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Ignorance Is The Weapon Of Choice For Many Healthcare Protesters


Last year I saw an appeal asking white people to prepare for war with angry black people.  Somebody was making the suggestion that black people would riot if then Illinois Senator Barack Obama last the race to become President of the United States to his opponent from the right, Arizona Senator John McCain.  This was right after Mr. McCain received a huge bounce in the poll numbers for naming Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  But soon thereafter, the inadequacies of Ms. Palin’s political skills on the national stage, mixed with Mr. McCain’s own shortcomings, began to manifest themselves like a twenty-fifth century antimatter powered laser beacon running on the finest dilithium crystals known to science fiction.  The poll numbers quickly returned to Mr. Obama’s favor and when that first Tuesday in the following November rolled around disaster was avoided.  At least we thought that some kind of altercation was avoided.

It wasn’t the black population that got angry about the election results.  It was a lot of disappointed white people.  Suddenly, gun sales went through the roof.  A lot of new gun buyers claimed they simply wanted to exercise their right to bear arms before an Obama administration could take the right to purchase guns away or at the least make it more difficult.  A lot of white people appeared to be readying to riot.  I actually thought that eventually they would realize their fear was based on nothing.  At least that’s what I thought.

However, these are the same people who proudly displayed their penchant for ignorance with claims that they wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama because they didn’t know anything about him even though he had been running for President for more than a year prior to the Democratic National Convention.  Ignorance seems to be their mainstay against anything or anyone that is not aligned with conservative principles.

Not quite eight months after the election, we’re beginning to see a lot of hostile people again preparing for some kind of organized civil disobedience against Mr. Obama.  It appears that there are a lot of people who are so angry over the idea of a public healthcare plan that they are determined to disrupt any kind of discussion over the issue.  The news and most of the political shows are full of videos and pictures of conservatives going to town hall meetings with the sole objective of showing the most contempt for any lawmaker who actually might consider supporting healthcare reform.

Some of these people are so bold as to make their threats against members of the United States Congress a matter of public record and forever post their image standing next to a hanged effigy of their politicians.  Then again, these are the same people who hollered out threats against Mr. Obama when it became so obvious that Mr. McCain was destined to lose the presidency.  These displays of anger and intolerance are fine.  But let a black man say something in anger to a white police officer and he’ll be hauled to jail quicker than you can say Harvard University.

These are the same people who called themselves tea-baggers and dressed up as Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross and the like while making a show of throwing bags of tea into bodies of  water to protest federal taxes in the days leading up to the April 15th tax day.  Maybe it’s just coincidence that these people never protested against these tax rates before.  None of these people said peep about the deficit spending that Mr. Obama inherited.  But not quite eighty days into the Obama administration these people decide to wear their outrage on their sleeves and make a stand with these tea parties orchestrated by various conservative organizations with an agenda to undermine the new government.  Tax day came and went and the phony protest didn’t quite produce the desired results.  The protest of healthcare reform is now round two.

The town hall protests led by a minority group of citizens are becoming widespread around the country as national conservative groups encourage the conservative base to unceremoniously challenge liberal politicians.  The activists make accusations that Democrats are trying to socialize healthcare and euthanize the elderly.  The protests undermine other people’s ability to learn the facts and dispel the misinformation machine.

The healthcare reform advocates in the United States Congress vow to push ahead with a plan to extend coverage despite the protesters who are bent on disrupting town hall style meetings.  Michigan Representative John Dingell said that his town hall sessions got so rowdy that police had to escort some people out.  The furious crowd came just as the Obama administration stepped up its efforts to dispel myths surrounding the campaign to overhaul the healthcare system.  The boos, jeers, shouts, and threats made at these events are carbon copies of what other politicians are experiencing around the country.  North Carolina Representative Brad Miller said his Washington office received a death threat from someone upset with his support for health care reform legislation.  Capitol Police confirmed that they were looking into threats against congressmen.

I was watching one video clip where an elderly woman said that the eighty percent of people who have healthcare insurance shouldn’t have to change or do anything to help the twenty percent of Americans who don’t have healthcare.  She went on to say that we don’t need government in our healthcare and we don’t need socialized medicine.  Without a doubt this woman was retired and on Medicare.  She was probably on Medicaid at some time in her life.  But what would happen to her Medicare coverage if working Americans protested the small piece of their check that’s deducted in order to provide her selfish ass with health coverage?  She wants to leave other people out.  What would she do if everybody left her out?  I’m sure she would sing a different tune and beg her political representatives for help.  She doesn’t want any social program to help anyone else.  Socialized medicine should be reserved strictly for her benefit.

Sensing some liberal vulnerability on the part of their more liberal opponents, the Republican party has jumped on these healthcare protests episodes and are holding on with all their might.  Polls showing a decline in support for the White House agenda are being pointed to as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation.  This is nothing more than another attempt to stoke fear and loathing of change.  Conservatives hate change and healthcare reform would be one of the biggest changes to hit the country in a long time.  Some may call healthcare reform socialized medicine.  But if that’s the case, if people’s penchant for Medicare and Medicaid are any indication, these people are more than ready to stand up and fight to protect these government run programs.  The fact that they may be socialized medicine programs really doesn’t matter when it benefits them.

Sunday, August 9, 2009 - Posted by | Life, Politics, Socialism, Thoughts, Universal Healthcare


  1. Propaganda! Old folks and sick newborns will be denied care! Babies will be aborted by our government. Babies that live through late term abortions will be left to die.
    Those of us who have insurance that we like will lose it.
    This is the reality of obamacare and the MAJORITY of Americans will not stand for it.
    If obeyme tries to push this plan through as it now stands I can guarantee that there will be alot more protests.
    Alot of Americans are willing to fight for their freedom.

    Comment by Deborah | Sunday, August 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback Deborah,

    Propaganda? I’m afraid you’re a little late. Old folks and babies are already being denied care along with people who have being paid their monthly insurance premiums for years, only to be denied care for having an alleged preexisting condition. Babies that are living through late term abortions are already being left to die. This is nothing new. People who actually look at what’s going on already know this. People who live in la-la land think this will be a new byproduct of universal healthcare. It doesn’t matter what Mr. Obama does, people will protest. Mr. Obama could name Jesus Christ as the secretary of health and somebody somewhere will protest. People protested black people going to previously all white schools, that didn’t make them right. Hopefully, god will bless America with universal healthcare.


    Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Sunday, August 9, 2009 | Reply

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