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Letterman vs The Palins


David Letterman has the nerve to say something stupid about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family.

When Arizona Senator John McCain picked Ms. Palin as his running mate in his bid for the White House, Mr. McCain opened a Pandora’s Box of all kinds of political repercussions that continue to reverberate on a national scale.  Personally, I find it difficult to believe that Mr. McCain thought that Ms. Palin was the most qualified individual to entrust the governance of the nation should something dreadful happened and Mr. McCain was no longer capable of serving as President.  One of the things that Mr. Letterman said about the Alaska Governor was that she had to purchase makeup for her slutty stewardess look.  Cheap for a laugh or two for sure, but I’m sure it was that slutty stewardess appearance that gave Ms. Palin the edge over far more qualified potential running mates.

For whatever reason, whether you agree with her motives or not, Ms. Palin put her family in front of the world during the Republican National Convention for the entire world to see as a prime example of an average American family.  Since then we’ve learned that Bristol Palin was an unwed teen mother and the father to be was a self described redneck with more testosterone than sense.  The young couple talked a good game about how they planned to wed.  But it was pretty obvious that Bristol and her beau, Levi Johnston, had as much true love for each other as Mr. McCain and Barack Obama during a presidential debate.  Personally speaking the teen mother became a reminder of how poorly Ms. Palin’s view, opinion, and policy on issues of pregnancy and women’s reproductive rights manifest in practical applications.

The Republican Party’s effort for the White House became a godsend for comedians every where.  But Mr. Letterman made the ridicule of the Republican Party a personal vendetta after Mr. McCain ducked out an appearance on Mr. Letterman’s late night show in order to make an appearance on the CBS Evening News with Katie Coruic.  Mr. McCain’s transgression against Mr. Letterman was further aggravated because Mr. McCain claimed he had to cancel at the last minute to run back to Washington, D.C. for urgent national business.  The gloves came off that night and that Republican Party has been paying ever since.  And while the majority of the so called Republican Party leadership has proven to be feeding Mr. Letterman a great deal of material to work with, hardly anybody has proven to be more reliable for a laugh than Sarah Palin and her family.

The jokes got out of hand the other night when Mr. Letterman made the suggestion that Ms. Palin’s daughter got knocked up during a visit to a baseball game.  I don’t remember the joke.  I must say it wasn’t nearly as funny as the slutty stewardess reference.  In fact, it was down right tasteless.  But that’s nothing unusual for one of Mr. Letterman’s monologue.  Mr. Letterman says he was making a reference to Ms. Palin’s eighteen year old daughter Bristol.  But it was her fourteen year old daughter Willow who attended the baseball game and the Palin’s are now trying to make the suggestion that Mr. Letterman is some kind of borderline pedophile.  Truly the Palins should leave comedy to the professionals.  But without a doubt, there appears to be a very public brouhaha in the making between Mr. Letterman and the Palin family.  And the news media looks more than ready to incite this conflict.

For all her supposed political savvy I really don’t think Ms. Palin and the Palin family is playing this right.  Yes Mr. Letterman’s joke may have been offensive.  I’m sure if I was a public figure I would take the same, if not more, offense at any tasteless reference to any members of my family.  But Mr. Letterman just handed an opportunity for reconciliation with the Republican Party to Ms. Palin on a silver platter.  Mr. Letterman invited Ms. Palin onto his show.  They could bury the hatchet on national television.  Instead, Ms. Palin counters with her own brand of comedy with the suggestion that Willow wouldn’t be safe in Mr. Letterman’s presence.  For all of his uncouthness it should be pretty obvious that Mr. Letterman is no danger to anyone let alone somebody’s underage daughter.

However, where Mr. Letterman has the potential to be very dangerous could be to political fortunes.  Just ask John McCain.  No one would make the suggestion that Mr. McCain lost his presidential aspirations because of what happened between him and Mr. Letterman.  But it should be pretty obvious that it didn’t help to be ridiculed so regularly.  I’m no politician and I wouldn’t presume that I know enough about politics to advise anyone who has the political smarts to become a Governor of one of only fifty states.  However, I can’t help but think that a good politician would work hard to make friends in the highest of places.  If I was a politically savvy politician, I would think that driving a wedge in a potential relationship between me and somebody like David Letterman could not be helpful for my future political ambitions.

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  1. Palin shoulda paid attention during the election… she shoulda known that as a public figure, she’s fair game for comedy. So, too, her daughter who got knocked up and is now the public face for a sleazy company’s abstinence campaign. Palin put her family front and center… she shouldn’t complain if Letterman tags them for being hypocrites.

    Comment by sauer kraut | Friday, June 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. I personally think that this whole thing is so over blown. In fact I don’t think that many people even saw nor cared about the joke.

    And the only reason most of us know about it now is because that idiot Palin is dragging it out only to try and recapture what few minutes of her fifteen minutes of fame.

    Great post as always and I agree that the slutty stewardess was seriously funny.


    Comment by theblacksentinel | Friday, June 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. We’re a non-profit organization in D.C. and we saw this McCain/Letterman image on your website. (see link below) Your website says the image may be subject to copyright. Can you let us know — is this your own image, something from the Letterman camp, from somewhere else? We may want to use it for our newsletter, but first need to know who has the copyright on it. Many kind thanks — Dana Wilkie

    Comment by Dana Wilkie | Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Dana Wilkie,

      The image is not mine. I found it on the net and used it. As far as I’m concerned, you are more then welcome to it.


      Comment by brotherpeacemaker | Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | Reply

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