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I Was Looking For A Black Microscope!


“One of the operatives who motivated me to create this ‘Microscope On Left Wing Bias In The Black Blogesphere’ (the original title) strikes again.

BrotherPeace Maker has deleted yet another one of my posts on his honorable blog.

This man prefers to spew left biased hatred and distortions in an unchecked manner. Yet when I confronted him over the years – ATTEMPTING to put his arguments into a larger framework in regards to the INCUMBENCY OVER BLACK AMERICA WHERE WE LIVE IN OUR HIGHEST CONCENTRATIONS – and thus point out the irony of his exclusive focus on the outsider – HE WOULD HEAR NONE OF IT.

First he started attempting to debate with me. A losing cause for him.

Then he changed his policy. My comments were migrated from the main posting area over to some folder reserved for ‘Constructive Feedback’.

I created this blog so that I could post MY COMMENTS made on BQPFRC sites which were prone to delete my words so that I can have a recording of how they were unable to deal with someone who challenged their leftist orthodoxy as applied to the Black Community.

Now BrotherPeaceMaker is simply deleting my posts when he sees them. I haven’t posted at that God forsaken site in about a year.

We see that neither Barack Obama nor BrotherPeaceMaker is willing to “meet with their enemies with no preconditions”. – Constructive Feedback

If by “year” he meant a few days ago when he tried to leave a comment on my post titled Freedom Of Speech Is Not Entitlement To Be Heard, then I have to agree with him. Otherwise, it looks like Destructive Feedback made five comments to my articles in the past year. Two of his comments were made to articles on this blog, three comments were to one of the articles I posted on the AfroSpear. As if I needed more proof to see that he is not only intellectually mistaken but he is a straight up bold faced liar. He says that he hasn’t posted any comments to my godforsaken blog in the past year but then complains that I simply delete his comments. He is a liar! And like most people who try to avoid the truth, he cannot keep his lies straight and if anybody bothers to look, all it takes is a cursory glance to see that his statements don’t add up. He is so caught in spinning his web of untruths that he doesn’t even bother to see that he will contradict himself in the very next sentence.

“First he started attempting to debate with me. A losing cause for him.”

I have to admit, this is one of those rare moments where I find that we are in perfect agreement. He is most correct when he says that at first I was willing to dialogue with him. But after sampling his perverted thought processes, I’m reminded of the words of Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank and I have to ask, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” You see, I tried to get through to whatever remains of anything resembling logical thought in his thinking process. But like Mr. Frank said to the young lady at the town hall, “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.” And right now I’m in no mood to argue with a dining room table. Although I must admit the table would probably have a far more logical argument than the nonsense Feedback sputters. So people will have to forgive me if I look for more intelligent conversation elsewhere. Like with my sofa. As soon as I’m through with Feedback there’s a good chance I’ll turn away from my desk and say, “Excuse me Mr. Sofa but I had to reply to some idiotic liar. Now, where were we…”

I really didn’t want to post a link to Feedback’s little blog. After looking at his visitors counter and the fact that he has been writing his Black People Under a Microscope since February of 2008, I figure he is getting about twenty five hits per day on average, maybe even less more recently. Now I’m pretty sure he has a few family members and friends who frequent his site on a regular basis. But I’m also sure that the majority of the people who visit his blog come away thinking, What the fuck is this? I was looking for black microscopes! What the hell is this Microscope on Black People on the Web With Windows 2.0 shit, or whatever this crap is trying to be? That Google Search really can suck some times!

With all the complaining he does about the shortcomings of black people and his total focus on the faults of the black community, I would imagine that Feedback’s visitors count would be off the chain and his fan base would appeal to anybody with a conservative mindset and somewhat of a racist streak that would be more than happy to accept the racial disparity that continues to plague the black population in general. But even that large pool of potential visitors finds his blog too nonsensical to frequent on a regular basis.

While he continues to pull his dining room table impersonation, trying his best not to understand why anyone would ban him from their website, then again knowing him it probably is no act at all, other people come to my blog and can engage in a conversation like adults. But Feedback has a way of engaging people that disagrees with him that resembles recent town hall conservative’s behavior. He has no interest in dialogue. He has no need for talk. All he wants is any attention he can get. He is so desperate for somebody’s approval, anybody as long as they are not from the black community, to the point that he would do so at the expense of anything that might remind him of the need for integrity.

No one here or from the AfroSpear forced Feedback to start his 2.0 blog. He started it totally on your own in a bid to justify his hatred of his black self. And the simple fact of the matter is that as much as I don’t care for anything about him, the loathing he has for his self pales in comparison. He started his blog to feed his hatred of black people. He really needs to come to terms with the decisions he has made and quit thinking he is going to change me or anyone else with the dribble that he tries to pass as a blog.

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  1. I know this has nothing to do in relation to your trouncing of CF but check this out. The writer of this article wishes to have this story get as much exposure as possible in the black blogosphere so that can catch the attention of high-circulation news venues and see the return of this woman.

    Thank You,
    Dark Frosty

    Comment by Dark Frosty | Friday, September 25, 2009 | Reply

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