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Responses Say More About Race Than The Assault


The school bus video of the two black students attacking a white student is abhorrent.  I have to confess that I have not seen the whole thing.  I’ve only seen the clips displayed on the local news.  Unfortunately, most of us are aware of how the media can edit things so that the full story is kept hidden in order to keep the viewing audience coming back for more in order to find out what really happened.  It is only after a painfully slow process of revealing bits and pieces in an arduous path to truth will the complete story be known.

All I have seen is one black student choking a white student and then he starts pounding away at the head of the white student with the help of another black student.  The white student doesn’t put up much of a fight.  The clip is brutal.

I was reviewing the WordPress tag surfer about the subject of racism when I found the video.  A blogger by the name of Michael Naragon did a post on the subject titled, “Whites attack black kid?  Hate crime.  Blacks attack white kid?  No crime.”  The video clip is featured prominently in the post.  I will admit that I didn’t see the video clip from the article.  The internet filters at the office that provide web access at work doesn’t allow videos to get through.  I’m pretty sure that it’s a move intended to reserve as much bandwidth as possible while providing access to so many people.

The title of the article implies that the black students assaulted the white student and faced no retribution.  The article said that there was no provocation and that this is a hate crime with black people attacking a white person because of the color of his skin.  However, the videos that I have seen clearly show other white students on the bus.  Although the white students are in the minority, they are sprinkled around the seats.  The other white students have not been attacked.  So it should be clear that this isn’t a case of black people simply hating white people.  Nevertheless, Mr. Naragon says this is a hate crime and that the black students should face felony charges for an unprovoked attack.

I found more information about the story.  It appears that one of the black students was sitting in a bench all by himself.  The empty seat was holding his books or his book bag.  The white student moved the books or bag and sat down.  A friend told me that whatever it was, it was pushed to the floor.  I haven’t been able to find anything to corroborate that part of the story.  But the black student took offense that the white student would move his books and this initiated the beating, not the color of the white student’s skin.

Mr. Naragon is claiming that if the situation was reversed, if the story was about a lone black student getting his or her ass kicked by a couple of white students, the Reverends Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading the rest of the black community to demand that the white students be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  As an example to support his theory, the blogger refers to the Duke Lacrosse players’ case where white students were wrongly charged for assaulting a single black woman paid to entertain.  However, Mr. Naragon conveniently omits the fact that although there was an initial suspicion the white lacrosse players were never charged with a hate crime.  Similarly, while it was initially suspected that the black students may have committed a hate crime, a scratch of the issue’s surface appears to show that this is not the case.

The black attackers were arrested and released.  So far, they have been suspended for ten days.  They have yet to be formally charged.  They are juveniles so unless there are extenuating circumstances to warrant them being charged as adults, authorities are somewhat limited with what can be done.  But regardless, they deserve to face serious charges.  It wasn’t a fight, it was a beating.  The white student never made a move to defend him self.  The attack was totally unwarranted.

But what I find disappointing is Mr. Naragon’s implication that authorities are unwilling to call this a crime and that white people are automatically and unfairly held to a higher social standard than black people.  Before the dust can even start to settle, in the middle of trying to figure out exactly what happened and what may have caused it, people are saying that because authorities didn’t knee jerk into filing formal charges within fifteen minutes of the incident, and jeopardizing any chance for an honest to goodness prosecution in a court, that white people cannot get a break.

It is unfortunate, but this incident appears to be stoking some serious racial animosity.  In all of the sites I’ve visited where people can add their two cents to the story, there have been a number of comments made promoting some kind of race war.  A number of people have made comments that can be summed up as white people just can’t catch a break these days and need to take their country back.  People think that black people have gotten out of hand now that we have a black President and something needs to be done to put black people back in their place.

In typical fashion, a couple of young black thugs are used to define the entire black community.  Too many people think all black people are guilty because of the behavior of a couple juvenile delinquents egged on and encouraged by a bus load of slightly less delinquent juveniles itching for something exciting to talk or tweet about in school.

Truth be told there are plenty of racists on both sides of the racial divide.  I don’t have to imagine what it would be like if the situation was reversed.  It has been reversed.  Black students have been attacked by white students and it was dismissed as little more than a school fight and the only punishment was a few days suspension.  I have seen a video of a white cop punching a young black girl in the face for resisting arrest and he was cleared of any wrong doing.  I have seen videos of black people attacked and even killed by white people and after an investigation is performed any threat of charges are dropped.  I don’t have to imagine what would happen if the situation is reversed.  The reverse happens a lot more often than a lot of people think.

I hope justice is served.  I don’t like people who prey on others regardless of the color of anybody’s skin.  If it was a black student beating another black student would people care?  If it was a white student beating another white student would people care?  But because we see a white student getting beat by a black student suddenly the gloves over our racism are ready to come off.  There is a bigger indication of racism at play here that is far more serious than an assault on a bus.

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  1. Thanks for being a voice of reason.

    Comment by blueollie | Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Reply

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  3. As usual, brotherpeacemaker, I emphatically agree with you. And it is sad but true that alot more of the closet racists started to come out of the woodwork when our first black president was elected. It truly struck a nerve with so many, and exposed these hate mongers for who they really are. I, too, was apalled at the brief clip I saw of this school bus beating; however, people must not be so quick to jump to conclusions and false accusations-especially the poisonous one mr. naragon insinuates. he is dead wrong. as a 30 year old white woman from the south, i am all too familiar with judgements, comments, and mind sets in general along the same lines of mr naragon. I tell myself that each day we (the human race) have to be getting closer to understanding, tolerance, and LOVE of one another. My outlook must remain optimistic-otherwise, what do we tell and teach our children?.. ~Peace & love~

    Comment by Rebecca | Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Reply

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