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Blatant Black Racists


One thing I find truly sad are black people who are blatantly racist.  Now I know a lot of people will say that I’m a big racist because I adhere to the idea that black people who date outside of the black race exclusively actually help to promote some of the nasty stereotypes most commonly associated with people in the black community.  Others will say that I’m racist because I think that black people should want to support endeavors throughout the black community since few of anybody else really wants to support the black community.  And yes it’s true that I can’t simply endorse some feel good rhetoric that we’re all humans or we’re all Americans and therefore we should work to support everyone.  When people in the black community can honestly enjoy the same status as other communities then we can drop is on par with other communities then we can say things are truly equal and buy the world a Coke.

But until then, as we see instances of intolerance for black people, like when famous black scholars are arrested for being angry in their own home, then it’s pretty obvious that the black community needs more help and support than others.  A lot of people will call me the racist for thinking that racism needs to be confronted and eliminated whenever possible.  Blatant racial prejudices from black people deserve special attention.

I recently had a conversation with a black men who pointed to all the financial problems hitting California during this economic crisis and lay blame squarely on the Mexican community.  This jewel of humanity held the theory that all the budget problems of California could be solved if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would just round up all the illegal aliens and export them back to the south side of the United States’ border with Mexico.  That way, the state wouldn’t have to spend so much on education and on public healthcare and police and other social services.  All Mexicans do is take and take and take and they give nothing, or very little, back in return.

I asked if that’s the case why Texas or New Mexico or Arizona isn’t hurting.  The black man replied that those other states don’t have near the Mexican population of California.  I looked at him incredulously.  I asked if he had ever been to San Antonio or Houston.  I asked if he ever set foot in Brownsville, Texas or ever made a trip to Laredo.  I’ve never been to El Paso but I’m sure there is a strong Mexican community there.  My bottom line point was that I believed Texas is full of Hispanics on par with California.  I’ve never been to California so I wouldn’t know for sure.  But even if California did have a bigger Hispanic population, Texas wasn’t too far behind.  And I don’t know what the populations are in New Mexico and Arizona, but I do believe Hispanics are well represented in those states as well.  No other state even comes close to having the budgeting problems of California.  So chances are to assume that a large Hispanic population automatically drains financial resources is a racist statement without merit.

My associate and I go way back.  I’ve known him practically all my life.  I know for a fact that he is a social and political conservative.  I know for a fact that this particular example of blatant black racism takes advantage of the cheap day labor that having a good size undocumented or unemployed Hispanic population provides.  Whenever he needed to move something heavy or needed to clean something up in a hurry, he knows a corner where he can go and pick up as many Hispanic day laborers he needs in a New York minute.  And whenever that happens, whenever these people provide the service that people need, aren’t they making their own contribution?  True enough they are part of the cash and carry community that avoid paying their full share of income tax, but isn’t the black man who is hiring the day laborer also making the choice not to fully contribute to the tax base?  If a person takes advantage of people who do things on the down low, why complain about them and call them the bane of California’s existence

So this black man wants to take advantage of the Hispanic community that exists under the radar.  But then this same man wants to condemn these people and blames their culture for all our social ills.  They have nothing to offer except for the cheap and ready muscle he needs when he needs it.  The hypocrisy is thick with this one.

California’s budget woes are very similar to our national budget woes that stem from the belief that supply side economics will solve all our problems.  The same economic theories rooted in Reaganomics that plague our national economy were started long before in California.  There is more than enough money in California to solve their budget problems.

But the majority of people in California are so tight fisted against doing anything to help the statewide community through economic hard times that people would rather cut off their nose to spite their social services face.  Raise taxes to help the state through hard times?  Not if state level politicians want to get reelected.  There’s longevity to prolonging the economic crisis and giving people the false impression that watching their state go bankrupt is somehow looking out for their best interest.  And while all of this tight fisted, bankruptcy is better, political maneuvering is going on, we can blame it all on Hispanics.  That’s nothing but blatant racism.  Black people should know better than to make unfounded assumptions based on race.  This was nothing less than a classic example of black pots acting like racist and treating Hispanics kettles the way black pots are treated by others.

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  1. Clap, clap, clap! I agree wholeheartedly. We as black people should NEVER get pulled into playing this racist rhetoric towards our brown brothers and sisters.

    Because as far as a lot of people in that generic majority race is concerned, blacks are as bad or worse than any Hispanic could be. Not to mention a lot of Hispanics have the gall to look at blacks with a jaundiced eye.

