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Just Trying To Feed The Family


”When I say you don’t toe the line, I mean you don’t live the life of a traditional Black American as prescribed by the original ‘National Black Front’. 1) No zionist religion. 2) Unmarried with children. 3)you utilize examples and knowledge outside the bible and the usual black philosphers. People who lived outside the church and lived with their woman without a christian marriage and had respect for any white writing other than to do with hard knowledge like science and mathmatics would have been exiled back in the 60’s as a heretic. And that’s a shame. It’s the one thing I don’t miss about everyone having to answer to the ‘Black Monolith’ of the original movement. So what’s your answer then? Do we have to be like the conservatives and move in the same direction at the same time (Boy that’s sure worked out great for THEM, huh)? Who’s making the choice of direction…Me? You? Farrakhan? Sharpton? And everyone who doesn’t believe in the ‘current black vision’ should be exiled? Blacks have always been a tribal people (which is why the original way welfare worked almost destroyed the black family). But why do we have to be a SINGULAR tribe (which is what you seem to be advocating)?
I am painfully aware that black people need sucess on more than front. But I just can’t bring myself to advocate conforming to one mold so that will come to fruition quicker. I’d rather have YOUR opinion be just as respected as Will Smith’s as mine as Clarence Thomas’ and have the majority population say: ‘Black people have to be respected as individual people’. If we see a private enterprise being discrimanatory, I have no problem with people bringing that to light. I’ve done it myself. But to call the ‘token’ who DID get a job less than does us as a people no good-it just feels too ‘crabby’ to me. I don’t know how many minorities are in your unit, but if your work crew doesn’t ‘look like America’ how would you feel if someone were calling you a ‘scab’ for continuing to work there-a job you love and actually worked hard to get and maintain?”


“Do we have to be like the conservatives and move in the same direction at the same time (Boy that’s sure worked out great for THEM, huh)?”

Let me put it this way, even though conservatives have lost political positions at the moment, they have got to be in a position a thousand times better than the black community. Even though they have lost the White House and have lost substantially in both houses of the Congress, even as they have lost governorships across the country, the conservatives remain a relevant force in political circles. John McCain was one of the most poorly prepared candidates for the White House, made the absolute worst decision for a running mate, and pretty much followed the same policies as his predecessor who ran the country into the ground, and still garnered forty percent of votes in the public. If that doesn’t sound like group strength then I don’t know what does. It works out very well for them.

Again, you try to dismiss the potential strength of a unified black people as every black person has to do the same thing at the bidding of some black person such as “Me? You? Farrakhan? Sharpton?” Even as conservatives argue amongst themselves they remain united against their political opponents. I saw Nancy Reagan, with her dislike for John McCain as a person, support the conservative candidate in his bid for the White House. Unity in the conservative community goes a very long way.

You have this mentality that in order to win a struggle, everyone must do the exact same thing the exact same way at the exact same time. Black unity means that some black leader at the black headquarters calls the shots and black people respond in unison. Let me ask you who is the leader of the dominant community? Who is the leader of the group that says black people will suffer with twice the unemployment of the white community? Who is the person that says black people will only control two percent of the wealth that the white community controls? Who is the white person that said white people will use claims of reverse discrimination to counter any blatant effort for racial integration? Who is the white person exiling other white people when white people work to end racial discrimination?

Why do you insist that any call for black people to work together for the benefit of the black community is a call that black people have to be from the same tribe? Are white people from the same tribe? Yet, they manage to have the upper hand in any and every social comparison against people in the black community. Never in the history of Africa have all Africans belonged to the same tribe or to a single group. But let someone say that the black community needs to work together and people roll their eyes and stomp their feet and say something rather naive like, why do we have to be from the same tribe?

Let me try to take a stab at broadening your perceptions a bit. Who is the single leader of the Christians? Who is the one person walking around telling all the Christians that they have to do the same thing? But somehow, the Christian community is able to work to a common goal which is the continued dissemination of Christian gospel. Do all Christians belong to the same tribe? On Sunday morning do all Christian churches tune their god-cam big screen monitors to the same Christian channel to get their marching orders? The Christian community is not so monolithic and yet it exists and it is very strong. Try to be an atheist and run for President of the United States and see exactly how far you’ll get before a Christian throws the first accusation that you are not a child of god.

Your thinking that any call for black unity and a strong black community requires black people to surrender their individuality obviously reveals your fear that there is nothing to be gained from having a strong black community and everything to lose. You will do fine worrying about yourself.

The idea that we need to respect the opinion of people who would rather turn their back on the black community is not a welcome thought in my book. Why stop there? Why not welcome the opinion of white people who would turn their back on the black community as well? I refuse to celebrate a black person getting a job that reinforces images of black subjugation and racist stereotypes. If a white person hires a black person to portray black people as fools and idiots, then that is a black person who is only hurting black people. You might want to defend people like Flavor Flav. You might think it is legitimate work and little more than a black person trying to feed his family at the expense of the rest of the families in the black community.

You might refer to my position as crabby. Maybe it is. But that’s because I refuse to turn a blind eye to all the discrimination that makes things so much more difficult for the black community. You sound like you will do very well in this culture of obvious racial disparity. Too bad the same cannot be said about the black community in its entirety. But at least you’ll get yours. Many of us have been trained to think that’s all that matters.


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