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A Simpler Way


The Republican Party has its Democratic counterpart at a serious disadvantage.  The Republican Party is far more homogenous than the Democrats.  Looking back at clips and glimpses of the Republican National Convention, the majority of the crowd was obviously identifiably white.  While there were some ethnicity displayed on the stage with high profile appearances and commentary from people like Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal, the vast majority of conservatives are racially white.

While the white community makes up something in the neighborhood of seventy to seventy five percent of the national population, I’ve seen estimates that the Republican Party was over ninety three percent white while the Democratic Party was down in the sixty percent range.  So the Republican Party can appeal to its base with broad strokes of political policies that promote the protection of institutions that can be mostly associated with the status quo and with white privilege.  It is common sense that white privilege would appeal to a mostly white base.

Without all the complications associated with trying to make a cohesive, unified group with people from divergent ethnicities and cultures and historical backgrounds, the conservatives can keep their messages simple and revolving around a single theme of keeping the status quo that is traditionally geared towards white people.  Indeed, for many people in the more conservative party, anything that changes our social makeup is a threat to our traditional American way of life.

When I see conservative people holding up signs saying they want to take their country back, I have to ask, take their country back from whom?  As far as I know the white community isn’t in any real danger of losing control or of being minimized to the point of insignificance in America’s racial spectrum.  If the racial makeup of the upper echelons of the United States government is any indication, the white community is well represented and isn’t going away anytime soon or anytime later.

The same can be true about the captains of corporate America, the representatives of state level governments, the judicial system, nonprofit agencies, entertainment from the perspective of both the people front and center and the people who operate and control things behind the curtain or behind the camera, just about any corporation’s middle management, and any other slice of America held in high regard.  The white community is, by every measurable social comparison, is truly in the driver’s seat.

But nevertheless, the conservative party can appeal to the conservative base by manipulating their fears that we the minorities are doing what we can to put an end to the perpetual condition of white privilege rooted in racial discrimination built on a solid foundation of state sanctioned black subjugation.  Then again, if truth was told it wouldn’t be very hard to imagine minorities working their best as a collective to end white privilege in order to make a more racially equitable society.  But the moment we do anything that makes our national collective more fair or anything to make things more equitable, some people want to scream socialism, one of the main scourges of conservative principles.

Democrats on the other hand are not so lucky to have such a one trick pony core.  Blue dog Democrats can appear to be just as conservative as any hard core Republican.  Democrat in name only, they exist at one end of the political spectrum.  These Democrats have more in common with their Republican opponents than some of their associates they share their side of the political aisle with.

And the political issues are just one set of the complex mix of subjects that make up the vast interests of the Democratic Party.  Although such diversity can sound a lot more inclusive, it is the inclusion of this diverse collection of people with differing ideas, perceptions, perspectives, needs, wants, backgrounds, futures, and etcetera that makes it somewhat difficult to operate with anything resembling a unified political bloc with the same basic ideas, interests, perceptions, beliefs, faith, and all.

I guess that’s one of the inherent problems associated with having a liberal orientation that is geared towards the possibility of new ideas and new concepts and progressive ways of thinking, but in different directions, that have to come together as opposed to having the same basic orientation with relatively little acceptance for a diverging path from people who may have diverging interests.

This is not to say that the Republican Party doesn’t welcome people who think in progressive ways.  I do believe the party can be very innovative.  But innovation is limited to assuring that the status quo stays in place.  And from a racial perspective and class perspective and economic perspective and more, I feel that keeping the status quo would seriously put me and other people in the black community at a true disadvantage if we were to chose the simpler way.

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