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Putting Political Posturing Aside For The Good Of The Country


I look at the field of high profile conservative Republican Party politicians and members and I shake my head.  The fact that Arizona Senator John McCain was their best hope for a presidential candidate says a lot.  While I believed Mr. McCain was a reasonable candidate for President back in the 2000 race, the man that ran the race in 2008 was a totally different figure.  I believe that the Mr. McCain of 2000 would have never stooped to put such emphasis on sex appeal when selecting a presidential running mate.

As if to magnify the fact that what Mr. McCain had to say didn’t mean much of anything to the conservative faithful, during the home stretch to the general election, once Mr. McCain’s running mate gave her well known speech about being a lipstick wearing pit bull and saying thanks but no thanks to a bridge to nowhere but keeping the money, people really didn’t care to hear Mr. McCain talk about policy.  For conservatives, the whole presidential race became nothing more than a campaign to beat the other guys, no matter the issue, no matter the subject, no matter the affect on the country.

In the time since the general election, the political trenches have grown deeper, the political fences even higher.  While I will confess that my political leanings have always been to the liberal side of things, I have tried to listen to both sides of an issue before making my own decision as to what is best for the community at large and not just what would benefit me or just my family the most.

But now, I have serious difficulty listening to high profile conservatives and taking what they say seriously.  I hear conservatives like Glen Beck calling President Barack Obama a racist with a strong dislike for white people.  I hear conservatives like Chuck Grassley say that the President wants to employ death panels and kill old people to save money on healthcare.  I hear conservatives promote tea parties to protest Mr. Obama’s tax and spend policies and these same people said nothing about the rampant deficit spending of the past eight years.  I hear conservatives like Rush Limbaugh call Mr. Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court a Latina that is racist against white men.  Mr. Obama gives a speech in the chambers of the Congress and Joe Wilson calls him a liar in front of the entire world.  And what conservative doesn’t look at the current administration and think socialist?  Conservatives like Alan Keyes wants to call Mr. Obama an illegal alien despite the fact that his Hawaiian birth certificate confirms his citizenship.  Mr. Obama gives a speech to children about staying in school and conservatives believe it’s some socialistic plot to indoctrinate children and destroy the future of capitalism.  And Sarah Palin accuses the President of palling around with terrorists.

I watch conservatives make the claim that liberals are running this country into the ground after a Republican President along with a Republican controlled Congress ran the country into the ground.  Conservatives are ready to protest deficit spending after eight years of serious deficit spending.  People are ready to believe that a black President wants to go down in history as the man that made the euthanasia of old people standard operating procedure in America.  It is truly unbelievable what conservative people are ready to believe about their liberal leaning government with nothing but innuendo and suggestion as proof.  And the allegations and accusations just keep coming.  It is rare to see a high profile conservative that is willing to give liberals a break.

While I have always leaned to the liberal side of our social collective, there was a time I thought that the conservative candidate could do a better job than the liberal contender in the President’s seat.  As a youngster, I remember watching as the country fell apart around former President Jimmy Carter.  The energy crisis was causing long lines and rationing at the gas stations across the country, there was double digit inflation, the Iranians were holding Americans as hostages, and it seemed that there wasn’t much for Americans to be proud about.

The country needed a new direction and Ronald Reagan looked like he was more capable for running the country in a new direction.  Were we better off than we were when Mr. Carter took over the executive branch?  Hell no!  I thought four more years of Mr. Carter would be disastrous.  While I could not vote for Mr. Reagan when he ran against Mr. Carter, I’m very sure I would have.

With the hindsight of history we see that the deck was stacked against Mr. Carter.  The conservatives were blocking his attempts to free the hostages.  The cozy relationship between certain conservatives and the leaders of oil producing countries was exploited to block Mr. Carter’s attempt to feed our thirst for oil.  The illegal Iran-Contra arrangement headed by Oliver North was implemented to illegally shuffle money and weapons to foreigners behind Mr. Carter’s back.  Mr. North took one for the team and was rewarded for it.

The point is that we took the keys from Mr. Carter and we gave them to Mr. Reagan and supported him as he went to town slashing programs and cutting taxes and doing everything he could to make the economy right again by making sure corporations had everything they needed to make money, damn the consumers.  But that was a far simpler time.

These days, after all the failures of the previous administration, few conservatives are willing to let the new management do what they feel is best to set the country right again.  Mr. Obama is being hamstrung with every move he makes.  Mr. Obama can’t even take his wife to dinner and a play in New York, New York without somebody hounding him to make it look like some liberal publicity stunt and held up as proof that Mr. Obama lacks any fiscal sensibilities or sensitivities.

And so many people are working to thwart Mr. Obama.  The conservative mantra seems to be nothing more than a slight modification of that statement made famous by a hugely famous conservative, we hope he fails.  Not only do a lot of high profile and many day to day conservatives hope Mr. Obama fails, many are doing whatever they can to assure that it happens.  A lot of people are willing to do what they can to sink this ship called the American economy even though they don’t have so much as a life vest to wear when it does go down.

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