they read on a regular or irregular basis?  A normal person might say Time magazine or Washington Post or USA Today if nothing specific came to mind.

Ms. Palin blamed her inability to answer the question to some annoyance with Ms. Couric, who Ms. Palin took pity on and granted the now-infamous interview to because of what she thought was Ms. Couric’s low self esteem and incessant pressure.  Katie Couric might suffer from a variety of mental conditions but I seriously doubt if low self esteem registers on the radar of the anchor person for the CBS Evening News.  It really does appear that Ms. Palin is using this new round of high profile interviews, as well as her book, as an opportunity to settle an old score with the woman who was very instrumental in exposing Ms. Palin as somewhat of an intellectual lightweight.

But if Ms. Palin’s recollection of Ms. Couric can be considered harsh, according to some preliminary reviews of her book, her critique of the Mr. McCain’s political handlers was downright scathing.  The book has so incensed some the Arizona Senator’s aides that he had asked his people to avoid engaging in any public discussion of the book that goes beyond correcting factual inaccuracies.  Nevertheless, conservative party strategists Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace have both denied Ms. Palin’s charges and have called the book a work of total fiction.  Essentially, both have called Ms. Palin a liar.

Regardless of the accuracy of this book that Ms. Palin claims is her own words, regardless of all the people who are countering the book’s assertions, regardless of how many interviews people like former future son in law Levi Johnston try to derail her agenda, despite what we see and read about her and by her, Ms. Palin remains a phenomenon that appears incapable of being turned down, let alone snuffed out.  Indeed, for many people who adore her, this woman’s star is brighter now more than ever.  It’s like she’s wearing Teflon underwear.  It appears that the bulldog in lipstick has clamped those powerful jaws on the leg of fame and she refuses to let it go.

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  1. I have heard a lot from more liberal friends of mine that wish Palin would just shut up. I have to remind them, that the spotlight she is given is granted by others, including the AP (who put 11 readers on that job alone, by some reports). Part of it I blame on the American addiction to tracking any form of celebrity. Those that have deemed her “irrelevant” on both sides of the aisle, still take the bait to make remarks concerning her. I myself would love to have such notoriety for even a few days. Imagine the damage we could do with that, Brother P!

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Thursday, November 19, 2009 | Reply

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