    We need to stop the madness and realize that we are in the same boat. That we are being played by the majority into turning our racial anger on each other instead of where it belongs. And it belongs to the people who wish to stereotype all of us.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, August 17, 2009 | Reply

    • … “The people who wish to stereotype all of us”..? Well you yourself just did that to the “generic majority race” as you call it, can’t you see, not to mention to your “brown brothers and sisters”.. Or maybe the requirement to avoid stereotyping people does not apply to you, but only to the people you consider to be your opponents?

      Instead of referring to the white population as “the generic majority race”, you might as well have used the term “crackers” instead. Your comment is equally stereotyping, although wrapped in slightly fancier rhetoric. So you see my friend, you have already been pulled into the racist game you apparently don’t want to be a part of.

      I’m a Scandinavian, my wife is from India, and I have friends and family of all sorts of ethnicities, including African. My opinions and views are not racially biased in any way, and I would like nothing more than for the world to come together and realize that race and color is not important to who we really are. But, judging from your comment, I’m afraid to say that I think you’re part of the problem – and until your views have matured in this regard, you will not be part of the solution, as far as I can see.

      Comment by Martin | Thursday, December 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for the feedback Martin,

      But I never used the term “generic majority race”. The term I used was racially generic majority. This is my reference for the larger group of people who are predominantly white and who consistently make an attempt to ignore issues of race but are geared towards white people and maintain values that overwhelmingly benefit the white community. For example, people will say that race isn’t a factor and yet, virtually without exception, all American corporations are controlled by a predominantly white board while the janitorial services are performed overwhelmingly by minorities.

      If you think this should be interpreted as a reference to calling these people crackers then I must say you really have missed the point. It’s not all white people. There are minorities who are working for the subjugation of black people. There are black people, many people refer to them as toms, that would be more than happy to crack the whip on another black person’s back. The name cracker comes from the southern plantation and describes anyone that would use the whip on an enslaved African. The plantation owner could be a cracker, the white people hired to keep black people in line were crackers, and the black people who showed their devotion to the plantation system were crackers as well.

      But the simple fact of the matter that you missed in your single minded pursuit of defending the white community was that this particular article was targeted at the number of black people who want to subjugate other minorities.

      However you, like a typical member of the racially generic dominant community, interpret any comment against people who subjugate the black community as an attack against all white people. I never used this post to call anyone a cracker. But you, my cracker friend, appear to fit that description very well.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Friday, December 11, 2009 | Reply

      • brotherpeacemaker,

        I’m very sorry, but I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I realize that it may look like I was commenting on *your* post, which I wasn’t, actually.. I found your post very informative and interesting, and not the least bit biased by any kind of racist opinions. I absolutely got the point you were making about certain black people wanting to subjugate other minorities.

        What I was actually commenting on was the theblacksentinel’s reply, which did in fact contain the term “generic majority race”.. I’m not big on political correctness, but I must say that I got a bit angry after reading his reply, because I think he deliberately misused your brilliant post to promote his own quite sinister agenda. Which in plain terms is about the “colored” people sticking together against the white enemy. If you read his reply I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean…

        Although I don’t agree with theblacksentinel’s views, I do agree that many white people would be guilty as charged, guilty of trying to subjugate every possible minority, but my point is that they don’t do so because they’re white, they do so because they’re obtuse and ethnocentric. And needless to say, we’re not all like that..:-) The fact that skin color really has nothing to do with it, is an important distinction to make. And one that you do make, hence your original post.

        I thank you for elaborating on the cracker term, and the history behind it. I really didn’t know much about that, as I’m from Europe, and as such, I’m not completely familiar with the “racial dynamics”, socially speaking, internally in the US. I did spend a year in L.A. though, working in the audio & music business, during which I was working and playing with people of various ethnic backgrounds. Not that I gave it much thought at the time, but thinking back now I realize that was how it was.

        I do agree that my reply would indeed seem to be what you call a single minded pursuit of defending the white community, had it been directed toward your original post… But taking into consideration that I was replying to theblacksentinel’s reply, I don’t think I deserve to be called a cracker. I hope you can agree with me on that one..

        It just goes to show how easily we all misunderstand each other sometimes, which is the problem in a nutshell. Apparently, two empathetic, analytical minded people from different ethnic backgrounds can’t even talk about stuff like this without it going wrong. The fact that you read my comment as a direct, and very aggressive, reply to your post does tells me also that you might have been a bit too fast on the trigger yourself…. If you read the last paragraph of my reply to theblacksentinel, or took it into consideration at all, you would know that I couldn’t possibly fit the cracker description…

        I sense that you’re the kind of person who wants to keep an open mind – otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to explain things to me. I’m openminded as well, and not racially biased in any way, so I really hope that we’re understanding each other now.. Otherwise, I’ll just keep on typing until we do..:-)


        Comment by Martin | Sunday, December 13, 2009

  2. Here’s an example from across the Pacific. This man is so egregrious that I’m almost convinced it’s satirical and not serious.

