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How Dare Michael Vick Get A Job!

*Aug 13 - 00:05*

I have a confession to make.  About six years ago I killed a dog.  Or more accurately, I think I killed a dog about six years ago.  I was driving from Austin to Houston, Texas and it was about two o’clock at night.  It was pretty dark outside.  I crested a hill and right there in front of me was a wandering pooch.  I could see the light from my headlights bouncing off of his eyes and making them glow like two bright stars in the night sky.  The dog turned and started running away from the car.  Instead of running to the left or right, the dog ran straight ahead of me.  There was a thud and then I felt the dog’s body rolling under the car through the floorboards.  I didn’t stop and I didn’t swerve.  I never touched the brake.  I probably could have missed the dog.  But I felt I could’ve wound up in a ditch as well if I made any sudden moves.  I decided that the dog just wasn’t worth the chance.

When I tell most people about hitting the dog they are more likely to wince with a protracted “awww” of sympathy than they are likely to respond with any support for me.  Some people have jokingly called me a murderer.  Maybe I am.  But as much as I love dogs and other animals, ultimately I realize that they are just dogs and other animals.  So when it was announced that mass dog murderer Michael Vick was going to go to work for the Philadelphia Eagles along side of Donavan McNabb and the rest of the Eagles posse, I knew protest over Mr. Vick’s employment would not be too far behind.

Sure enough the protests against Mr. Vick could rival all the crazy zaniness of the protests over healthcare.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals put out a statement saying they are disappointed with the Eagles decision.  Others wonder what kind of message to impressionable youths does Mr. Vick getting a job to do what he does best and earn some kind of income like the rest of us slobs who have to earn a living says about our society.  People don’t want Mr. Vick to ever work again for his contribution to the death of dogs.

And Mr. Vick is more than aware of his predicament.  His unrepentant posture prior to prison has given way to a more thoughtful and remorseful outlook over what he has done.  He says he accepts blame for not stopping the dogfighting ring he was bankrolling.  Mr. Vick says that he feels tremendous hurt behind what happened and says he should have took the initiative to stop it all.   In an interview for 60 Minutes with CBS sports anchor and commentator Jim Brown, Mr. Vick was asked if he was more concerned about his playing career or the dogs he hurt.  Mr. Vick replied, football don’t even matter.

Of course it isn’t about football.  It is all about making money.  And the best way to make money is to keep in the good grace of your fan base.  And pissing off dog loving fans any more than they are already pissed isn’t good for business.  Few teams expressed any interest in signing Michael Vick.  According to the numbers calculated in their business model, an investment in Mr. Vick just wasn’t worth the impact to their bottom line.  The fact that Mr. Vick could have made a solid contribution to their chances of winning a few more football games over the next season doesn’t even register because as we all know it really isn’t about football.

Mr. Vick’s lament to dogs is an obvious submission to the powers that control his life that he will comply and further resistance is futile.  Whether coincidental or not, intentional or not, perfect timing or not, the reformulation of Michael Vick on 60 Minutes as a contrite convict ready to humbly play football will come within days of his hiring.  It really is funny how these things just so happen to work out.  But whether or not Mr. Vick is successfully rebranded or whether he remains the bane of existence for dog lovers around the globe, he has a job to do and he should be allowed to do it.  He did the crime, he did the time, and now that he has an opportunity to put his life back together, people want to show how much they still hate his guts.  All that hogwash about how we’re supposed to forgive and put the past behind us doesn’t apply when we have a figure so easy to hate like Michael Vick.

Now that I’ve confessed to being a dog killer I’m sure that I’ll take a hit.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see my comment box fill with even more hateful messages than usual.  And now that it’s a given that I feel that Mr. Vick should be allowed to play football and earn a living like any other schmuck, I’m sure the hate mail will be ratcheted up by several factors.  Is there any thing else I can say that would make more people more pissed?  Oh, yeah! How could I forget?  Go Eagles!

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  1. Well,
    I considered calling you a murderer, but then I remembered how many animals I have killed out on the road, and a few intentional pest kills int he form of rats, mice and bats….a few rabbits with my .22 as well.

    As for your having hit a dog, well while it sucks for the dog, it sucks for you too, because most sane people don’t LIKE the idea of hitting a dog. And a bigger question for the dog owner is, what was his/her dog doing out in the open public domain of a roadway to begin with.

    “Oh, yeah! How could I forget? Go Eagles”

    yeaahhh, NO, I’m however sadly it is, a 49ers fan. The eagles can eat it! LOL

    Comment by Mike Lovell | Friday, August 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mike Lovell,

    “As for your having hit a dog, well while it sucks for the dog, it sucks for you too…”

    You have no idea! While there was little cosmetic damage, the dog actually bent and damaged one of the metal tubes that ran from the automatic transmission to the transmission fluid cooler. The car immediately started leaking transmission fluid. Of course I didn’t find out until the next day. Almost three hundred dollars in damage! If I could I would’ve hopped back in my car, retraced my steps, find that dog’s body and run over it again! Just kidding! My luck, if I had hit him again, the transmission would’ve just fallen out.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Friday, August 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. Where in the world were all these crazy protesters to stop Don Imus from getting a job again? Oh, yeah! He only spewed racist propaganda. He didn’t do anything terrible.

    We have our priorities all jumbled up. I won’t even lie and say that I give one rats ass about a dog or any other animal, over human life. Sure I had animals, dogs, cats, bunnies, frogs and fish etc. But, I wouldn’t go so far as to lump them in with humanity.

    But there is no way in hell that I am going to try and stop the person who killed my bunnies from getting a job. That is just asinine. Yep, he did his crime and paid the time. Let it freaking go people.

    I am sad to hear about your car! I would have gone back and made that stupid dog owner pay for my car. I wouldn’t have had to shell out 300 bucks if he had observed the law about keeping one’s dog corralled or whatever.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Friday, August 14, 2009 | Reply

  4. Our society needs to realize that holding people down forever is counter productive as well as immoral. (yes, yes, I know.. the victims! the victims!) We will only have true criminal justice reform once people learn to accept that there are many complex reasons behind why crime is committed. Most people are not “all evil”, if there is even such a thing. If Vick were raised in an area where dog fighting was not as socially acceptable, he probably would not have engaged in dog fighting. So in other words, because of many pressures beyond his control, he eventually led to the bad decision of engaging in dog fighting! It’s not like he woke up one day and said, well I have two options, and am completely free of any outside forces effecting my decision, one option is to engage in dog fighting and the torture of animals, and the other is to refrain from doing so because it is not nice to torture animals. There should still be consequences, but not all “bad decisions” are made from an equal playing field. I know that’s not acceptable to many in our society. Most of us like to settle for what is easy and feels good. “Let him suffer for his actions”, etc. Nah. I say let him move on from his mistakes because it is in every ones best interest to reduce unnecessary suffering and “over-justice” (my word). Go Eagles (not really, Go Falcons!).

    Comment by Jason | Saturday, August 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thanks for the feedback Jason,

    Very thoughtful reply. The victims were dogs and I the last time I checked even the cleverest of pooches wasn’t able to make a reasonable argument, let alone one about keeping the thumb screws on Michael Vick.

    What does all of this say about our society to the impressionable youths who are football fans and who love dogs? It says that if you make a mistake, like making the choice to tolerate cruelty to animals, you will pay your time and you will earn a chance to rebuild your life. A mistake of this caliber should not a permanent sentence to poverty.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Saturday, August 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. brotherpeacemaker, i agree with you wholeheartedly…

    Comment by Jason | Sunday, August 16, 2009 | Reply

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