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Nothing But The Facts


“What is equally disturbing is when our journalists and leaders make knee jerk reactions, without knowing the facts. This makes us all look equally silly,and propagates potential backlash. Has anyone stopped to think how 65 kids of any race would impact both the safety and enjoyability of a recreation facility?

I have zero doubt that there was some resistance in the pool itself, to people of color. That is to be expected. We will never transcend that. Let’s face facts: we have our own set of bigots who will never give white folks a chance. I am an American. I am not proud of our own, when they act that way. And I am not proud of whites when they act in a bigoted manner. All the same, the fact that these people exist – on both sides – does not necessarily mean that we have witnessed a purely discriminatory action. Already, at least one other group has come to the defense of the pool club. Perhaps, before we embarrass ourselves, we ought to make darn sure that our accusations can be backed up with facts. If not, we only feed the fires of racism.”Doctor

Thanks for the feedback Doctor,

But I must disagree with your prognosis. The only thing more disturbing than blatant racism is people who tolerate racial discrimination with a claim that they need more facts to make a decision. Let’s look at the facts that we know so far: the summer camp paid for their mostly minority participants to attend a private pool. Chances are the faculty at the pool asked a question like, how many kids will be swimming. Chances are they got an answer of sixty five kids which led to the agreed upon price. I seriously doubt if the faculty said something like, pay us $1900 dollars and we won’t give a rat’s ass how many kids you bring!

When the results of the deal manifest, an abundance of black kids at a previously white pool, white people decided this wasn’t what they wanted and complained. The deal was rescinded.

Now, it is true that there are black bigots. No one said that there weren’t. There are small minded people on both sides of the racial divide. But the fact that there are black bigots isn’t a factor here. In your insistence on sticking to facts, you’re willing to introduce the fact that there are black bigots, but at the same time willing to dismiss the fact that there are white bigots. But the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t black bigots trying to keep white people from swimming. Unless it’s your contention that the children from the summer camp were actually bigots against white people and set this whole thing up to make white people look bad I don’t see how the fact that there are black bigots comes into play here. We don’t know that for sure so let’s just stick to the facts.

You said that at least one other group has come to the defense of the pool club. It is a fact that there are white bigots, and unfortunately black bigots as well, who will defend white people’s bigotry no matter what. When Fuzzy Zeller made racist remarks about Tiger Woods, people defended him. When Michael Richards stood on stage and yelled a string of profanity at black patrons, people defended him. When Republican politicians are caught making racist jokes about black people, people defend them. Simply because bigots defend bigots doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge discrimination. And me get embarrassed because I defend black children? I don’t think so! If that’s shameful behavior then I’m just going to have to live with it. Too bad more black people don’t feel the same way.

Of course, we’ll have people like you who’ll want to dismiss the blatantly obvious to uncover the hidden nuances of the situation. Maybe there were safety considerations. But if it was getting a bit too crowded then the pool should’ve gone to a first come first served policy where once the pool reached capacity patrons would be turned away until space becomes available instead of automatically eliminating the black patrons, thus showing a preference for white patrons.

What I find even more disturbing is the number of black people who jump and bend over backwards to give racism the benefit of the doubt while taking the word of people in the black community with a grain of salt that needs more study and approach racism with so much caution that it leads to stagnation. It appears that your contention is that the problem is not the bigotry of white people. The real problem is the bigotry of black people who want to defend black children!

But since we’re only looking at facts, let’s look at a few more: as far as we know you’re no more a doctor than Queen Latifah is royalty. It is a fact that we don’t know if you are any more black than Jan or Marsha Brady. It is a fact that we know more about this story than we know about you or your overblown sense of justice. Fact is you appear to be one of those people who would be more willing to tolerate discrimination in an attempt to look racially neutral and neuter any attempt by the black community to actually challenge discrimination. If I’m proven wrong them I’ll be proven wrong and will humbly apologize. But that remains to be seen and it is by no means a fact at the moment.


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  1. If you need all the facts to make a decision, you will never make a decision. That is why Government people can not make decisions – they can never have all the facts and lawyers need Judges to make their decisions for them.

    Comment by Chris Tidman | Sunday, July 26, 2009 | Reply

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