    Comment by Dark Frosty | Sunday, November 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. Martin,

    Yes, the people who wish to stereotype all of us. All of us meaning minorities. And the people who wish to do it means, the people of all races who belong to the generic majority race. And in case you didn’t notice, GENERIC doesn’t have a color. So it can’t possibly mean ALL WHITE.

    I never said “all white” or “all anyone.” So who exactly am I stereotyping? Brown brothers/sisters refers to Hispanics. And what I said that you seem to be ignoring is that we blacks should NOT be racist against our brown brothers/sisters. Is that a problem?

    It is NOT about the “colored” race sticking together AGAINST anyone, but against racism. Stop putting your own fantasy of conspiracy in my words. And at no point in time did I name some “white enemy.” And if I did, show me that passage because that is not a term I have ever used right along with YOUR word “cracker.”

    You contritely said that “I do agree that many white people would be guilty as charged, guilty of trying to subjugate every possible minority, but my point is that they don’t do so because they’re white, they do so because they’re obtuse and ethnocentric.” How is it racist of me to then say that blacks AND Hispanics or blacks and browns are in the same boat.

    You said “every minority possible”, doesn’t that include both blacks and browns? And if it is OK for you to say that some white’s wish to subjugate every minority, how is it now wrong for me to say that is what is going on (even though I didn’t use white people)? And that we need to all stop this mess and stand up to racism and injustice.

    Also, why is it wrong for me to say that we need to show our anger to those who wish to stereotype us? While you sit and wish to show your anger at me. Hypocritical don’t you think? I have every right to show my anger at being subjugated by whoever is doing it. And like I said it is the generic majority race which should have read generic majority which includes people of ALL races of which a majority is white.

    And I see you as part of the problem as well. As you said to BP, you read my comments as direct and very aggressive. And immediately misconstrued it as something sinister. Without bothering to ask for clarification. So it seems to me that you have stereotyped me by calling me a man, a racist and a problem. And your comment is STILL a single minded attempt yet, not to defend the white community, but to castigate me as some angry black man ready to start a race war.

    Just to let you know, I am a woman and in no way looking to overthrow the white man. So you can relax the rhetoric. But I am all too eager to overthrow the system of injustice, racism, sexism and privilege. And as an open minded person you claim to be, you might do better in the future inquiring further into the comment if you are unsure as to their true meaning.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Sunday, December 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. You know what, I believe I stand corrected on this one.

    You’re right, I see now that I did misread your post, or at least saw things through my own stereotypical eyes, and I’m very sorry about that. And you do have every right to express your anger when being stereotyped, I fully agree.

    I think you’re right that I should relax my rhetoric. It’s ironic that I’m the one who has misunderstood things here, when I feel so strongly about avoiding misunderstandings.. I apologize for that.

    I think what happens is that my defenses are up because I really hate it when people are judged on basis of their race, color or ethnicity – at times I feel an almost allergic reaction to that when I see it or read about it happening somewhere. And I did overreact completely here, sorry about that.

    As far as your comment goes, and my understanding of it (or lack thereof), I actually thought I had understood it correctly. Which disturbs me quite a bit… I think I need to broaden my scope a bit, and realize that these matters are far more complex than I’ve been aware of so far.. I do thank you for your patience and will to explain and elaborate your position on this.


    Comment by Martin | Monday, December 14, 2009 | Reply

  5. Martin,

    Not a problem. I can be the same way. I feel very strongly about the injustices and sometimes can be extremely fervent in my wish to combat the problem.

    I know that I screwed up the wording in the beginning of my reply. And saw where it could possibly be seen as something bad. Your apology is accepted. I try not to hold any grudges, well unless I’m given me no choice.

    But, I think we are all trying to see things from the same lens. BrotherP is an excellent essayist and we pretty much see eye to eye. I am never here to hijack any of his posts but to offer support for the things he says.

    Thanks again.

    Comment by theblacksentinel | Monday, December 14, 2009 | Reply

  6. It’s good to see that I’m not going to have to separate you two. Any more of that fighting and I was getting ready to turn this blog around!!


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Monday, December 14, 2009 | Reply

  7. I don’t hate white people but then again I don’t hate tigers but I understand a tigers nature. Tigers kill with no remorse. I understand the nature of white people. Does that make me racist ? I disagree. Black people have tried to get along with white people but many of us are finished with that.

    Comment by africanblackmilitant | Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | Reply

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