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Somebody Knows How To Handle The Crazies


If the little woman holding the President Barack Obama with an Adolph Hitler style moustache knew anything about Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank she probably would have thought twice about making a reference to the infamous German Party when she asked her question at one of these town hall meetings held to promote some debate about healthcare reform.  The woman stepped up to the microphone proudly holding her Obama as Hitler sign and explained the rather incredulous leap of how Mr. Obama’s push for a public option is similar to Hitler’s Action T-4 program.  The Action T-4 program was a government sponsored euthanasia program in which incurable patients were killed.  She followed her brief history lesson with a question to Mr. Frank, why are you supporting this Nazi policy?

Mr. Frank responded to the woman’s question with a question of his own, on what planet do you spend most of your time?  He then accurately referred to her rhetorical question as “vile, contemptible nonsense”, for she truly did not want an answer but an opportunity to voice her two cents of derision for Mr. Obama and his attempt to reform the healthcare system.  Mr. Frank went on to say to the woman that, trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.  And he had no plan to argue with a table in anybody’s dining room.  Mr. Frank is Jewish and more than likely he didn’t appreciate his work and the work of the Congress being dismissed as nothing more than a Nazi policy.

It’s about time somebody slapped some sense into these cry babies.  In currently popular conservative fashion, this woman came to the podium swinging her contempt around like a set of light saber nunchucks.  But instead of being the adult opponent and politely listen to a verbal barrage of disdain and disrespect, Mr. Frank pulled out his own copy of Just Tell People to Shut the Fuck Up for Dummies and started putting it to use.  However, I suspect that Mr. Frank will eventually issue an apology to dining room tables for the suggestion that they would be stupid enough to bring an Obama is Hitler sign to a political rally to discuss healthcare.

While other politicians will coddle their contemptible constituents, Mr. Frank is ready to say enough is enough.  It isn’t helping anyone to understand the issues at the heart of the matter when people start their questions comparing healthcare reform to a Nazi plot.  What could have been said to convince her that right now America needs the healthcare reform that she believes is synonymous with an organization responsible for one of the darkest times on this planet?  Mr. Frank assessed the situation and deemed any attempt at an intelligent dialogue and exchange of talking points was a waste of time.  She wasn’t there to listen.  Mr. Frank wasn’t there to indulge her.

Now one thing we have to take into consideration is that Mr. Frank represents a district where he enjoys the support of a majority of his constituents, despite the best attempts of people like the woman with the Obama as Hitler sign and her conspiracy theory that Mr. Obama is waiting to kill Americans citizens off and Mr. Frank is one of his accomplices.  He has the luxury of telling one of his constituents to have a hot steamy cup of shut the fuck up.  Other political representatives are not so lucky.  Other politicians recognize the fact that they walk a fine line that keeps them from losing their temper with even the most dimwitted of their constituents lest they lose even a single vote to a political rival.  So it has become the norm to see politicians trying to placate the hysterical potential voter.

But all too often, there is no placating people so steeped in their chosen beliefs no matter how bizarre they may be.  President Obama, the nation’s first chief executive who wasn’t a while male, is chomping at the bit to sully his name and the name of his children so he can kill the infirm and the elderly.  The outlandishness of such a theory truly defies comprehension for anyone who thinks with anything with even a remote resemblance to rational reasoning.  And since rational reasoning was thrown out the window, what’s the point of engaging the bizarre and trying to hold a conversation?  What could Mr. Frank or Mr. Obama or anyone else to this group of people with this mindset of doom and gloom to put their fears at ease their anxiety at bay?  I would fathom a guess of nothing.  Time would have been better spent talking to that fore mentioned dining room table.

So to the little lady who asked a Jewish man why he endorses a Nazi style policy as she waved her Obama is Hitler sign, graciously donated by LaRouche PAC who had set up a table and handed the signs out to anybody who wanted one as people walked into the meeting, I say thanks for giving Mr. Frank the opportunity to show other politicians just exactly how you handle crazy.

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