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Do You Really Believe President Obama Wants To Kill Americans?

obama deathcare

Never in my wildest dreams would I consider any President of the United States as actually trying to kill any group of American citizens.  While I will admit that there is enough evidence to show that President George Bush and his administration stood by and willfully ignored the plight of thousands of Americans along the Gulf coast in the days after hurricane Katrina made landfall, I would never think that a modern day President would even consider the intentional mass murder of any group of American people.

But there are people ready to toss such an accusation at President Barack Obama without the slightest proof to support their contention.  In the past few days I’ve heard people say that the healthcare plan being pushed by the Obama administration is a cloaked attempt to kill off old people and ration healthcare.  Conservatives have accused Mr. Obama of trying to put together death panels that will kill grandma and will murder anyone who is infirm.

Even worse is the fact that there are a lot of American people who actually want to believe such tripe.  There are people who are still defending the Bush administration’s choice to look the other way as hundreds of Americans perished in flood waters.  And then, people who survived the floods had to wait four days for the United States to put together some kind of rescue and people can pull any and every excuse why things took so long.  People in government didn’t know how to respond to people drowning and this was a learning opportunity.

When we’re trying to put together a discussion on healthcare reform to talk about the issues, people are ready to put hyperbole into high gear and throw common sense under its wheels.  We can’t honestly discuss anything associated with real healthcare reform because people are coming to the discussion with imaginations running wild that Mr. Obama eats children and the elderly.  I would not be surprised to see a correlation between the number of people who believe government storm troopers are coming to kill them off and the number of people who believed the Mr. Obama palled around with terrorist and was a card carrying Muslim without a valid American birth certificate because he was born in Kenya.

Conservative talk show hosts have made insinuations that Mr. Obama is a dictator without conscience.  I guess that explains why such an effort is being made to discuss healthcare reform in a public forum.  Dictators do that kind of thing every now and then.  The comparisons are nonsense and instead of people in the media who should have more rational thought processes speaking out against such rhetoric, they try to stay neutral and simply turn to the opponent as if to give this growing radical fringe legitimacy on the public stage.  It’s good for ratings to show conservative people shouting at their political representatives.

The rancor against Mr. Obama’s healthcare plan replete with death panels and granny killing federal agents is very real.  Unfortunately, the panel and the granny killers aren’t.  But, that really doesn’t matter.  If Mr. Obama and his supporters made the most perfect healthcare plan the world could imagine, some people would turn their imagination to picking it apart with accusations of mandatory termination dictates for anyone who meets a secret set of criteria calculated on NORAD computers by a secret panel deep inside Cheyenne Mountain.  And people who are driven to believe every conspiracy about Mr. Obama will be more than happy to jump at the chance to hang their hat on yet another one.  The perfect healthcare plan can be damned.

Whether or not healthcare reform is good for America isn’t even close to being the issue anymore.  The issue is whether or not we will sit by and allow the government kill off a segment of our population.  Even after the downright incompetent response to one of the most devastating natural disasters to his this country by the previous administration I would never think that any President would intentionally make any decision to proactively kill part of the population.  I would even give the previous President and his keystone cop administration the benefit of a doubt.

Unfortunately, there are way too many Americans that are unwilling to give Mr. Obama and his posse the same.  And Mr. Obama has yet to simply stand by as Americans drown and people are ready to lynch him in effigy and make all sorts of accusations against his character.  People are worried that Mr. Obama’s plan includes a death panel.  The very idea is preposterous.  If anything, there are people ready to put healthcare reform in front of a death panel before it has a chance at any kind of life.

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  1. Brotherpeacemaker,
    Most of these protesters at the various town hall meetings that have been shown on cable news, have no real rational argument. Their stance is based on emotional baggage. Whether it be fear or hate, these clowns with the “give me my country back” signs look like they suffer from psychological disorder and are not taking their medications.

    This is a little off topic, but I can’t help but think of the O. J. Simpson trial. When the mostly Black Jury came back with a not guilty verdict, the majority of white americans questioned the mental capacity of the Black jurors and in essence, Black Americans period.

    Now as I watch all these protesters behavior and their idiotic questions, with the overwhelming majority of them being white, I wonder if their intellectual capacity is going to be questioned.

    Comment by truth | Thursday, August 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Truth,

    Of course their intellectual capacity will NOT be questioned, at least not by any other white people. No one ever lumps white people together when their behavior is questionable or worse yet down right ridiculous.

    But, that is the norm. The majority group doesn’t scrutinize themselves as they do the “others”. As blacks we are constantly being lumped together and stereotyped whenever anything a group of us do.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Thursday, August 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. All Obama has to do is to say that health care reform is a matter of american security in the war on terror. It works if you make it patriotic! Lots of colors and balloons and such.

    Comment by Jason | Saturday, August 15, 2009 | Reply

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