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Opinions Are Never Wrong


“I must say I agree with Ellen here. A while ago I replied to one of these blogs with my opinion. As someone living in England my view of the issue may have been different to that of others, however I felt I was entitled to my opinion. What I got back was a list of arguments which seemed to contradict the original post and ended in the blogger calling me ”dense” and saying he was surprised I could learn anything. Reading more of these blogs over time I have come to realise that anyone who disagrees with the blog is not entitled to state their opinion but is instead accussed of having the wrong opinion. Is it me or amI right in thinking opinions are meant to be different and can’t be ”wrong”.

At the end of the comment in which I had been called ”dense” the blogger said peace. I’m sorry but if that is your idea of peace there’s something terribly wrong.”Natalie


But it is my opinion that the idea that you are an innocent victim of this blog who was simply trying to express your opinion is full of fiction and misleading. It is my opinion that you accused me of being racist for pointing out that Will Smith’s daughter was being pushed to have a white role model, Paris Hilton (click here to see the original post). Even when I tried to tell you that I have my own role models, many of whom are white, you continued to insist that I was only against Ms. Hilton because she was white and not because of her lack of character.

After we went back and forth for a while and I realized there was no way to snap you out of your delusion, it was my opinion that you were dense and you simply are too thick in your beliefs to learn anything new. That is my opinion, so how can you say that I was wrong? You just wrote, “am I right in thinking opinions are meant to be different and can’t be wrong”. But right after you write that, you then turn around and say, “if this is your idea of peace there’s something terribly wrong”. You simply reconfirmed my opinion that trying to exchange ideas with you is a waste of time.  You really don’t believe any of the things you say.

If I thought you were a person of reason open to a respectful dialogue of differing opinions then you would be more than welcome to express your views as much as anyone else. But don’t think for a moment you can come here and attack me, use your replies to offer your opinion painting me as a racist, and then think that you would be welcomed with open arms.

This blog is a reflection of me and I don’t care for people like you who, in my opinion, have poor manners. It is no different than you coming into my house, sitting on my sofa and start telling me how racist I am. I’d ask you to leave. If that didn’t work I’d tell you to leave. And if that still didn’t work, I’d make you regret the day you ever set foot in my house. And don’t think you’d ever be welcomed back with your little attitude.

You are more than welcome to your opinion. But if you don’t have a more gracious way of interacting with your host then you are more than welcome to take your opinion somewhere else. You ain’t got to go home but you got to stay the hell away from here. And since that is my opinion how can it be wrong?


Saturday, September 5, 2009 - Posted by | African Americans, Black Community, Black Culture, Black People, Life, Racism, Thoughts


  1. Natalie, Carlton and prob more. Youve gotta be wondering if everybody else is wrong or if its just you. Seriously. Peace

    Comment by feedback backfeed | Sunday, September 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. “I dont defend what you say but i sure will delete it if i dont like it” BroP

    Comment by feedback backfeed | Sunday, September 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. Damn skippy!!!


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, September 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. I dont understand. Whats skippy?

    Comment by feedback backfeed | Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Aha! “Damn skippy” is a colloquialism meaning you are absolutely right…

    I’m not about to pretend that people are free to say or write whatever they please on my blog. People need to have a little courtesy. If someone says I’m a liar they can go straight to hell. I’ll delete what I please and won’t make any apologies for it.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. BrotherP,

    I agree! People seem to be confused and thinking that freedom of speech somehow means that they can say what they please and you HAVE to allow it.

    Guess what people? It is just as if you came into our home and started spewing idiocy. We will more than likely kick your stupid butts into the street. Which is probably what they would do as well.

    So, you have the freedom to say whatever you want but you don’t have the right to say it in my home, on my blog, in my car or anything else that I control.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | Reply

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