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Blood In The Dojo


I don’t know what lured me in.  Maybe it was the picture of Sho’nuff, the Shogun of Harlem from the movie The Last Dragon played so well by Tony Todd.  Maybe it was just my own morbid curiosity piqued by the title indicating that a mentally challenged black man was beaten to death.  But whatever it was, I bit it.  I clicked on the video and watched.

Initially I got bored with it.  Too much talking!  Let’s get to the action.  I began to think I had been had.  The video starts off with a white dojo owner didn’t appreciate some strange black guy coming into his martial arts lair and telling people that he was taught by Jesus Christ himself which made him undefeatable.  The white guy had the look of, Oh really?  He gets one of his black students to spar with the intruder.  The sparring started and quickly turned ugly.

The black student was out for blood.  The intruder was on the defensive from the get go.  They sparred back and forth for a few minutes.  The student was fighting for the honor of his dojo and was not about to lose face among his peers.  His attack was fierce.  At one point, when the stranger was on the ground, the student called him a motherfucker and started dropping blows as if the stranger had stolen something from him.  The stranger got back to his feet, but he had had enough and was trying to surrender.  The student wouldn’t have it.  He kept throwing punches.  He kept throwing kicks.  The stranger started to lose consciousness.  The student continued to kick him in the head.  The stranger went limp and was down on the ground.  The student continued to kick.  And when the stranger was totally unconscious and defenseless, the student stomped on his neck.  When the stranger’s body started to convulse, the student took to the air and came down on the strangers head with his foot.

It may have been my imagination.  I don’t want to watch the video again to make sure.  But I thought I heard the crack of bones breaking.  There was a spurt of blood from the stranger’s mouth.  His breathing was loud and excessively labored.  His unconscious form was pitifully gasping for air.  The dojo owner told his students to take the body out the back door.  They grabbed the stranger’s feet and dragged him to the rear of the school.  A trail of blood marked the way.  That was twenty five years ago.

Recently this video was posted on YouTube.  Somebody thought it was something worth sharing with the world.  And now, thanks to somebody’s brazenness, a murder investigation has started.  I had never seen anyone actually beaten to death before.  I hope the people responsible for this murder are caught and are persecuted to the fullest extent of law.  I hope they hang.  I hope they fry.  I hope they go to hell and learn what true hell is all about.

The black man who did his teacher’s bidding is the worst kind of pit bull.  He is willing to kill for his master’s pleasure.  The man was trying to surrender and he kept coming.  The man was helpless and he kept coming.  No one stopped him.  He was rewarded for a job well done by receiving the accolades of his teacher.  So desperate for approval this black man was willing to become a murderer.

No one in that room stopped him.  No one in that room said enough was enough.  No one came forward or went to the police to say what happened.  It was as if the man’s life wasn’t worth the video tape used to capture the moment of his death.  Everyone who was there is an accomplice.  Everyone who was there had a part to play in that man’s murder.

I knew human behavior can be depraved.  But to see that video puts a new perspective on the lowness of some of humanity’s worst examples.  To think that we actually share this plane of existence with people so fucked up in the head is really messed up.  There’s no sign hanging around someone’s neck that says I’m so desperate I’m willing to kill strangers to get the approval I need.  A black man looks at his teacher and says I’ll kill for you and I’ll let you tape it for old time’s sake.  And it should have been obvious that the man wasn’t right in the head.  He was telling everyone he was taught karate by Jesus.  But hey, in this day and age, compassion is for suckers.

*** Click here to see the video of these sick people ***

Friday, August 28, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Thoughts


  1. I seriously hope that justice is served. Wasn’t that telling – the actions of the Black student, that is?

    Comment by RiPPa | Saturday, August 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. The man said several times that he just wanted to show his moves without sparring with anyone. That crazy “pitbull” of a man just wanted a piece of this poor man.

    And yes you did indeed hear bones snapping in the poor mans neck and head. He definitely had a broken neck which lead to the raspy breathing.

    He also had a fractured skull from the last knee drop to the head. That is probably what killed this poor man. And you can definitely see that this “pitbull” wasn’t even doing karate anymore.

    He was just fighting like an angry out for blood murderer. And then they tossed his body like so much garbage. It reminds me of the mess we are in. Black people targeting black people for their modern day masters.

    This is sickening and I hope for every mentally challenged person in the world, these bastards are brought to justice. Ever last one in the room!

    Thanks for showing us these fowl monsters.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Saturday, August 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Brother P-

    Your description alone was horrible enough. I’ve opted to not even watch the video. I agree with your statements wholeheartedly. I’ve seen a lot of messed up things in my life, and thank god most of the truly brutal stuff was merely movie set stuff and not real. Not sure I could handle the fight version of a real-life snuff film.


    Comment by Mike Lovell | Monday, August 31, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the feedback Mike Lovell,

    Trust me, the words don’t do justice to this act of injustice. When I got through seeing it I actually wept.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, August 31, 2009 | Reply

  5. That was some fowl, mess!!!! That makes me so angry!!! I can’t believe that people would actually drag that man out the fukkin back door. What kind of man would beat a man for nothing at all even after he surrendered?
    I agree with Theblacksentinel everyone in that room should go to jail. No one called the ambulance or anything, they just let the man bleed out, I guess.
    That instructor tried to justify the shit, in that link you provided, that he was diggin in purses and eatin from people plates… Like yeah he smiled at the white woman. He didn’t cross to the other side of the street when the white man was coming or he had the nerve to cuss Miss Millie. So he deserved it!!!
    You brutally killed a man so what should we do to you?

    Comment by Damien | Tuesday, September 1, 2009 | Reply

  6. I seriously hope that justice is served. Wasn't that telling – the actions of the Black student, that is?;. All the best!!

    Comment by Hamilton | Tuesday, September 1, 2009 | Reply

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