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Too Bad Genarlow Wilson Didn’t Make Rosemary’s Baby


Genarlow Wilson is the man convicted of aggravated child molestation because as a seventeen year old he had engaged in oral sex with a consenting fifteen year old girl at a 2004 New Year’s Eve party.  Mr. Wilson was in a video tape engaging in sex with a seventeen year old black girl.  The video showed the girl on the bathroom floor and then later having sex with Mr. Wilson even though she appeared sleepy or intoxicated during the sex.  She did not tell him to stop.  When she woke up naked and disoriented the next morning, she claimed to have been raped.  The police found condoms and evidence of alcohol consumption in the motel room used for the party.

The video also showed a fifteen year old white girl offering and then performing oral sex on Genarlow Wilson sex.  A jury acquitted him of raping the older black girl, but convicted him of aggravated child molestation against the just two year younger white girl.  At the time of his conviction, Georgia State law had provisions for similarity in age that allowed underage consent to be taken into account were only applicable to vaginal sex.  Had the two teenagers engaged in vaginal intercourse without the oral sex, Genarlow Wilson would have been charged with a misdemeanor, punishable up to one year in jail, with no sex offender status, instead of the mandatory ten year minimum term that the judge gave him.  The tape was from a video made in 2003.  Genarlow Wilson was sentenced and started serving his sentence in 2005 at the age of nineteen.  He served two years until he was released by the Georgia State Legislature.

Roman Raymond Polanski is the celebrated Academy Award winning director, producer, writer, and actor.  He made such films as Rosemary’s Baby featuring Mia Farrow and Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and The Pianist featuring Holly Hunter and The Ninth Gate featuring Johnny Depp.  He is one of the world’s best known contemporary film directors and is widely considered one of the greatest directors of his time.  In 1977, at the age of forty four, Mr. Polanski was convicted for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a thirteen year old minor, Samantha Gailey now none as Samantha Geiner.

According to a 2003 interview with Ms. Geimer, Mr. Polanski asked her mother if he could photograph the girl for Vogue.  Her mother consented to a private photo shoot.  Everything was fine.  Then Mr. Polanski asked her to change in front of him.  She said she felt uncomfortable and did not want to go back for a second shoot but relented.  A second session took place at the home of actor Jack Nicholson.  The two were drinking champagne.  Ms. Geimer said that toward the end it got scary when she realized he had other intentions.  He asked her to lie down on a bed.  She attempted to resist, but they were alone and she didn’t know what else would happen if she made a scene.  So she figured if she could just get through it she’ll get to go home.  Ms. Geimer testified that Mr. Polanski gave her a combination of champagne and quaaludes.  In his autobiography, Mr. Polanski described the encounter as consensual.

Under a plea bargain, Mr. Polanski pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.  Under the terms of his plea agreement, the court ordered Polanski to report to a state prison for psychiatric evaluation, but granted a stay of ninety days to allow him to complete a project he was working on.  He was even permitted to travel outside the country.  Looking at possible incarceration, Mr. Polanski fled the United States.

A few days ago Mr. Polanski’s luck ran out.  He was arrested by the police when he arrived at the Zürich Airport while trying to enter Switzerland to pick up a lifetime achievement Golden Icon Award from the Zurich Film Festival.  Since then, a lot of people have come to his defense.  A lot of people are sympathetic to Mr. Polanski’s plight and think it is okay that this celebrity goes without prosecution.  Mr. Polanski is now a gentlemanly old man and should be exempt from any form of American justice.

Some people argue that Mr. Polanski has suffered enough.  His mother died at Auschwitz; his pregnant wife was murdered by the Manson family; and after pleading guilty to unlawful intercourse and serving an evaluation period in the Chino state prison, he says he learned that a judge who had led him to believe that he would serve no more jail time actually was considering a longer sentence, followed by deportation.  However it should be noted that Mr. Polanski exiled himself to France.  Deportation could not have been that big of a threat.

Regardless, Mr. Polanski is a gifted artist.  He appears to have been living a quiet, non-criminal family life in France all these years.  His victim has publicly forgiven him and said that he should serve no more time after settling her civil suit against him for an undisclosed fortune and requested dismissal of the case.  He’s an artist for goodness sake.

It really is too bad that Genarlow Wilson never did a notable movie like Rosemary’s Baby.  It is too bad he never directed The Ninth Gate.  Otherwise, other high profile celebrities just may have come to his rescue and vouch for his character the way they vouched for Mr. Polanski.  No one has suggested that Mr. Polanski is innocent, but it’s only a matter of time before somebody makes the suggestion that he’s just as much the victim as his victim.  People have made the suggestion that he has paid for his crime, just by living with what he has done, living well in France that is.

Without a big bucks movie to hand his name on, Genarlow Wilson never got such compassion.  A lot of people had no problem seeing him and labeling him as a sexual predator.  He couldn’t hightail it to France to spend thirty some odd years living with the emotional trauma of agreeing to a blow job from a white girl just two years younger than him.  From the emotional standpoint of the national collective, without Mr. Polanski’s reputation and contribution to movie making, Mr. Wilson just didn’t have a prayer.  Only Mr. Polanski’s reputation could save a forty four year old man who committed rape against her will.  The reputation of Mr. Wilson’s couldn’t save a seventeen year old who consented to oral sex from a fifteen year old.

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