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Some Conservatives Have No Tolerance For Compromise


Lindsey Graham is in a bit of some political trouble.  The senior Senator from South Carolina is in a little hot water with a good portion of his conservative constituents.  Many think that Mr. Graham has caved in to political pressure and has officially betrayed his country.  What was this damning act of betrayal?  Mr. Graham, a staunch supporter of all things conservative, has the audacity to work on bipartisan legislation with Democrats, the sworn enemies of the Republican Party.  Mr. Graham has pledged support for the more than fourteen hundred page Waxman-Markey bill, designed to give the federal government control of free markets through the implementation of cap and trade to curb pollution and save the world from global warming.  That sounds like a bastard alright.

In an article published in the New York Times and coauthored with his Democratic rival Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts, Mr. Graham says that he agrees that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security.  The depths of his depravity knows no bounds.  Even the most casual of conservatives knows that the scientific research on global warming is inconclusive with many of the best scientist that money can buy disputing the fact that global warming exists at all or, if so, is a man made phenomenon or, if so, man’s contribution to global warming is minimal.  The fact that many if these partial scientist receive very generous payments from industries with a lot to lose if America takes global warming seriously is just a coincidence.

Conservatives simply refuse to believe any of the calamitous predictions by scientist all over the world and embraced by the liberal left in a vicious plot to ruin the country and hand the keys to our government to foreign nationals.  The additional costs that will be imposed on every American family if cap and trade is enacted will be substantial.  Electricity costs will double.  Nearly two million jobs will be lost.  The economy will lose trillions of dollars in gross domestic product by 2035.  Is the potential of global warming worth the impact to our struggling economy?  Conservatives say no.  And if Mr. Graham doesn’t utter an unequivocal no he is betraying everything conservatives stand for.

Mr. Graham was easily reelected to the United States Senate through the support of conservatives for his conservative principles.  Lower taxes and less government is the conservative way.  Anything less is unacceptable.  And to add fuel to the fire that heats up the ire of many conservatives, Mr. Graham publicly supported President Barack Obama’s choice for the United States Supreme Court, the wise Latina Sonia Sotomayor.  The man is a total liberal douche bag.

But if many conservatives see Mr. Graham as a product for feminine hygiene, it’s his own fault.  As a high profile conservative, Mr. Graham did his best to whip the core of his conservative constituency into a foam spewing rabid frenzy.  During the campaign for the presidency between Mr. Obama and his conservative opponent Arizona Senator John McCain, Mr. Graham was uncompromising and relentless in his promotion of the conservative party.  There was no room for negotiation.  There was no room for conciliation.  It was an all or nothing proposition.  Mr. Graham said he would be deathly afraid of Mr. Obama winning the White House and would work relentlessly to block Mr. Obama’s liberal agenda.

But the public had different ideas.  Six years of our federal government controlled by a strong conservative trifecta controlling the White House, the House of Representative, and the Congress gave many people pause to continue supporting a conservative political agenda.  The majority of people saw that change was needed.  Now, the Democrats are enjoying their own triple threat and the conservatives are now simply along for the ride.  Democrats are in firm control of both congressional houses and are pushing through a liberal agenda.  In order to remain a player in the new un-conservative political conservation taking place at the moment, conservatives must now learn a little humility, eat a little crow, and learn to compromise with their opponents in the majority at least for the moment.

To go from a promise to be an unrelenting thorn in the majority’s side to a compromiser probably looks like betrayal.  It makes the Senator look weak kneed and unreliable.  Many conservatives are now saying that Lindsey Graham has bought into the liberal agenda hook, line, and sinker.  He has made his deal with the political devil.  And now, that infamous town hall mentality that expressed so much furor at liberals is now being aimed squarely at Mr. Graham.  Case in point, there is a video circulating where one of Mr. Graham’s constituents calls him a traitor as he walked out of the auditorium where a town hall meeting was taking place.  In response, Mr. Graham says people should just chill out.  But it’s hard to simply say chill when just a minute ago he was telling people not to.

Conservatives have long memories and they do not have the most forgiving of hearts.  These are the type of people who cheer incessantly for the uncompromising determination of pit bulls in lipstick that have all the vision of a crayon.  The word “compromise” simply isn’t a good thing in the conservative dictionary.  It is a word synonymous with traitor.  Better to be reduced to an ineffective caricature tilting at political windmills than do anything that could even remotely be interpreted as working with the enemy.

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