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Some Enemies Of Their Enemy Might Be Racist


There is so much blame to go around everybody can take his or her heaping helping and there would still be plenty left for tomorrow and the rest of our lives.  Many people point to the conservatives and say that they are getting out of hand.  The conservatives will say that it started with the liberals and their animosity towards former President George Bush.  Two years into Mr. Bush’s term, Missouri Representative Richard Gephardt called Mr. Bush a miserable failure.  Four years into Mr. Bush’s term Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called Mr. Bush a loser.

Liberals point to the behavior of the political conservatives who tried to run former President Bill Clinton out of office for his extramarital extracurricular activity with Monica Lewinsky in the oval office of the White House.  Conservative politicians came out the woodwork to heap fuel on the fire of condemnation.  People like Idaho Senator Larry Craig, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, South Caroline Governor Mark Sanford and Senator Strom Thurmond were ready to condemn the President for his improper sexual behavior when they were participating or had participated in their own improper sexual activity.  Many conservatives lined up to name Mr. Clinton the most evil man in America.

Before that, conservatives pointed to the shameful treatment of Bill Clinton’s immediate predecessors George Bush and Ronald Reagan.  But before that, liberals point to the way former President Jimmy Carter was undermined by conservatives who were working against his best efforts to manage the country and free the American hostages that were held by the Iranians.  And before that, we can go back to every political relationship between liberals and conservatives from the very moment somebody had the idea that this former colony should become a new country.

But despite whom we might believe started it or why, things are getting pretty tense.  The political atmosphere of the nation is getting very bitter and very caustic.  People are holding political signs of hatred for their President.  Without much in the way of a foundation for such vitriol, people accuse the President of being a socialist or a communist because he’s using tax dollars to try and save what remains of our economy or he wants to try and save jobs by using public money to keep General Motors from completely collapsing, or he wants to reform the healthcare system so all citizens can have equal access to quality medical care.

On the surface, saving the economy, jobs, and people’s health sounds like a good thing.  But leave it to political opponents to find the sinister truth that it’s all a political ploy to take over our government even thought he was already over our government.  People feel entitled to take their guns to town halls when the President makes an appearance and will scream bloody murder if someone makes the suggestion that town halls where emotions run hot and people are quick to anger are no place for loaded weapons.  These same people don’t say peep when they are told not to take their weapons to the airport, bank, school grounds, hospital, police station, and etcetera.  But try to tell somebody not to take their gun around the first black President.  It’s all just a socialist plot to take away our right to bear arms.

President Barack Obama represents everything we fear and hate about government.  People don’t mind paying taxes until Mr. Obama becomes President and we suddenly have tea party reenactments to protest too much taxing and deficit spending even though deficit spending on the national level has been a way of life for more than half a century.  People know we need healthcare reform but healthcare reform under Mr. Obama is simply trying to do too much too fast.  All the changes to our political system that we elected him to make need to be stopped.

Things like healthcare reform needs to put it off for the time being so we can let more Americans continue to lose their homes and any wealth they may have to outrageous medical bills and we continue to let insurance companies rake in billions of dollars in profits by denying people the coverage they need because of preexisting conditions.  And if Mr. Obama and the rest of our liberal government leaders don’t listen to their conservative constituents, the conservatives can quote Thomas Jefferson and make threats about watering the tree of freedom with their political opponent’s blood.

This is the environment we find ourselves.  Like the Republican Party campaign rallies held prior to the general election that overwhelmingly swept Mr. Obama into the presidency, conservatives are being whipped up into a blood boiling frenzy.  People are encouraged to disrupt any dialogue from happening so that ignorance and suspicion can continue to reign supreme.  Ignorance allows fear and suspicion to spread and fester and that is an advantage for anyone who doesn’t want to see any change to the status quo for any reason.

Whether people don’t want to see Mr. Obama succeed because they foresee a loss of personal status when things change or whether or not it’s because of personal greed or whether or not it’s because of a political philosophy or whether it is because of downright racism, the end result is the same.  The enemies of Mr. Obama see other people who are Mr. Obama’s enemies as their friends.  Anything is okay as long as it leads to Mr. Obama going down and derails his plan to changes our system.  It is more important to score political points with a common goal than to say anything that might upset the coalition of resistance.

So it’s really not a surprise to see people who want to bring guns to town hall meetings get the endorsement of conservatives.  It’s no surprise to see conservatives put a great deal of their political stock into people who have a history of racism or a history of making racially insensitive remarks.  It’s no surprise to see conservatives hitch their hat on anybody who thinks their constitutional rights are at risk or that death panels are after the elderly or the President is an undocumented foreigner or anything else that comes to mind.

Therefore, anybody with any beef with Mr. Obama is an ally to conservatives no matter how abhorrent.  Anybody who hates Mr. Obama is a friend that deserves the protection of anyone who may be a conservative.  As a collective, many conservatives are willing to look the other way as instances of racism become more blatant in our politics.  But that’s okay because America has always had a high tolerance for prejudice against black people.  Conservatives might as well take advantage of it while they can.

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